Summary February 21, 2018

  • When you fire at a youth centre in Rotterdam, injured 13 people

    According to the portal, in a five-storey building houses a youth center, which is home to people with psychological disorders.

  • The Federal tourism Agency has warned of a massive flu epidemic in the United States

    Tourists that are already in the U.S., the Federal tourism Agency recommended to reduce the time of stay in places of mass gatherings of people and public transportation, wear a mask, wash hands thoroughly and nose cavity upon return from the street and eat more foods containing vitamin C as well as garlic and onions.

  • The Russian foreign Ministry commented on the accusations of cyber attacks in London

    On 15 February, the UK has accused Russia of large-scale cyber attack using a virus Petya that occurred in Ukraine in June 2017.

  • Elizabeth II first visited London fashion week

    Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II for the first time visited the fashion Week in London.

  • George Clooney donated $500 thousand for tougher gun control

    Earlier, George Clooney had sent 500 thousand dollars for holding a March 24 March in support of reforms in the field of gun control after a school shooting Florida, which killed 17 people.

  • DPRK delegation refused to meet with the Vice President of the United States

    Aires explained that Pyongyang refused to meet, after Pence condemned the human rights violations in North Korea and announced the planned new US economic sanctions.

  • Japan plans to increase the purchase of F-35A

    In addition to the existing contract for the purchase of 42 fighters of the fifth generation, in the next six years, Japan will buy at least 20 combat aircraft advanced.

  • In the US forbid to sell the device to increase the rate of fire

    In the United States will become illegal special adaptations to increase the rate of fire semi-automatic rifles, a Memorandum was signed by head of state Donald trump.

  • The head of the foreign office called the situation Brexit “mess”

    The Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson characterize taking place around the country’s withdrawal from the European Union the word “mess”, the newspaper writes the Telegraph with reference to sources in the EU.

  • The drug dealer in Italy have arrested an hour after his release from prison

    29-year-old native of Mali, trapped in an Italian prison for drug trafficking, was arrested by police officers after the liberation, as it immediately returned to criminal business.

  • US citizens named the main enemy of the DPRK

    Another 2% believe that the main enemy of the US is the US itself, the same number of respondents said the main enemy of Iraq.

  • In Warsaw, the 27-year-old pole beat two Ukrainians in the bus.

    Accused of lying by a team of spectacular U.S. attorney pleaded guilty

  • On the Internet sell USA supplied the Syrian opposition weapons

    The Central command of the U.S. armed forces in Syria did not comment on the appearance in the free market of weapons set by the States “moderate” opposition SAR in 2015.

  • In Poland at the military training ground found the bodies of two people

    On Tuesday, February 20, at the military training ground near the town of Drawsko Pomorskie in the West of Poland found the bodies of two people.

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