Summary February 12, 2018

  • The skater from Canada rescued a dog that wanted to eat in Korea

    Skater took the baby straight from the farm, where they grow dogs for slaughter.

  • “Mertv rigoli not gudut” Ukraine has found a new export

    President of the Association of beekeepers of the state of Niagara (Canada) George Scott during a meeting with the “Ukrainian brotherhood of beekeepers,” said they appreciated the culture of breeding bees in Ukraine and recommends that the competent authorities in Canada to speed up the issuance of permit for the supply of Ukrainian bees in his country.

  • Canada defeated Sweden in a friendly match before the Olympics

    Team Canada was stronger Sweden in a friendly match before the Olympics-2018.

  • In Canada police found the remains of a sixth victim of the designer of the homophobic

    Investigators in Toronto have discovered the remains of a sixth victim associated with the alleged serial killer Bruce MacArthur.

  • Russian figure skaters won silver in the team tournament at the Olympics

    Russian figure skaters took second place in the team tournament of the Olympic games, which take place in Pentane and team brought Russia the second medal of the Games in 2018.

  • Medvedev commented on the silver of the Russians in figure skating

    Russian figure skater Evgeny Medvedev commented on the silver medal won together with teammates in the team competition at the Olympic games in 2018.

  • Canadian curlers went into the final double-doubles at the Olympics in 2018

    Canadian curlers kaitlyn Lawes and John Morris has secured a place in the final in the discipline of double-mixed at the Olympic games 2018 in Pyeongchang.

  • Philippines break a deal to buy canadian helicopters for $233 million

    Philippines break a deal to buy canadian helicopters for $233 million Agreement with Canada about the purchase of 16 helicopters Bell 412EPI total cost of $233 million was signed on 6 February.

  • Unemployment in Canada in January rose to 5.9%

    Unemployment in Canada in January 2018 rose to 5.9%, according to official statistics.

  • “Rangers” on the road beat “Winnipeg” in the match NHL

    “New York Rangers” on the road defeated “Winnipeg jets” in the match of the regular championship of NHL.

  • Hockey players of Russian national team lost to Canada in the first match at the Olympics in 2018

    Abicycle our girls were canadian hockey players. The match took place in the group stage the Olympics in 2018.

  • Maria Batalova: Just the Canadians beat us to it

    I need to play simpler, faster, withdraw the puck out of the zone, but they were not always successful.

  • The police of Canada is looking for a kidnapped Ukrainian churches dumplings

    Canadian police are investigating the theft of dumplings of Ukrainian churches, reports

  • USA hockey players beat rivals from Finland

    The first went out on the ice team USA and team Finland. American women won with the score 3:1.

  • Rosatom in 2018 will start mass production of 3D printers

    “RuSat” will focus on the production of a line of 3D printers and their components, creating materials and metal powders for 3D printing, the development of integrated software for additive systems, and services for 3D printing and the introduction of additive technologies in manufacturing.

  • Sberbank has launched its own instant messenger in a mobile application

    Sberbank has launched its own instant messenger based on mobile application “Sberbank Online”. This is stated in the message on the web.

  • The price for the new iPhone 2018

    American Corporation Apple intends this fall to provide the international community with three new devices that will become a replacement for the expensive and released in November last year, the iPhone X.

  • Smartphones with 5.5 inch screen is recognized as the most popular in the world

    The most popular smartphones in the world recognized gadgets with screens 5.5 inches.

  • MegaFon has doubled the speed of 4G Internet in the Tver region

    The number of Internet users in the 4G network of MegaFon is growing rapidly, but each of them can freely go online and work there at high speeds.

  • The expert has told, why in Russia it is dangerous to buy Chinese smartphones

    Expert Paul Gorodnitsky told why Chinese smartphones are dangerous to fly in Russia.

  • Experts have called the sites with a browser secret miners

    The experts identified sites with hidden browser miners As recalls “”, recently hidden scripts for mining found in advertising banners on YouTube.

  • To pay the fare hawks can using cell phone

    “Passazhiravtoservis” together with the developer of a mobile app “Sigma digital technologies” and “savings” of launching a new project – 14th February will start working app SIGMA, which would allow the hawks to turn any smartphone into a payment tool travel, said “Writes Omsk”.

  • Bloggers have compared the Galaxy camera and Galaxy S8 A8

    Bloggers community TechBuzz had an interesting experience and showed on the video test camera of Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 and Samsung Galaxy S8.

  • Found effective medicine against cancer

    Scientists of the Cancer center in Georgetown (USA) found that the combination of drugs directed against the formation of new blood vessels and stimulating the immune system to successfully fight the aggressive cancer without side effects.

  • Became known the price of Linux laptop, KDE Slimbook II

    The amount of RAM can reach 16 GB. Buy Linux laptop Slimbook KDE II for 700 euros.

  • Samsung will not abandon the call button Bixby and a mini-Jack in Galaxy S9

    South Korean brand Samsung will not abandon the call button Bixby and a mini-Jack in his new Galaxy S9.

  • Scientists: the Sun in 30 years will become more cold and dull

    According to scientists from Sunny California, by the year 2050 there will come the so-called “Grand minimum” of solar activity that will lead to a substantial reduction in the luminosity of the Sun and, accordingly, decrease the temperature on Earth.

  • In the network appeared the first photos of the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone C10

    Infinita La pantalla del Samsung Galaxy C10 se filtra en varias imgenes https: / / / ePgCrYSJlx — Ramiro Mora (@ ramiromora) February 11, 2018 the source of the photo: / ramiromora On the website was published gorgeous pictures of the device.

  • Experts called the main danger of viewing adult sites

    Experts from China reported that after visiting adult sites the user PCs can start to mine cryptocurrency.

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