Summary December 07, 2017

  • Satellite radio Sputnik company can become noagenda in USA

    American company Multicultural Radio Broadcasting Inc. (MRBI), satellite radio Sputnik, has received a warning from the US justice Department about possible registration as a foreign agent.

  • In Germany allowed to sell “mini-gallows” for Merkel

    The court of German Federal land Saxony, found no corpus delicti in the sale of “mini-gallows” with the names of Angela Merkel and Sigmar Gabriel on them, reports Die Zeit.

  • In California, about 200 thousand people were evacuated because of forest fires

    About 200 thousand people advised to evacuate due to raging in the South American state of California forest fires, 184 structures are destroyed, the newspaper reported USA Today.

  • In Rome at the headquarters of the carabinieri, an explosion occurred

    In mid-may, an improvised device exploded in the Parking lot of the post office in the Italian capital.

  • Russian doctors told how a passerby helped in the centre of Stockholm

    The eleventh brigade paid ambulance “Petersburg neotlozhka”, the export from Sweden of the Russians, gave first aid to a passer-by in the centre of Stockholm, told RIA Novosti the chief physician of the “Petersburg ambulance” Michael Jalagonia.

  • Top Manager of Volkswagen got 7 years in prison for “deselect”

    A former top Manager of Volkswagen’s Oliver Schmidt sentenced in the USA to 7 years in prison on charges of “disilicate”.

  • The Federation Council has warned the United States about the consequences of pressure on journalists

    Moscow does not intend to expand the confrontation with the United States, but Washington will have to wait for the consequences in case of continuation of pressure on partners Russian media, said the head of the Federation Council Commission for the protection of state sovereignty Andrey Klimov.

  • Team USA may not go to the Olympics in Pyeongchang from Korea

    The United States is not confident that their team will participate in the winter Olympic games be held in 2018 in South Korea.

  • China has made a submission to India because of the invasion of the drone

    The foreign Ministry of China made a presentation of India due to incursions of the Indian drone in the airspace of the country and its subsequent collapse.

  • In the North-West of China recorded an earthquake of magnitude 5.2

    In Northwest China, an earthquake of magnitude 5.2. Clarifies that came under attack in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region.

  • Department of state: the situation around North Korea becomes more dangerous

    Permanent representative of the United States to the United Nations Nikki Haley assessed the situation around the DPRK.

  • The explosion in a residential building in China: 14 people suffered

    We will remind that on 9 November in Izhevsk collapsed multi-storey residential building. The cause of the incident was a gas explosion.

  • The US has urged Israel to restrain the reaction in the status of Jerusalem

    Trump announced the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel Wednesday, December 6th.

  • Saudi Arabia has urged trump to reconsider stance on Jerusalem

    The government of Saudi Arabia has urged the United States to reconsider its position regarding the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

  • U.S. Senator resigns over allegations of harassment

    Members of the U.S. Senate from the democratic party demanded the resignation of his colleague al Franken after several women accused him of sexual harassment.

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