Summary December 17, 2017

  • UFC on FOX 26: Marquez and Stuart received bonuses in the amount of $ 50 thousand

    Another $ 50 thousand for the “submission of the night” got Alessio di Chiriko, nokautirovav in the second round of Oluwale Bamboo.

  • In Montreal to build a new complex of boxes

    Obviously, the boxes, built in 1988, require reconstruction.

  • Goalie Koshechkin recognized as the best player of the match Russia — Canada

    34-the summer goalkeeper of Russian national team and Magnitogorsk “Metallurgist” Vasily Koshechkin was named the best player of this meeting.

  • Trudeau called the timing of the announcement of the agenda of the G7 summit

    Canada intends to offer a progressive agenda for the 44th summit of the countries “the seven”, which will be held in Malbaie 8 – 9 June 2018.

  • The canadian billionaire’s wife found dead in own house

    Canadian billionaire and founder of a pharmaceutical Corporation Apotex Bernard Sherman was found dead at his home in Toronto.

  • “Ottawa” beat “Montreal” in the match, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the NHL

    “Ottawa” beat “Montreal” in the regular season of the National hockey League, which was dedicated to the centenary of the NHL.

  • That said after the hockey match Russia — Canada

    What he said after the match, the athletes and functionaries at RT. The match against the Canadians was developed for Russian hockey players is not easy.

  • Became known the national team of Canada MFM-2018

    The coaching staff of team Canada decided the squad for the world Cup, which starts on December 26 in Buffalo.

  • Match the Czech Republic and Canada have established a record of attendance of First channel Cup

    Meeting of the Cup of the First channel Czech Republic – Canada has set an attendance record of the tournament excluding team-hostess.

  • Buns commented on the victory of Russia over Canada in hockey

    The Minister of sport Pavel Kolobkov commented on the victory of team Russia over team Canada in the match of the second stage of Euro tour — First channel Cup.

  • Gavrikov: the loss Sipacheva was palpable, but there are all professionals

    Striker SKA Vadim Shipachev received a match penalty for a push in the back of the player canadian national team.

  • Russia — Canada: Vadim Shipachev got a match penalty for attacking from behind

    In the first period of the match of First channel Cup between the national teams of Russia and Canada removal until the end of the meeting received the forward of the Russian team Vadim Shipachev.

  • Defender of Canada: “it Turned out that Russian is not so terrible”

    The defender of team Canada, Maxim Noro after defeat from Russia (0:2) within the Cup of the First channel noted that his team was disappointed with the result.

  • The Russian team defeated Canada for the First channel Cup

    In the principal match, the hosts of the Cup of the First channel defeated the Canadians – 2:0.

  • Ufologists recorded 12 UFO in the sky over Brazil

    Brazilian UFO recorded in the sky over the country a few UFOs and suggested that it could be alien ships, according to reports.

  • The video showed the consequences of “pulling the plug” from the bottom of the ocean

    When creating a video, the authors used data on earth’s natural resources and the terrain model of the planet.

  • In North Korea, was allowed to sing karaoke online

    North Korea has earned a online application My Companion 4.0 that allows you to read electronic books, watch TV programs, videos, as well as to sing karaoke.

  • Cosmonaut Shkaplerov for the third time to celebrate my birthday on the ISS

    Russian cosmonaut Anton shkaplerov for the third time will celebrate his birthday on the International space station (ISS), for which he will travel in the new expedition 17 Dec.

  • “Union” with new crew of the ISS was successfully launched from Baikonur

    On Sunday morning, December 17, from platform No. 1 (Gagarin launch) of Baikonur spaceport successfully launched rocket “Soyuz” with transport manned spacecraft (WPK) “Soyuz MS-07″, which are members of expedition ISS-54/55: Roscosmos cosmonaut Anton shkaplerov, NASA astronauts Scott tingle and JAXA Norishige Kanae.

  • UFO found in moon crater the solar panel

    In the lunar crater called Tycho was discovered the mysterious object.

  • The Network published the first pictures of the newest models of the iPhone 2018

    The Network has revealed the first photo of three models of the iPhone expected in 2018.

  • Google to shut down the project Tango augmented reality in 2018

    American Corporation Google will turn off at the beginning of March next year support project Tango augmented reality.

  • In the sky above Sochi exploded meteorite the size of a soccer ball

    A bright flash, which was observed in the sky, the residents of Sochi on December 15, was a meteorite that burned at a height of over 20 kilometers.

  • Scientists warned of a new-borne puppies infection

    Scientists from the United States warned of a new infection, which is transmitted through tactile contact with puppies.

  • Scientists: Smartphones next to sleeping can cause cancer

    At risk are children who sleep in an embrace with their gadgets.

  • Built into Windows 10 antivirus is just awful, say experts

    A couple of years ago the American Corporation Microsoft has developed a built-in antivirus called Windows Defender (Windows Defender), which is enabled by default on all computers running on Windows 8 and newer versions.

  • Facebook allowed to delete posts in news feed

    In the social network Facebook will be able to delete user accounts and groups from news feed.

  • In the “Classmates” appeared platform to create longido

    In a social network “Schoolmates” there is a new platform for building longride.

  • Alibaba sells cars through the machine on the basis of the selfie

    Chinese Internet giant Alibaba continues to expand its horizons, and has said it will sell cars with the use of vending machines.

  • In North Korea, was allowed to sing karaoke online

    North Korea has earned a online application My Companion 4.0 that allows you to read electronic books, watch TV programs, videos, as well as to sing karaoke.

  • Users complained of disruptions in the operations of Google services

    Internet users complained of difficulties with access to all Google services.

  • Google has released a Steam app VR YouTube

    Google has released a Steam app VR YouTube.

  • Hackers are spreading a new virus message in Facebook

    Users of Facebook spoke about a new virus that recently appeared in the social network.

  • Apple added the “Maps” navigation for 34 airports in the world

    A list of 43 objects for which the Maps added navigation, published on the website of the company.

  • Team Project Loon will connect the people of India to the Internet laser. But without a stratospheric balloon

    The project employs engineers who have already tested the technology on the Internet-stratospheric balloon Project Loon, according to a blog X. for several years, the division Google X, which later became a separate company in the holding Alphabet, is developing project Loon on creating communication networks based on stratospheric balloon.

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