Summary February 14, 2018

  • Canada beat Finland in the match of the womens hockey tournament Olympics in 2018

    In the match second round in group And team Canada defeated the team of Finland – 4:1. Composed of distinguished canadian Megan Acosta, Marie-Philip Poulin, melody Doust and Gillian Saunier.

  • Fan of sports shoes instead of sneakers sent a vagina in my leg

    Student of the canadian College 19-year-old Logan Clayton usually order shoes through the Internet store.

  • Hockey players of Russian national team lost to Canada in the first match at the Olympics in 2018

    Abicycle our girls were canadian hockey players. The match took place in the group stage the Olympics in 2018.

  • Curling. Menfolk. Group tournament. Canada beat Italy

    Team Canada, which won in Sochi in 2014, the team beat Italy with the score 5:3. Positive results were also achieved by the Swedes, the Americans and the British.

  • The mayor of calgary, arrived in Pyongyang to study the experience of organization of the Olympiad

    The mayor of calgary has Nenshi arrived in Pyeongchang to study the experience of organizing the Olympic winter games, reports TASS.

  • Canadians are ahead of schedule won the team tournament Games in 2018

    Team Canada earlier won the team competition in figure skating at the Olympic games-2018.

  • Canada will publish the Federal budget

    As reported by the Western media, canadian economists do not expect strong growth in the new fiscal year, however, because the previous year was good, this year, according to the experts, should not be bad for the economy.

  • For food in Asia grow a special breed of dogs.

    “Chicago” – “Toronto”: continue “reptiles” to win?

  • In Canada, the 29-year-old virgin became pregnant through IVF

    In Canada, the 29-year-old virgin could get pregnant after IVF.

  • The US hurt Russia followed by Canada

    Team Russia lost to team USA with the score 0:5. One washer girls missed in the first and third periods, and three more flew into our gate in the second 20-minute period for a very short period of time.

  • The skater from Canada in Pyeongchang rescued a dog from eating

    The skater from Canada Megan Duhamel together with Eric Radford won a gold medal in the team tournament of the Olympics – 2018 in Pyeongchang, will take home to Montreal for the second dog who rescued her from the butcher’s knife.

  • Canadian curlers won gold in the double mixed doubles at the Olympics

    Recall that the bronze medals were won by Russian Anastasia curlers Bryzgalov and Alexander krushelnitsky.

  • Tennis players of Russia in the Federation Cup will play against Latvia

    The Russian team, which last weekend lost to Slovakia (1:4) in the first round of World group II and will play for the right to stay in the second power of eight against the team of Latvia.

  • Air taxi will be high in the sky over Dubai

    Residents and guests of the city of Dubai in the near future will be able to use the services of the Autonomous air taxi.

  • Roskoshestvo found out how dangerous apps for online Dating

    Experts from Roskoshestvo conducted an analysis of mobile apps for Dating. The result found out that these resources are very dangerous.

  • Updated mirror of the telescope BTA has brought in Nizhniy Arkhyz

    Yesterday, February 13, head of scientific information and external relations of the Sao Ekaterina Filippova said that in Nizhniy Arkhyz was delivered the updated spare mirror telescope BTA.

  • New virus turns a smartphone into a “farm” for cryptocurrencies

    The user is prompted to enter the code, and until he entered and pressed the “Continue” button, your phone or tablet will be actively producing cryptocurrency Monero at full speed, maximizing the operation of the processor device.

  • The Samsung Galaxy S9 will add to the most useless function of the iPhone X

    The South Korean company Samsung will add a new flagship smartphone Galaxy S9 support animated Emoji.

  • In the operation of payment service Qiwi failed

    In the work of the Qiwi payment service failed. This was reported in the community Qiwi in Russia “Vkontakte”.

  • Samsung will start to recycle old phones for the extraction of cobalt

    The South Korean Samsung group of companies plans to start recycling old phones to retrieve from storage devices cobalt.

  • The first school programming on the Ethereum blockchain will open in Moscow

    The capital is preparing to open the first Russian school programming on the blockchain of Ethereum cryptocurrency, the Creator of which became the Chairman of the Board of Directors Technopark Alexander Brooks.

  • Durov responded to the statement about the vulnerability Telegram

    The Creator of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov responded to the statement “Kaspersky Lab” about the vulnerability of their offspring.

  • Microsoft has said about the futility of branching of the blockchain

    Official representatives of Microsoft in his next update of the blog stated that they consider very unpromising decision task, using hardforce.

  • “VKontakte” launched check user compatibility

    In honor of Valentine’s Day “Vkontakte” was added as a compatibility check with the interested person.

  • Facebook in exchange for the VPN encryption will get user data

    Social network Facebook has offered its users a new feature of the VPN encryption.

  • Durov responded to the statement about the vulnerability Telegram

    The Creator of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov responded to the statement “Kaspersky Lab” about the vulnerability of their offspring.

  • Roskoshestvo found out how dangerous apps for online Dating

    Experts from Roskoshestvo conducted an analysis of mobile apps for Dating. The result found out that these resources are very dangerous.

  • February 14 – birthday Youtube

    14 Feb 2005 the guys have a domain registered and started down to developing a web site.

  • A cyber attack during the Olympic Games was attributed to Russian hackers

    According to experts, a group of Russian hackers Fancy Bear recently especially actively uses in its activity different methods of breaking in.

  • Sberbank has launched its own instant messenger

    Sberbank has launched its own instant messenger in a mobile application “Sberbank Online” and has plans to launch messenger as a separate app.

  • The Microsoft Store will get more web applications

    Soon, the Microsoft store will give users a more progressive apps(PWAs).

  • Microsoft will introduce in Windows 10, using the palm of your hand

    Microsoft, in partnership with Fujitsu to introduce new technology recognition pattern of the blood vessels of the palm.

  • Zyxel introduced a universal VPN routers for small business

    Zyxel Communications has introduced a new universal network solution for small businesses and startups, releasing VPN routers SBG5500 / SBG3310 Series, through which a small firm can implement a reliable and secure connection to the Internet.

  • Instagram will now warn about other people’s screenshots in the “stories»

    The administration of the social network Instagram will be to warn users if someone will make a screenshot of the section “History”.

  • The servers of the Olympics 2018 was under attack

    Experts on cyber security, while research security servers in the 2018 Olympics held in South Korea’s Pyeongchang, found the virus that was later called Olympic Destroyer.

  • Google tests AMP Stories in the mobile version of the search engine

    As reported profile online edition, now Google is testing a new format for Stories on the platform for quick reading of articles in the mobile search project AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

  • In Tatarstan has replaced the head of the Ministry of health after the suicide of his Deputy

    President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov has replaced the head of the regional Ministry of health Adel Vafin, said the press service of the head of the Republic.

  • Reveals the target bombed in Syria, the Russian mercenaries

    Russian mercenaries in Syria, came under fire by the US and Kurds in the province of Deir ez-Zor in the North, wanted to seize oil and gas fields under Kurdish control.

  • The FSB came to the Bank “Finam” for the seizure of documents

    The President-Chairman of the Board of the group of companies “Finam” Vladislav Kochetkov has explained RBC that the FSB carries out the seizure of documents relating to one of the Bank’s customers.

  • The crew was faced with a split speed

    The an-148 could be broken due to icing of the instruments, Deciphering the flight data recorder of the crashed An-148-100V “Saratov airlines”, the experts of the Interstate aviation Committee (IAC) has established that the disaster on 11 February in the suburbs could be caused by the fact that the crew did not have objective data about the true speed of the aircraft.

  • Peskov was surprised by the question of mourning for those killed in Syria the Russians

    Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov declared that the authorities have no information about the victims in Syria, the Russians, therefore, no question of mourning is not.

  • Peskov admitted the presence in Syria of Russians that are not related to the armed forces

    Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that it is impossible to exclude the presence in Syria of Russians that are not related to our Armed forces.

  • Turchinov made an armed liberation of the territories of the DNI and LC

    Ukrainian law on the reintegration of Donbass, which was sent to the President for signature Petro Poroshenko does not exclude the release of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics “by force”.

  • In the Kremlin have disclosed details of a telephone conversation Putin and Poroshenko

    “Indeed, the day before yesterday was a telephone conversation between Poroshenko and Putin,” confirmed the press Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov.

  • Klimkin said about Ukraine’s contribution to the fight against ISIS

    Ukraine continues to contribute to the fight against ISIL*. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin.

  • The CEC suggested “the First channel” to postpone the screening of the film “Putin»

    The CEC suggested “the First channel” to postpone the screening of the film “Putin” to the end of voting in the presidential election, the correspondent of “Vedomosti”.

  • Named the leading in the quality of life of regions of Russia

    Among the Russian regions the first position on the quality of life of the population is Moscow, St. Petersburg and Moscow oblast.

  • The mayor of Odessa detained in Kiev airport

    The mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov on the morning of 14 February, was detained at Kiev’s Borispol airport employees of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU).

  • Matvienko explained the care Klintsevich

    Federation Council speaker Valentina Matviyenko explained why Senator Franz Klintsevich was removed from the post of the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on defense and security.

  • OCD explained the “incorrect” ineligible for the Olympics two Russians

    Head of information service of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Konstantin Vybornov has explained the erroneous admission of two Russian athletes at the Olympic games – 2018.

  • Ukrainian media reported about a telephone conversation Poroshenko and Putin

    In the presidential administration of Ukraine reported that the Ukrainian President held a telephone conversation with President of the Russian Federation to activate the release of the Ukrainian military hostages directly in the occupied territories, the exchange of prisoners of guards.

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