Summary August 22, 2017

  • The influence of maternal curse followed on the blind

    Canadian researchers assessed the validity of maternal curse — male transmission to offspring through the mitochondrial DNA of mutations T14484C. A study published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.

  • The bear, dancing the twist, hit the camera lens in Canada

    Amazing footage managed to capture the photographer Christopher Martin in Jasper National Park in Canada. According to the photographer, the bear just scratched on the tree, but his movement is very much like the twist dance, which appeared in the 1960 year due to American singer chubby checker to.

  • The demonstration of far-right banned from the police of Quebec

    Previously agreed with the authorities in a demonstration of far-right banned from the police of Quebec.

  • China welcomes the recognition of the Nanjing massacre in Canada a memorable day

    China welcomes the announcement in the canadian province of Ontario December 13, the Day of remembrance of the Nanjing massacre, reported on 21 August, the Agency “Xinhua”.

  • Hundreds of thousands of canadian residents witnessed a solar Eclipse

    Hundreds of thousands of Canadians were watching on Monday for a solar Eclipse, which partially hid the sun, and in Canada. For a viewing of this natural phenomenon has postponed the case, and someone even took a day off. Full solar Eclipse in Canada was not.

  • In a dispute the U.S. and Canada over lumber Russia wins

    Analysts of the Ministry of agriculture of the United States noted that the monthly deliveries of Russian sawn softwood in may of this year amounted to 4214 cubic meters. Timber imports from Canada decreased by 1%.

  • The canadian won the lottery 5.5 million USD

    The ticket sold in Ontario. The largest ever canadian jackpot of 64 million canadian dollars (49,5 million USD) was won in October 2015.

  • “Anna Karenina” Shakhnazarov will open the film festival in Montreal

    The festival will be held from 24 August to 4 September. In the program of the Montreal film festival about four hundred feature, short and documentary films from more than eighty countries of the world. The film “Anna Karenina” will compete for the main prize.

  • Children learn good human stories

    In one story did the people in the other anthropomorphic animals who can speak and dressed in human clothes; there was a third story, which had no altruistic morality.

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