Summary February 13, 2018

  • Canada beat Finland in the match of the womens hockey tournament Olympics in 2018

    In the match second round in group And team Canada defeated the team of Finland – 4:1. Composed of distinguished canadian Megan Acosta, Marie-Philip Poulin, melody Doust and Gillian Saunier.

  • Boston wants to trade Maroun “Edmonton»

    Boston could attempt to barter with Edmonton striker Patrick maroon, according to NBC.

  • Ukraine started to export bees to Canada

    Ukraine exported to Canada the first batch of Carpathian bees, reports “Voice of America”.

  • Canada defeated Sweden in a friendly match before the Olympics

    Team Canada was stronger Sweden in a friendly match before the Olympics-2018.

  • The skater from Canada in Pyeongchang rescued a dog from eating

    The skater from Canada Megan Duhamel together with Eric Radford won a gold medal in the team tournament of the Olympics – 2018 in Pyeongchang, will take home to Montreal for the second dog who rescued her from the butcher’s knife.

  • In Canada, the 29-year-old virgin became pregnant through IVF

    In Canada, the 29-year-old virgin could get pregnant after IVF.

  • Goal Kucherov helped “Tampa” to match with “Toronto»

    “Tampa Bay lightning” lost “Toronto maple leafs” in the match of the regular championship of NHL. The meeting ended with the score 4:3.

  • An armed incident occurred in a subway station in Toronto

    It is reported that on February 12, an unknown attacker with an edged weapon on the passenger subway.

  • Trocheck who scored his first hat-trick, became the first star of day in NHL

    The first star awarded to the forward of “Florida Panthers” Vincent Trocheck, who scored his first hat-trick in his career and helped to beat “Edmonton oilers” with a score of 7:5.

  • Russian figure skaters won silver in the team tournament

    Russian figure skaters won silver team tournament at the Olympic winter games in 2018.

  • Elena Vyalbe: I Think Rodchenkova was recruited when he was working in Canada

    Earlier Rodchenkov said that five Russian athletes who have used doping, won medals at the Olympics-2014 in Sochi.

  • Hockey players of Russian national team lost to Canada in the first match at the Olympics in 2018

    Abicycle our girls were canadian hockey players. The match took place in the group stage the Olympics in 2018.

  • A new way of replenishment of transport cards is implemented in Nizhny Novgorod

    The operator of an electronic system of fare “an” and PJSC Sberbank has introduced an innovative method of replenishment of transport maps.

  • “Kaspersky’s laboratory” has discovered a vulnerability in Telegram messenger

    The company noted that, having discovered the vulnerability, contacted the developers of the messenger, which eliminated the problem.

  • The robot dog has learned to open and hold the door

    The robot dog from Boston Dynamics has learned to open the door,and then hold it for others.

  • New British technology allows you to identify 94% of online propaganda ISIS

    The home office announced the creation of a new technology automatic detection of terrorist propaganda on any online platforms for subsequent removal.

  • Google will report native user on the discharge phone

    It is expected that the mapping application will let you share with family and friends your location if your phone’s battery suddenly runs out of power, writes Life.

  • Microsoft has sold over 35 million game consoles Xbox One

    The leaders of the American company Microsoft has sold in the market about 35 million game consoles Xbox One.

  • The hidden joke of the developers of the video games discovered 14 years later

    One of the users on Twitter showed a funny “Easter eggs” found them on the disk from The video game The Bard’s Tale (“the adventures of the bard”).

  • Microsoft has received a patent for a revolutionary facial recognition system

    Microsoft recently received a patent for a unique design – latest technology recognition of human faces.

  • Google added in Android “the unibrow” iPhone X

    The new version of Android, you may receive a cutout on the display, by analogy with the iPhone X. it is reported Bloomberg with reference to informed source at Google.

  • Poll: MacBook conceded the popularity of the Microsoft Surface

    In the poll the majority of respondents expressed a preference for laptop Microsoft Surface, but not the MacBook.

  • Experts: Column HomePod is beyond repair

    Representatives of the company iFixit, specializing in the development of instructions to repair gadgets, betrayed the ruthless criticism of the design of a new column HomePod from Apple.

  • The expert has told, why in Russia it is dangerous to buy Chinese smartphones

    Expert Paul Gorodnitsky told why Chinese smartphones are dangerous to fly in Russia.

  • In the state Duma introduced a bill to block pirated apps

    The deputies of three Duma factions — Marina Mukabenova (“United Russia”), Alexander Yushchenko (CPRF) and Oleg Nikolaev (“Fair Russia”) has proposed to simplify the application lock, which violate the copyright laws and distributing pirated content.

  • The app “Sberbank Online” has got functions of messenger

    The mobile application “Sberbank Online” has got a new option called “Dialogs”: it allows you to communicate and transfer money via chats.

  • Rosatom has established a company for the development of 3D printing

    The company “RusAtom – Additive Technologies” will coordinate the creation and development of products in the field of 3D printing.

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