Summary August 22, 2017

  • In Moscow at the U.S. Embassy there was a line for visas

    At the U.S. Embassy on Novinsky Boulevard in Moscow lined up, reports RIA “Novosti”. August 22 – last day, when the American Embassy will issue visas before the break until 1 September. The queue consists of those who must go to an interview or already came for the visa ready.

  • Serebrennikov, the Director threatens till 10 years of imprisonment

    Artistic Director of the Moscow theater “Gogol-center” pieces of silver was arrested the main Department on investigation of especially important cases of the Investigative Committee (IC) on the morning of 22 August on suspicion of embezzlement of funds allocated in 2011-2014 for the project “Platform”.

  • Klimkin called on to investigate the transfer of technology, Korea

    Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin urged the international community to investigate technology transfers to North Korea. He said this edition of the New York Times.

  • In the MOE called the probable cause of the fire in Rostov-on-don

    The cause of the fire was “entering an external source of ignition”, announced on Tuesday at a meeting of the operational headquarters of the head of the regional Glaucus Ministry of emergency situations Valery Sinkov.

  • The US has sent to Ukraine the first consignment of coal

    The US has sent to Ukraine the first consignment of coal under the agreement, the Ukrainian “Tsentrenergo” American Xcoal Energy & Resources, write “Izvestia” with reference to the message of the Embassy of Ukraine in the United States. “Ukraine sent its first consignment of American coal”, – is spoken in the message.

  • The NASA site did not survive the flow of wanting to watch a solar Eclipse

    The broadcast was interrupted due to the shutdown of the server. The website of the American space Agency NASA collapsed during the broadcast of the total solar Eclipse that took place on 21 August. First slowed down the server, and then it completely stopped their work.

  • The UN launched an investigation after the interception of two shipments from the DPRK to Syria

    “The Commission investigates reports of cooperation between the DPRK and Syria in the field of banned chemical weapons, ballistic missiles and conventional weapons”, — quotes Agency the text of the report. The report does not specify when and where the interception occurred, and is not disclosed the contents of the deliveries.

  • Donald trump has decided to keep troops in Afghanistan

    Withdrawal will create a vacuum, which is filled with terrorists, including ISIS and al-Qaeda – said the US President in a televised address. The strategy of “Afghan netbilling”, nation-building, failed, I think trump and his entourage.

  • IG published a posthumous video the gunman who attacked Surgut

    Information unit is prohibited in Russia, the “Islamic state” (IG), Furat Russian-speaking Media, issued a video message “Massoud al-Surgut”. This young man like Arthur Hajiyev – Thriller, wounded in the centre of Surgut 7 people.

  • The experts found no traces of cyber-attacks in an accident with the destroyer “John McCain”

    No hacker attacks on computer systems of American missile destroyer “John McCain”, which had collided with an oil tanker in the Strait of Malacca (located between the Malay Peninsula and the Indonesian island of Sumatra, connecting the Indian ocean with the Pacific), it was not.

  • The operating system was named after cookie

    The new operating system of Google was named in honor of the cookie — the Oreo Android, says REN TV.

  • After a fire in the Rostov-na-Donu state of emergency extended to the whole territory of the region

    Local authorities may use arson as a tool of policy implementation — such opinion in interview to “echo of Moscow” was expressed by the Chairman of the Moscow branch of the party “Yabloko” Sergei Mitrokhin. Now in Rostov-on-don, decide the question of compensation.

  • The American liquefied gas arrives in Lithuania

    The first LNG carrier Clean Ocean with a consignment of liquefied natural gas (LNG) arrived at the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda, the official website of the Ministry of energy of the Baltic States reports that the fuel to Lithuania delivered by the Cheniere.

  • USA was plunged into darkness: where and with whom observed the Eclipse Donald trump

    A total solar Eclipse, which was visible in the USA, watched the American President Donald trump, writes the New York Daily News. With him on the balcony in the White house came his wife, Melania trump, daughter Ivanka and son Barron.

  • Surkov called the meeting with Volker “useful and constructive”

    In Minsk today evening there was a meeting of the Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov and the special representative of the United States Ukraine, Kurt Volker. According to the foreign Ministry of Belarus, the meeting was closed to the media. But after the results of communication Surkov commented on.

  • The suspect in the attack on passers-by in Turku was taken into custody

    Court of the Finnish city of Turku has left under arrest of 18-year-old citizen of Morocco, Abderrahmane, Mekkah — the main suspect in the knife attack on passers-by, according to the criminal police.

  • Charlie Hebdo published a caricature of a terrorist attack in Barcelona

    French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo published a caricature of a terrorist attack in Barcelona. The picture posted on the newspaper’s website, captured a white van with a crumpled hood. Next to him, holding his head and clutching a red flag, is a bullfighter.

  • On the island of Ischia three children were rescued from the rubble of destroyed houses

    Later it became known that was saved by another man who was under the rubble of the building, the father of three children, Alessandro Toscano. Then from under the debris was retrieved the body of a dead woman. Earthquake on the island of Ischia in the Tyrrhenian sea occurred at 20.58 (21.58 GMT) on Monday.

  • In Moscow at the U.S. Embassy there was a line for visas

    At the U.S. Embassy on Novinsky Boulevard in Moscow lined up, reports RIA “Novosti”. August 22 – last day, when the American Embassy will issue visas before the break until 1 September. The queue consists of those who must go to an interview or already came for the visa ready.

  • NATO Secretary General supported the new US strategy for Afghanistan

    NATO Secretary General supported the us strategy for South Asia and Afghanistan, announced on the eve of US President Donald trump. As stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the new strategy of the United States confirms that the U.S. military will remain in Afghanistan for the long term.

  • The U.S. economy lost $700 million due to a solar Eclipse

    The revenues of the state of South Carolina could reach $43 million, and South East Idaho where the picture of the Eclipse was most impressive, was visited by 500 thousand people. It is noted that the figure of $700 million pales in comparison with other events, which cost employers in the United States is much more expensive.

  • In the United States at least 33 people were injured in the collision of trains

    At least 33 people were injured varying degrees of severity, when a passenger train crashed into a structure standing at the station in the suburbs of Philadelphia in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. On Tuesday, August 22, reports the Associated Press.

  • WSJ: the US is preparing new sanctions against the DPRK to help Chinese firms

    The US is preparing new measures against Chinese firms that, according to Washington, are important channels of financing of the nuclear program of North Korea.

  • The Ambassador of Afghanistan in USA welcomed the new strategy trump

    The Ambassador of Afghanistan to the United States government Mohib welcomed zachvlenie American leader Donald trump about the new military strategy to combat terrorism.

  • North Korea threatens “merciless retaliation” the United States and South Korea

    At the Headquarters of the Korean people’s army, the DPRK said the United States and South Korea expects “relentless retribution and punishment” for the joint command-staff exercises conducted these two States.

  • Stream total solar Eclipse “dropped” the NASA website

    The problem with the NASA site, where the “great solar Eclipse” was broadcast from Earth and from space began a few minutes before it started.

  • Donald trump has decided to keep troops in Afghanistan

    The representative of the radical group, the Taliban condemned the statement of US President Donald trump about keeping American troops in Afghanistan, reports Reuters.

  • Tillerson: the U.S. would support the negotiations between the authorities of Afghanistan with the Taliban

    U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that Washington would support talks between the Afghan authorities and the radical movement “Taliban”, reports RIA “Novosti”.

  • In Italy evacuated 2.6 thousand people from the earthquake in Ischia

    On the Italian island of Ischia evacuated to safe areas, about 2.6 thousand people left homeless in the earthquake.

  • One person was killed as a result of hitting the car to a group of people in the United States

    In American Kentucky a group of people watching a solar Eclipse, and ran the car. As a result of collision one person was killed, two others injured, said the Agency Breaking 911.

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