Summary January 10, 2018

  • Toronto airport faced two aircraft

    At the airport Pearson Toronto the accident occurred.

  • Betting on the NHL: “Washington” will try to win at home for the 10th time in a row

    The match of the regular championship of NHL between “capital” of Washington and “the canadian” from Vancouver will begin on 10 January at 03:00 MSK “Capital” always welcome guests who come to play hockey at the Capital One Arena, but today it is a joy to be special – after all, the “vashik” there is a real opportunity to win a tenth successive home win in the meeting with the demoralized “Vancouver”.

  • The West false news about Russia was made a “science”

    If to compare with the “research” of the University of Toronto, it turns out that Russia is just learning from the Americans in the science complex “intervention”.

  • In honor of Justin Bieber will open the Museum

    Young canadian singer Bieber won the highest honor in his honor will open the Museum named after Justin Bieber, according to reports.

  • In Canada dramatically decreased the unemployment rate

    In December 2017, the unemployment rate in Canada fell to 5.7% of the economically active population from 5.9% in November, according to the national Statistical service (StatCan).

  • The Russians lost. And the road to the finals easier

    Victory over Canada allowed the Russians to overtake them in the group, and, in case of a victory over Finland, the Russian team in the semifinals again will play with Sweden, which will help us to avoid the North American teams and use the first opportunity in history to reach the final SMCM.

  • The Muslims demanded that Justin Trudeau moral gesture

    In an open letter to the Prime Minister Director of the Board Ihsan Gardi said that such a gesture will help to raise public awareness about the problems nenavistnichestva and Islamophobia, reports IslamNews with reference to CTV News.

  • Betting on the NBA: “Toronto” without Kyle Lowry take Miami

    Injury, Lowry will make the already potentially difficult Tuesday night for Toronto is not easy.

  • Kulagina: play with Canada and the United States hard, but Russia is set to win

    Defender of the youth national team women’s Irina Kulagina shared his thoughts about the start of the world Cup, in which the Russians beat Canada and lost to US.

  • The star of the series “Soldiers” told Korchevnikov about his novels

    The Studio program “the Destiny of man” Alexey Maklakov told Boris Korchevnikov about how relationships with women have changed his fate.

  • The Senate attended to the aging Apple

    After the beginning of the investigation in France, questions to the manufacturer came to the United States Senate.

  • Durov intends to make Telegram a competitor to Visa and Mastercard

    Telegram wants to create a blockchain-a platform that in the new decentralized economy will be able to compete with the payment systems Visa and Mastercard.

  • The US launched a pre-order for “smart” pants Skiin

    In the United States firm Myant opened pre-order for his new invention as “smart panties” Skiin.

  • Kodak intends to acquire its own cryptocurrency

    Manufacturer of photographic materials and equipment Kodak expressed interest in bitcoin and is going to get his own under the name Kodakcoin.

  • At CES 2018 presented a smart spin over 57 thousand rubles

    It is expected that the device will hit the market in autumn and will cost about 57 thousand rubles.

  • Samsung Electronics unveiled a foldable smartphone

    Samsung Electronics has announced a folding Android-smartphone Galaxy X. the device Panel when it is folded facing outward, in the expanded view of the gadget is a 7-inch tablet.

  • Apple is creating a reference system of parental control over children

    Apple announces the beginning of a new development. So, the team creates the master system of parental control over children.

  • The expert explained the problems with AMD computers because of Windows update

    Expert and a leading analyst of the Russian Association of electronic communications Karen Ghazaryan explained what may be due to discontinuance of the computers with AMD after Windows updates.

  • At CES showed the world’s smallest USB flash drive 1 TB

    While the manufacturer has not designated any price, nor the release date of the device.

  • Discovered mining program, which sent revenue in the DPRK

    Hackers from North Korea are creating malicious software designed to mine cryptocurrency using infected computers.

  • Google has integrated their payment services under the brand Google Pay

    Google has combined the pay Android Pay, and Google Wallet and a number of other applications under the Google brand Pay, according to a company blog.

  • Xiaomi company will launch a standalone VR-helmet Oculus Go

    The leaders of Facebook owning the company Oculus, at CES, spoke about the cooperation with Xiaomi.

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