Summary August 22, 2017

  • The influence of maternal curse followed on the blind

    Canadian researchers assessed the validity of maternal curse — male transmission to offspring through the mitochondrial DNA of mutations T14484C. A study published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.

  • The bear, dancing the twist, hit the camera lens in Canada

    Amazing footage managed to capture the photographer Christopher Martin in Jasper National Park in Canada. According to the photographer, the bear just scratched on the tree, but his movement is very much like the twist dance, which appeared in the 1960 year due to American singer chubby checker to.

  • The demonstration of far-right banned from the police of Quebec

    Previously agreed with the authorities in a demonstration of far-right banned from the police of Quebec.

  • China welcomes the recognition of the Nanjing massacre in Canada a memorable day

    China welcomes the announcement in the canadian province of Ontario December 13, the Day of remembrance of the Nanjing massacre, reported on 21 August, the Agency “Xinhua”.

  • Hundreds of thousands of canadian residents witnessed a solar Eclipse

    Hundreds of thousands of Canadians were watching on Monday for a solar Eclipse, which partially hid the sun, and in Canada. For a viewing of this natural phenomenon has postponed the case, and someone even took a day off. Full solar Eclipse in Canada was not.

  • In a dispute the U.S. and Canada over lumber Russia wins

    Analysts of the Ministry of agriculture of the United States noted that the monthly deliveries of Russian sawn softwood in may of this year amounted to 4214 cubic meters. Timber imports from Canada decreased by 1%.

  • The canadian won the lottery 5.5 million USD

    The ticket sold in Ontario. The largest ever canadian jackpot of 64 million canadian dollars (49,5 million USD) was won in October 2015.

  • “Anna Karenina” Shakhnazarov will open the film festival in Montreal

    The festival will be held from 24 August to 4 September. In the program of the Montreal film festival about four hundred feature, short and documentary films from more than eighty countries of the world. The film “Anna Karenina” will compete for the main prize.

  • Children learn good human stories

    In one story did the people in the other anthropomorphic animals who can speak and dressed in human clothes; there was a third story, which had no altruistic morality.

  • Scientists have questioned the availability of large water reserves on the moon

    Scientists doubted the presence of large water reserves on the moon, re-examining a fragment of the rocks brought to Earth in 1972. The results of the analysis they reported in the journal PNAS. For future missions to the moon must know in what quantities they are present water supplies.

  • Hackers learned how to hack a smartphone through the protective glass

    Hackers have learned to hack the smartphones with additional protective glass.

  • UFO in the form of a bright luminous sphere was seen in the sky Tyumen

    Eyewitnesses watched in the evening sky over Tyumen with great speed rushed the alien ship. UFO in the form of a bright luminous sphere was seen in the sky Tyumen. The alien ship flew at high speed past the houses at a distance of about two kilometers from witnesses.

  • The concern Kalashnikov designed a weapon against the drones and Wi-Fi

    The weapon allows you to shoot down drones, to turn off mobile and wifi signals, said Deputy Director of Zala Aero Group Konstantin Abashkin.

  • Scientists found a habitable planet in the constellation Vela

    In the constellation Vela found a planet potentially habitable.

  • Stream total solar Eclipse “dropped” the NASA website

    The problem with the NASA site, where the “great solar Eclipse” was broadcast from Earth and from space began a few minutes before it started.

  • The social network saw the writing on the wall in the “extinguished” above US the Sun

    Residents of the United States August 21, witnessed a unique phenomenon — a total solar Eclipse. Users of social networks also could not miss this event and released a lot of jokes about “dead star” the Sun over the United States.

  • Killed the dinosaurs asteroid hit the Earth into darkness for two years

    After the fall of the asteroid 66 million years ago the Earth for two years, was plunged into darkness, scientists have found. Due to the lack of light temperature on our planet has decreased, and photosynthesis for a long time stopped, which led to a lack of food for herbivores, and then to the extinction of the carnivorous dinosaurs.

  • Scientists reported night the snow storms on Mars

    Geophysicists from France and the US said that the night life on Mars is far less calm and more amazing than previously thought. They admitted that after sunset on the Red planet fall snow storm. This may become another obstacle for future missions to Mars, reports Nature.

  • At the Tianwan nuclear power plant, began loading nuclear fuel

    China has begun loading nuclear fuel on the third unit Taganskii nuclear power plant, the press service of “Atomproekt” (enters into Corporation “Rosatom”).

  • The operating system was named after cookie

    The new operating system of Google was named in honor of the cookie — the Oreo Android, says REN TV.

  • In the Network appeared new information about the design of the Samsung Galaxy S9

    According to a new insider, the flagship will receive a unique modular design, which for the first time in the history of smartphones you can connect other devices.

  • NASA talked about the difficulties in SpaceX Mars program

    Currently, the engineers belonging to Elon musk of SpaceX changed their plans to construct an unmanned transport ship Red Dragon in the first place decided to concentrate on manned projects. About this informed the head of planetary science at NASA, Jim green.

  • Hacked HBO hackers attacked the Playstation social network

    The hacker group OurMine previously hacked the social network HBO, attacked the Facebook and Twitter accounts, the company PlayStation. About it reports International Business Times.

  • Total Eclipse of the sun showed in the video and photos

    NASA employees have created a selection of the main stages of a total solar Eclipse, which was observed in the United States for the first time in 99 years. A natural phenomenon is available in 14 us States on August 21.

  • YouTube has a “breaking news”

    On the website and in the mobile YouTube app has a new section called “breaking news”. Now it sees only a subset of users. A new section in its decoration is similar to the channel featured video on the home page of the user.

  • As children addicted to YouTube

    Several child psychologists said that it is the key to understanding the popularity of YouTube among toddlers and preschoolers. If your life no three year old child, you probably are not familiar with YouTube Kids, an app that essentially is a stripped-down version of the original YouTube.

  • “Domy” offers Internet and TV for 1 ruble

    Telecom operator “Domy” offers to connect to the Internet and digital TV for only 1 ruble for the first month of use. For the same price are additional services and equipment installation. New and current customers can take advantage of the offer from 20 August until 31 October.

  • Facebook introduced a new feature Safety Check

    Social network Facebook has developed a new feature Safety Check. She appeared a few months ago, but the permanent section was included only on August 21.

  • The operating system was named after cookie

    The new operating system of Google was named in honor of the cookie — the Oreo Android, says REN TV.

  • Sites accepting bitcoin as payment “merge” the information about the users

    Analysts on confidentiality Dillon Reisman and Stephen Goldfeder conducted a study on 130 online stores accepting bitcoin, and found that of the 107 sites transfer to third parties information about transactions, 31 website allows third-party scripts to access the custom Bitcoin addresses, site 104 transmit data on the transferred amounts.

  • Cookies invade private life

    Some websites store on users ‘ computers, small cookies to remember login details and preferences.

  • The creators of the Prisma shifted to the business

    A new app from the creators of Prisma will transform selfies into stickers see also According to him, the tools for developers are already testing “some very large companies.” At the same time, the output of Prisma in the b2b market does not mean that the startup will throw a program for the casual user.

  • In Instagram appeared an opportunity to create twigs reviews

    In the social network Instagram introduced a new feature to create branches reviews. The original method of information distribution launched mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

  • Section breaking news appeared on YouTube

    A new section with breaking news added YouTube, this information portal has published Incrussia.

  • Cybersquatters tried to cancel right Google the word “google”

    Last week, the U.S. Supreme court received a petition to revoke the rights of Google trademark Google. The reason for the plaintiffs referred to the fact that the word “google” has become a common all over the world to mean “search the Internet” using any search engine.

  • Apple is looking for talented engineer with the help of encrypted jobs

    Using the symbols of the Apple in his message outlined the company’s logo. In this position is invited to work “talented engineer” who can take the Corporation’s place “key elements of the Apple ecosystem”.

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