Summary December 06, 2017

  • UFO bright light illuminated the sky over Canada

    A beam of light of incredible power lit up the canadian night sky after a violent storm over the Great Slave lake.

  • Nestle buys vitamin manufacturer Atrium for $ 2.3 billion.

    Swiss Nestle will pay for the canadian manufacturer of health products Atrium Innovations 2.3 billion dollars.

  • Shapovalov recognized as the best tennis player Canada

    Canadian Denis Shapovalov recognized as the best tennis player in the country in 2017 of the year by Tennis Connected.

  • Scientists on the planet K2-18b found the best conditions for life

    Scientists from the University of Texas found the conditions for a normal life on exoplanet K2-18b, which is 111 light-years from Earth.

  • In Canada, discovered an underground labyrinth of ice age

    In Canada, scientists from Quebec speleological society found a huge underground labyrinth, which appeared during the ice age.

  • US regulators for the first time, stopped carrying ICO

    The SEC asked the Federal court of the state of new York as a security measure to stop urgently the holding company ICO PlexCorps.

  • For the year, home sales in Vancouver increased by 26%

    Sales of residential properties in greater Vancouver has increased by 26% in November 2017, compared with the same month last year, according to figures from the Council estate in the region.

  • Goldobin’s first goal in the season helped “Vancouver” beat “Carolina”

    “Vancouver Canucks” won in the match with “Carolina Hurricanes” with the score 3:0. Abandoned washers were noted derrick Polo (23), Thomas Vanek (34), and Nikolai Goldobin (47).

  • Nordic skater successfully performed at the world Cup in Canada

    Skater Alexander Kuchurkina successfully performed at the world Cup in Canada.

  • Poltorak: Canada before the end of the year will decide on the sale of weapons Ukraine

    Canada until the end of 2017 will decide on the sale of arms to Kiev. This was stated by the Minister of defence of Ukraine Poltorak.

  • “Kaspersky lab” said that the goal of hackers in 2018

    Technology companies and developers of legal software (SOFTWARE) may become the new targets of hackers in 2018, according to a press release “Kaspersky Lab” available to “Interfax”.

  • Massive failure of the GPS navigation recorded in Moscow

    In the capital recorded a mass failure of GPS navigation.

  • Ufologists issued ordinary stone for proof of an ancient war on Mars

    Recently, another ufologist Scott Waring said that if found on Mars Cannonball.

  • In Russia started selling the Huawei Honor 7X with dual camera

    In Russia on 5 December we started selling the Huawei Honor 7X with dual camera.

  • Cargo ship Dragon will travel to the ISS no earlier than December 12

    Cargo spaceship Dragon company SpaceX will depart to the International space station no earlier than December 12, said of NASA, adding that the new launch date takes into account the readiness of the launch pad, the employment of the ISS crew and the mechanics of orbital flight.

  • Scientists identified five major threats to the Earth from space

    Scientists have calculated the main threats to Earth from space. According to them, there are five such hazards.

  • Roskosmos has postponed the launch of the upper stage “Fregat”

    The representatives of “Rosatom” reported that the operation of the upper stage “Fregat” suspended for an indefinite period.

  • UFO-a radio Amateur had noticed at the video past the ISS flying UFO

    After a careful review of the record from Webcams ISS researcher from Nizhny Tagil stated that near the station flying unidentified flying object reports URA.RU.

  • Users found in Paint previously unknown function

    In the graphic editor Paint, which comes along with the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems, have found a way to create gradient backgrounds.

  • The Vostochny space centre is preparing for a third run

    Branch Director of state Corporation “Roscosmos” on the Vostochny cosmodrome Konstantin Chmarov told the news Agency “the” that the tasks at the launch site has not changed, staff are working on preparations for the third run.

  • Users of Facebook reported the failure of the messenger

    Users of Facebook reported the failure of the messenger. The largest number of complaints falls on the residents of USA and Japan.

  • NASA showed “explosive” galaxy

    NASA experts with the help of the Hubble telescope managed to take a picture of the galaxy, inside which there was a powerful explosion.

  • The planned magnetic storm covered the Earth until December 6

    Covering the Earth a powerful magnetic storm will end Wednesday, December 6.

  • Became known characteristics of a powerful smartphone Xiaomi Mi 7

    The official information about the new smartphone will be announced in the first half of next year.

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