Summary August 21, 2017

  • Cedric-Marcel Stebe won the Challenger in Vancouver

    23-year-old Thompson, occupying the 74th position in the world ranking once took the opponent’s serve and made six double faults. Previously between players is not met. This title was the sixth for Stebe on “Challengers”, bringing $14,400 in prize money and 90 ranking points.

  • The police of Quebec has banned the right-wing demonstration

    Attacked the action of the anti-fascists threw fireworks, bottles, chairs and debris in its participants and police. After that, the supporters of Meute was sent to the government building. After the attack, police have banned the ultra-right to hold a demonstration.

  • In Canada, about four thousand people came to the rally against racism

    As informs television channel CBC, in a meeting held at city hall, attended by about four thousand people. He was initiated after it became known about the intention of the extreme right to organize a similar March against Islam and immigration policies of the government.

  • Australia hopes to reach the Mexican market due to the revision of NAFTA

    Trade Minister of Australia Stephen Csaba said that the US desire to revise the terms of the agreement the North American free trade zone could open for Australia trade market of Mexico.

  • When shooting at a hotel in downtown Toronto injured two people

    In downtown Toronto at the Hyatt Regency shooting occurred. About it reports channel CBC with reference to local police.

  • The canadian won the lottery 5.5 million USD

    The ticket sold in Ontario. The largest ever canadian jackpot of 64 million canadian dollars (49,5 million USD) was won in October 2015.

  • Scientists have found Earth’s second natural satellite

    French and American scientists said that the Earth has one natural satellite. NASA experts even jokingly called him the “second Moon”. However, in reality we are talking about the asteroid 2016 HO3, which, as it turned out, really is another satellite of our planet.

  • Russian rocket “Soyuz” will bring to orbit two South Korean satellite

    Company “glavkosmos” and “glavkosmos launch services” signed with Korean Institute of aerospace researches of the first contract for the launch of two satellites for the South Korean carrier rocket “Soyuz-2″. About TASS reported in the company.

  • China will launch a mobile app “bodyguard for an hour”

    Residents of the city of Qingdao (East China Shandong province) from September will be available for hire bodyguard for an hourly fee. According to the newspaper “chzhungo, zignago”, with the help of mobile applications the customer may at any time seek the services of a professional security guard.

  • Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017: the astrologers gave advice

    Solar Eclipse of 21 August 2017 will start GMT time in 21.25. To see him (because of otomstila of the sun above the horizon in all regions, excluding Chukotka) will be impossible. But in the United States look forward to a total solar Eclipse, calling him “a Great American”.

  • Spiritual healer predicted the beginning of a new era after the Eclipse

    British woman Caroline Comberti, which is a popular spiritual healer, says that on 21 August, on the same day as a total solar Eclipse, humanity will move into a new era of its existence. This phenomenon, according to Comberti, “transform space”.

  • Giant UFO in Antarctica the size of a 12-storey building caught on video

    Video giant UFO the size of a 12-storey building, appeared in the Network. The incredible discovery was made by Russian scientists from the Urals. According to him, a huge alien spaceship has lain in a mountainous area in Antarctica hundreds or even thousands of years.

  • NASA experts have commented on the rumors about the imminent end of the world

    A number of media reports spreading online rumors that on September 23 the Earth will be hit with a huge meteor, and the world will come to an end.

  • NASA was afraid that the aliens will find Earth on space maps

    Representatives of other planets can find Land on cards that are launched into space for aliens to facilitate the search for other intelligent species – humans. Card launched into space in the 1970-ies, when scientists were more optimistic in relation to the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

  • In the Network appeared the drawings of iPhone 7S iPhone 7S Plus

    In the Network appeared the drawings of iPhone 7S iPhone 7S Plus, the output of which is expected in September 2017года.

  • Japan will increase the number of launches of micro-satellites from the Kibo module on the ISS

    The Japanese aerospace exploration Agency will increase the number of commercial launches of microsatellites using the research module Kibo on the International space station. Basically it will be a foreign model.

  • The solar Eclipse will help scientists to set up a link with aliens

    With high hopes for a solar Eclipse, a group of ufologists hopes to set up contact and identify the signals that reach us from distant planets inhabited by other races. Sutter sure that the Universe is much more habitable planets and intelligent beings.

  • NASA thanked the child for sending the picture of the rocket

    In the American space Agency did not ignore the letter from a five year old boy with a picture of a rocket. He asked me to build it and send it into space, and to give him a certificate of the astronaut. NASA experts wrote to the boy’s response.

  • The experts ranked the smartphones of the future

    The first time the prototype was shown 9 years ago. However, mass production has not begun. According to experts, the phones made of flexible transparent plastic has a future.

  • NASA begins search for life on Mars in 2020

    In 2020 the American management on Aeronautics and research of space administration (NASA) will send to Mars the mission, which task will be the search for traces of life on the planet.

  • Google will accompany the video in the results 6-second preview

    Google introduced a new search capability in their system for the mobile OS Android. Videos in search results will now have a 6-second preview.

  • YouTube launches a section for breaking news

    YouTube started to show some users of a special category of “breaking news”, according to Techcrunch and The Verge. Thus, the company continues to set up playlists for those who have a registered Google account.

  • Youtube got a new information tab

    Video Youtube has launched a new news section called “Breaking news”.Youtube got a new top, this section might notice that while some users of the application.

  • Google wants to help the media to increase the income from subscriptions

    Google intends to help the media to increase the income from subscriptions. The new plan is a revised version of the program First Click Free, which allows to access to paid publications during the transition from the search.

  • As Google Home have learned to play music via Bluetooth

    Bluetooth support promised to add during the spring press conference, Google I/O 2017, but now users have started to report that they were able to reproduce through Google Home music from their smartphones and tablets.

  • In YouTube there was a section with “breaking news”

    The world’s most popular video hosting service YouTube started testing a new section – breaking news. The service already works on mobile application and browser. Section called breaking news and it offers a view of the urgent news of the world.

  • Virus GhostClicker spread among apps on Google Play

    Virus GhostClicker spread among apps Google Play, reported representatives of the company Trend Micro. The traces of malware is noticed at least 340 programs from the directory.

  • SBU informs about a new threat of cyberattacks on the networks of government agencies and institutions

    The security service of Ukraine reported on his page in Facebook that on the Day of independence of Ukraine will be a cyber attack on the Ukrainian enterprises and companies. This information was published, the pr Department of the SBU.

  • The app got a new Facebook news feed

    Facebook updated the news feed in the mobile app. From now on it will be available to users as the update is deployed. The programmers of the social network Facebook regularly working to improve the mobile app.

  • Controversial redesign of Skype “for young” made it to the PC version

    The novelty was criticized for “youth” redesign and thoughtless borrowing features from Snapchat and Instagram. Recently, an update service is the largest since the advent of video calls in 2006 and got to the PC version.

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