Summary January 11, 2018

  • Emma Watson talked about their experiences “the full spectrum” of harassment

    Before the ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden globe” actress Emma Watson said in an interview with Variety that, despite his young age, already experienced a “whole range” of sexual harassment.

  • Peskov told about contacts Russia, Turkey and Iran on Syria

    Daily newspaper Sabah, citing Turkish foreign Minister on 9 January reported the call to the foreign Ministry the ambassadors of Russia and Iran.

  • Anthony, Macierewicz headed the Committee for the Smolensk plane crash

    Former defense Minister of Poland, Anthony Macierewicz will lead a government Subcommittee working on the re-investigation of circumstances of accident of the Polish presidential airliner Tu-154M near Smolensk, reported on 11 January, the Agency Niezalezna.

  • Hiding for 15 years the head of the Yakuza delayed due to the viral photo

    In Thailand, Interpol managed to arrest the head of the Japanese Yakuza gang Yamaguchi-Gumi 74-year-old Kanehara of Shirai, reports Coconuts Bangkok.

  • SK said the lack of evidence of the explosion on Board the Tu-154

    The Polish side gives no information confirming the version of the explosion on Board the plane of President Lech Kaczynski in 2010, it had previously been checked by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and its confirmation is not found, told RIA Novosti the official representative of Department Svetlana Petrenko.

  • Kosachev said politicking version of Poland about the explosions on Board the Tu-154

    Kosachev believes that the conclusions of the Polish Commission are not relevant to the investigation of the tragedy near Smolensk, as dictated by the internal political struggle.

  • China has denied reports about plans to slow down purchases of U.S. government bonds

    State administration of foreign exchange of China (SAFE), which is part of the Central Bank, on Thursday denied reports that Beijing plans to slow down purchases of U.S. government bonds, or completely stop them.

  • Farewell to Shainski will be held in San Diego on January 12

    The evening of memory of composer Vladimir Shainsky will be held for family, friends and fans living in the United States, on Friday evening, January 12.

  • Dog owners in Switzerland was forbidden to interfere with the Pets to bark

    The Swiss authorities imposed a ban on the use of automatic devices that trigger when the dog starts to bark, and using irritating factors cause the animal to stop the noise.

  • In the building of the British Parliament out of 200 toilets

    A broken pipe led to the failure of 200 toilets in the building of the Parliament of great Britain.

  • In Germany detained the convoy with American howitzers

    Traffic police of Saxony stopped a convoy of vehicles with the American M109 howitzers, EN route from Poland.

  • The campus of the University of California checks after reports of gunfire

    In California the police checks the campus of the University of San Bernardino after reports of gunfire.

  • Sony introduced a robotic puppy with artificial intelligence

    Sony is continuing research in creating artificial intelligence.

  • In the U.S. trial of drug Lord “Shorty” was transferred in September

    The trial of Mexican drug Lord Joaquin Guzman, Leroy (“Shorty”) in the United States was moved from April to September this year, RIA Novosti reported.

  • The FBI has established a working group on “interference in elections”

    As stated on Wednesday, the FBI and the head of the group Geoffrey Tricoli, U.S. citizens and companies will notify about attempts to use disinformation and manipulation of social networks for “meddling” in future elections.

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