Summary February 14, 2018

  • Canada beat Finland in the match of the womens hockey tournament Olympics in 2018

    In the match second round in group And team Canada defeated the team of Finland – 4:1. Composed of distinguished canadian Megan Acosta, Marie-Philip Poulin, melody Doust and Gillian Saunier.

  • Fan of sports shoes instead of sneakers sent a vagina in my leg

    Student of the canadian College 19-year-old Logan Clayton usually order shoes through the Internet store.

  • Hockey players of Russian national team lost to Canada in the first match at the Olympics in 2018

    Abicycle our girls were canadian hockey players. The match took place in the group stage the Olympics in 2018.

  • Curling. Menfolk. Group tournament. Canada beat Italy

    Team Canada, which won in Sochi in 2014, the team beat Italy with the score 5:3. Positive results were also achieved by the Swedes, the Americans and the British.

  • The mayor of calgary, arrived in Pyongyang to study the experience of organization of the Olympiad

    The mayor of calgary has Nenshi arrived in Pyeongchang to study the experience of organizing the Olympic winter games, reports TASS.

  • Canadians are ahead of schedule won the team tournament Games in 2018

    Team Canada earlier won the team competition in figure skating at the Olympic games-2018.

  • Canada will publish the Federal budget

    As reported by the Western media, canadian economists do not expect strong growth in the new fiscal year, however, because the previous year was good, this year, according to the experts, should not be bad for the economy.

  • For food in Asia grow a special breed of dogs.

    “Chicago” – “Toronto”: continue “reptiles” to win?

  • In Canada, the 29-year-old virgin became pregnant through IVF

    In Canada, the 29-year-old virgin could get pregnant after IVF.

  • The US hurt Russia followed by Canada

    Team Russia lost to team USA with the score 0:5. One washer girls missed in the first and third periods, and three more flew into our gate in the second 20-minute period for a very short period of time.

  • The skater from Canada in Pyeongchang rescued a dog from eating

    The skater from Canada Megan Duhamel together with Eric Radford won a gold medal in the team tournament of the Olympics – 2018 in Pyeongchang, will take home to Montreal for the second dog who rescued her from the butcher’s knife.

  • Canadian curlers won gold in the double mixed doubles at the Olympics

    Recall that the bronze medals were won by Russian Anastasia curlers Bryzgalov and Alexander krushelnitsky.

  • Tennis players of Russia in the Federation Cup will play against Latvia

    The Russian team, which last weekend lost to Slovakia (1:4) in the first round of World group II and will play for the right to stay in the second power of eight against the team of Latvia.

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