Summary August 19, 2017

  • In Canada conducted a trial run of the fighting game Tekken Mobile

    Players are offered over 100 heroes, leaderboard and regular updates of the battle. In Canada conducted a trial run of the game Tekken Mobile, written from scratch to owners of iOS and Android. It’s F2P – app with the use of Waza Card designed for a special and combo attacks.

  • The Muslim community did show up his or her graveyard

    Despite the many community in Quebec city, the capital of the canadian province, yet the cemetery, where followers of Islam could bury their loved ones according to the Muslim rite.

  • The former UFC champion DOS Santos is suspected of doping

    It is noted that USADA does not name a substance found in the doping samples of the fighter. At UFC 215 DOS Santos was supposed to fight Francis Ngandu. For the Brazilian that fight was to become the first after the defeat against Stipe Miocici at UFC 211.

  • In Canada since the beginning of the year detained more than 11 thousand illegal immigrants from USA

    More than 11 thousand illegal immigrants crossed the Canada-U.S. border since the beginning of this year. On Thursday TASS said the official representative of the Royal canadian mounted police (RCMP) Harold Pfleiderer.

  • In Canada can be evacuated more than 20 thousand residents due to fires

    More than 20 thousand local residents of the canadian province of British Columbia unable to leave their homes due to severe forest fires, which continued from the beginning of the summer.

  • Canadian airlines left without Luggage for more than 200 passengers

    At the airport, travelers are waited by an unpleasant surprise: your stuff could get only 85 people, the rest are left without Luggage.

  • Annual inflation in Canada in July accelerated to 1.2%

    In July 2017 consumer prices (index CPI) in Canada increased relative to July 2016 by 1.2% after rising 1% in June. according to data of the Statistical office of the country.

  • “Dislike” Zvyagintsev will present at the festival in Toronto

    In the “Dislike” release international company Sony Pictures Classics. In late September, the film will also show at the 65th festival in San Sebastian.

  • In Canada, the number of real estate transactions fell by 11.9%

    In North America falling sales and prices for residential property.

  • Toronto agreed to one-year contract with McDaniels

    “The Toronto raptors” has agreed to a one-year partially guaranteed contract with shooting guard K. J. McDaniels, according to ESPN.

  • Canada ended its military mission in Poland

    The canadian military are leaving Poland in connection with the completion of a three-year mission in the country. About it reported in a press-service of the Ministry of national defence.

  • NASA has published a video closer to the Earth asteroid

    Florence asteroid will be closest to the planet’s surface September 1, but will still be 18 times farther than the moon, according to “”. NASA posted a video where is shown schematically as Florence asteroid is heading for Earth.

  • Japan launched a satellite to create its own analog GPS

    The launch is considered a success, reports TASS. Four such satellites must form a positioning system QZSS (Quazi Zenith Satellite System). This system should provide uninterrupted reception of GPS signals, reports RIA “Novosti”.

  • The new operating system Android will come in the day of a solar Eclipse

    Google has launched a countdown to the launch of a new version of the Android operating system O. this is stated on the website The company plans to introduce its operating system August 21, the day of a solar Eclipse.

  • Hackers in China have found the simplest way to circumvent the protection of iPhone

    Chinese hackers, where in the world is considered sufficiently advanced in the issues of hacking devices, has shown this opinion about them is not for nothing. They found the simplest way to circumvent the protection of iPhone, not applying for this super.

  • The last solar Eclipse will occur in 600 million years — NASA

    Specialists of the National space Agency (NASA) believe that the moon in the last Eclipse the Sun 600 million years. NASA experts noted that every year the Moon moves away from Earth at a distance that is slightly greater than two centimeters.

  • Astronaut Jack Fischer from the ISS took video of the milky way

    NASA astronaut Jack Fischer from the ISS crew took the video, which captured the milky way. The account he published in his Twitter.

  • The camera “Zenit” will return to the market

    The camera “Zenit” will return on the Russian and foreign markets in 2018, according to “Radio 1″ with reference to the head of development Department of civil engineering, JSC “Schwabe” Igor Sergeev. On the project will work Krasnogorsk plant named after Zverev (CMH).

  • “Roscosmos” took the design layout of the station “Luna-25″

    The Corporation said that the launch of this mission is scheduled for 2019. Note that the “Luna-25″ will be the first mission in the framework of the Russian lunar program. It is planned to create automatic probe for integrated research on the surface of the moon.

  • From Cape Canaveral launched an Atlas V rocket with a NASA satellite

    From Cape Canaveral, located in the United States successfully launched the Atlas V rocket with a NASA satellite TDRS-M. Information this is reported by American media. The process was watched by a lot of people on vacation.

  • Personal information of 1.8 million residents, Chicago was in free access

    In error free access to the personal data of more than 1.8 million voters who live in Chicago, Illinois. Relevant data were presented in one of the reports of CNN.

  • “MegaFon” has withdrawn a lawsuit against the Federal Antimonopoly service about roaming

    “MegaFon” has withdrawn from Arbitration court of Moscow the claim against the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia, which demanded to annul the service alert on roaming rates.

  • The Russian nanosatellite began to transmit signals in orbit

    Printed on a 3D printer Sputnik “Tomsk-TPU 120″ began to send signals around the world. Before he launched into space cosmonauts Fyodor Yurchikhin and Sergei Ryazansky, who is on the ISS.

  • Vedomosti learned about the work of the FSB on the international standard of the blockchain

    The FSB participates in the work on the standard block in the part of the Committee that in 2016, created by the international organization for standardization (ISO). This is with reference to sources “Vedomosti”. From Russia, according to the newspaper, the Committee included undercover Gregory Marshall.

  • NASA has published a video closer to the Earth asteroid

    Florence asteroid will be closest to the planet’s surface September 1, but will still be 18 times farther than the moon, according to “”. NASA posted a video where is shown schematically as Florence asteroid is heading for Earth.

  • In Russia proposed to move the capital of the Urals

    As a result of continuing internal migration, Russia may lose its geopolitical advantages and to lose sovereignty over remote from large urban areas, I’m sure the largest.

  • In a network there was video from Surgut where a man massacred

    In a network there was video from the scene in Surgut, where an unknown stabbed a few people. In the picture you can see a police officer, and beside him — a body covered by a sheet. As reported in the Investigative Committee, the incident occurred at 11:20 local time.

  • German politician: Crimea will never return to Ukraine

    Howland praised position in the Crimea the party Chairman of the FDP, Christian Lindner. Earlier, the chief candidate for the parliamentary elections from the free Democrats demanded to abandon the “ideological confrontation” and to recognize that “the situation around the Crimea is long.”

  • The head of the General staff of Russia gave to the Syrian General premium weapons

    Chief of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces army General Valery Gerasimov during his visit to the base Hamim in Syria handed premium edged weapons to the Syrian army General Hassan Shalu.

  • The Lebanese army launched an offensive against ISIS on border with Syria

    The command of the Lebanese army announced the start of an offensive against the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG; banned in Russia) on the border with Syria, reports Reuters.

  • Spanish police found in the hideout of terrorist explosive “mother of Satan”

    Employees of the Spanish police found in the house in the Catalan town of Les cases d’alcanar, traces of explosives, which was used by terrorists to carry out attacks in Barcelona, Paris and London.

  • NYT: trump’s adviser was dismissed on suspicion of leaking information to the media

    Stephen Bannon is not left alone with the chief strategist of the White house, and was dismissed by the President of the United States Donald trump because of allegations of leaks of confidential information by the American media.

  • Novak: laid over 170 km of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream”

    Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak spoke about the progress of construction of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream”. He stated that to date installed more than 170 km of pipeline. The Minister announced at the 86th session of the Izmir international fair.

  • The state Department has accused the constituent Assembly of Venezuela in the seizure of power

    Nauert added that the United States will be ready to use all their diplomatic and economic power to support the people of Venezuela to restore democracy. The constituent Assembly was elected to make changes to the Constitution.

  • Putin has suggested to create in Chersonesos Russian Mecca

    Chersonesos became the framework and basis for the strengthening of the Russian statehood, it is necessary to create “Russian Mecca”. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin said during a meeting with scientists in the nature reserve “Chersonese”, reports “Interfax”.

  • Putin arrived in Sevastopol on a working trip

    The President of Russia Vladimir Putin with a working trip arrived in Sevastopol. The head of state visited the educational centre “Bay Cossack” and talked with the teachers and the parent Committee of the institution.

  • Billionaire Carl Icahn will leave the post of the special adviser to trump

    Billionaire Carl Icahn announced Friday that will no longer act as a special adviser to the President of the United States Donald trump for the reform of rules and regulations in the economy and business.

  • The expert called the “Marshall plan” for Ukraine’s “corrupt joke”

    Earlier the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that during the July summit of EU — Ukraine discussed the prospect of developing a new plan of economic assistance to Ukraine by the type of “Marshall plan”.

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