Summary December 18, 2017

  • Paleontologists have found the oldest in Canada, a victim of decay

    Recent discoveries of paleontologists say the opposite – from tooth decay suffered not only the ancient Egyptians and other inhabitants of the first Nations of the Earth, but the Neanderthals ate almost exclusively meat.

  • Vince Carter I’m sure we’ll be back in Toronto

    The attacking defender “Sacramento kings” Vince Carter expressed confidence that will come back in basketball club “Toronto raptors” before the end of his career in the NBA.

  • Prince Harry interviewed Barack Obama

    Prince Harry interviewed former US President Barack Obama for the program of radio BBC Radio 4.

  • The West has condemned the attempt to storm the October Palace, Ukraine

    Canada, the UK and the US condemned the attempted capture of 17 December October Palace in Kiev with supporters of the former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili, said in microblogs British, American and canadian embassies in Ukraine in Twitter.

  • Scientists Around the star-dwarf spin two exoplanets

    Scientists in the course of the study determined that around stars revolve dwarf from two exoplanets.

  • Named the cause of death of billionaire Sherman and his wife

    Recall that on 16 December it became known that the founder of the pharmaceutical company Apotex, the billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife were found dead in their home in Toronto.

  • The canadian billionaire’s wife found dead in own house

    Canadian billionaire and founder of a pharmaceutical Corporation Apotex Bernard Sherman was found dead at his home in Toronto.

  • Vancouver Burmistrov suffered a devastating defeat of “calgary”

    “Vancouver”, color which protects Russians Alexander Burmistrov Nikolai Goldobin, on home ice has suffered a crushing defeat of “calgary” in the regular championship of National hockey League (NHL).

  • “Toronto” defeated “Sacramento”, extending the winning streak

    “The Toronto raptors” has confidently won “Sacramento kings” in the match of the regular championship of NBA.

  • In a plane crash in Canada pilot killed

    The pilot of a small plane died in the crash of an aircraft in the forests of the canadian province of Manitoba, transmits the SVS.

  • Team Russia in a tense standoff defeated Canada in the First channel Cup.

    At the match between hockey teams of Russia and Canada are expected to be full

  • Former coach of the canadian team accused of sexual assault

    Former head coach Canada Dave Brubaker was arrested on charges of sexual abuse, reports AP.

  • Who dedicated the goal to Canada Nikita Nesterov

    Yesterday Russia striker Nikita Nesterov scored the winning goal against team Canada (2:0) in match of First channel Cup.

  • Experts called the top 5 models of Xiaomi which is not worth buying

    Expert Paul Gorodnitsky made up the anti-Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi, which is definitely not worth his salary.

  • Cargo spaceship Dragon has successfully arrived at the ISS

    The cargo spacecraft Dragon, launched 15 December, arrived on the ISS, the crew began its docking with the station, said in the official Twitter account of NASA.

  • Became known why Apple decided to close iTunes

    Apple plans to close the iTunes store by 2019 because of falling sales.

  • Smartphones under the pillow can cause cancer and infertility

    Specialists California Department of health has warned about the danger posed by electronic gadgets of radiation that can cause cancer and infertility.

  • Mars showed “full-length” at unique photo

    The photo was taken using the probe Mars Express, which was flying over the red planet from North to South.

  • Scientists have named five of the strangest stars in the Universe

    Experts have made a rating of the strangest stars in the Universe that break down old theories of science.

  • The savings Bank has begun negotiations about acquisition of the messenger Dialog

    Sberbank’s management is discussing the possibility of acquisition of the messenger Dialog intended for corporate communications.

  • The next flagship of Sony will get powerful Snapdragon 845

    Sony will release the next flagship with dual camera and Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm 845, which is to become the most powerful in the smartphone market and around Kirin 970.

  • Scientists have shown in the video will die as the Earth

    Question about done in the Mariana trench, the hole is included in the list of the most absurd hypothetical questions, which nonetheless have serious answers from a scientific point of view, writes the Independent.The video shows that the ocean will quickly leave the planet, and then Land, no doubt, will become lifeless.

  • Phil Schiller talked about the successes and failures of Apple in 2017

    One of the leaders of Apple Phil Schiller told about the major failures and successes of the company in 2017.

  • “Charging from a thundercloud UFO” filmed

    In the description of the personnel ufologists have suggested that Australian woman accidentally managed to film “UFO collecting energy”, while they are convinced that the video that allegedly “proves that UFO’s like to be with storm clouds to collect the amazing power of thunder”.

  • There was a video of start of spacecraft “Soyuz MS-07″ with the new ISS crew

    The ship will deliver to the ISS a new crew — the astronaut of Roskosmos Anton Shkaplerov, astronaut of JAXA Norishige Kanae and NASA astronaut Scott Tingle.

    • Переведено сервисом «Яндекс.Перевод»