Summary February 22, 2018

  • Vucic: the temple of St. Sava, will become a symbol of brotherhood between Russia and Serbia

    The Church of St. Sava becomes a symbol of brotherhood and friendship between Russia and Serbia.

  • The expert commented on trump’s proposal to arm teachers

    The proposal of the President of the United States Donald trump about arming teachers commented the expert of the Russian Institute for strategic studies Ilya Kravchenko.

  • Turkish Deputy Prime Minister learned about the failed agreement of Damascus and the Kurds

    Damascus and Kurdish in ‘ afrīn are unable to agree on the introduction in the region the Syrian government troops.

  • Dutch skaters injured two fans the layout of the medal

    Dutch skaters at the Olympics in Pyeongchang injured two fans, a giant model of the medal, reports the Associated Press.

  • Lavrov visited the temple of Saint Sava in Belgrade

    The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov in the framework of his working visit to Serbia, visited the temple of Saint Sava in Belgrade.

  • A cargo ship sank off the coast of China after a collision

    As a result of collision of passenger and cargo ships off the coast of South China’s Guangdong province, two people were missing, according to the February 22 edition ETtoday.

  • The United States will put Sweden’s anti-missile batteries Patriot

    According to media reports citing the Agency for defense cooperation and security, the Pentagon, the deal between the US and Sweden is $ 3.2 billion.

  • Media reported about the second round of pre-ICO Telegram

    This week investors have received emails with information about holding secret Telegram of the second round of sell cryptocurrency to the ICO, reports The Verge, citing four sources.

  • Information fed caused a decline in oil prices

    The stock price of oil began to decline on the publication of the minutes of the January meeting of the Federal reserve system (FRS).

  • In London the winners of the musical award Brit Awards

    In London has announced the winners of the musical award Brit Awards for 2017, according to “”.

  • Unknown committed suicide at the U.S. Embassy in Montenegro

    Unknown threw the explosive device in the direction of the US Embassy complex in Podgorica, after which he committed suicide.

  • Trump has said it is ready to arm teachers

    We will remind that last Wednesday the 19-year-old Nicolas Cruz came in high school Stoneman Douglas from which it was previously excluded, and killed 17 people, both students and teachers.

  • Bloomberg: the U.S. is considering new sanctions against Russia

    USA consider a question of introduction of additional sanctions against Russia, Bloomberg reported, citing officials in Washington.

  • Robert Mueller put forward a new secret charges against Manafort

    Spectacular USA Robert Mueller, who is investigating the case of the so-called Russia’s intervention in the American presidential election, launched a new accusation against the former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump Manafort Paul and his business partner Richard gates.

  • Trump has met with students of the school where the shooting occurred

    American President Donald trump was found in the White House with students of the school city of Parkland in Florida, where earlier in February this year there was a shooting and killed 17 people.

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