Summary August 13, 2017

  • Zverev will play against Federer in the final of the tournament in Montreal

    German tennis player Alexander Zverev reached the final of the ATP tournament in Montreal. The German was stronger than Denis Shapovalov in two sets. Zverev’s opponent in the final was Roger Federer, also in two sets defeated Dutchman Robin Hase.

  • Ukrainian Elina Svitolina made it to the finals of the tennis tournament in Toronto

    Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina advanced to the finals of the tennis tournament in Toronto.

  • McGregor intends to continue Boxing career after the fight with Meyuezerom

    UFC Champ Conor McGregor plans to continue Boxing career after the fight with former world Boxing champion in five weight categories Floyd Meyuezerom Jr. Recall, the fight between the Irishman and the American will be held in Las Vegas on 26 August.

  • Makarova and Vesnina will lead the championship race WTA in doubles

    Eight pairs, leading in the title race, will have the right to speak at the final WTA tournament, which will be held in October 2017 in Singapore. Earlier it was reported that Makarova and Vesnina beat the Aussie-Ukrainian Duo of Nadezhda Kichenok/Anastasia Rodionova in the semifinals of the tournament in Toronto.

  • Roger Federer reached the final of the tournament in Montreal

    The third racket of the world Swiss tennis player Roger Federer, in the semifinals of the tournament in Montreal was stronger than the Dutchman Robin Haase, occupies the 52nd place in the world ranking, – 6/3, 7/6(5). The athletes spent on court 1 hour and 15 minutes, during which Roger did nine aces and two breaks, once you made a mistake when filing.

  • Iraq: Canada will increase the contingent of police officers in Mosul

    Canada intends to provide “stability in the region” and sent to Mosul 20 police officers. The government of Canada stated that the security forces of the country has made significant progress in Iraq with the liberation of Mosul. Canada will continue to support the people and government of Iraq, the report says.

  • UFO in the sky seen by the inhabitants of the three countries

    Residents of the United States, Canada and Jordan at one time witnessed the flight of unidentified flying objects. The appearance of the aliens managed to capture on video. On shots it is visible as points of light moving erratically in the sky and then disappear.

  • Team Russia defeated Sweden in the match for 3rd place of the Memorial Glinka

    The Russian Junior national team lost to the team of Sweden with the score 3:4 (OT) in the match for 3rd place of the Cup Memorial of Ivan Glinka. In the Russian team scored a double Yegor Sokolov, one goal was scored by Dmitry Zavgorodniy.

  • Halep beat Garcia and advanced to the semifinals of the tournament in Toronto

    Romanian tennis player Simona Halep, who received from the organizers of the second seed, advanced to the semifinals of the tournament in Toronto.

  • The detainee two years ago in the DPRK, the pastor returned to Canada

    Canadian pastor originating from South Korea lim Hyun soo, who was arrested two years ago in North Korea, returned home to the suburbs of Toronto.

  • Zverev and Shapovalov will meet in the semifinals of the tournament in Montreal

    The meeting lasted an hour and 31 minutes. The German made nine aces and made seven double faults, his opponent had nine aces and five double faults. In the semi-final, Zverev will meet with canadian Denis Shapovalov, who defeated Frenchman Adrian Mannarino.

  • On the moon floating house aliens in the crater baffles scientists NASA

    NASA scientists announced that the virtual researcher streetcap1 found on the southeastern slope of the crater Tycho on the moon, a huge floating house aliens. According to the prospector, the video is visible object, floating in the air.

  • The appearance of passenger aircraft without pilots predict by 2025

    The newspaper “Kommersant” reports that in the near future, passengers will be able to fly airplanes without pilots. Analysts have found that the emergence of huge drones, controlled from the ground, it will be possible by 2025.

  • The entrance to the underground base of the aliens UFO found on Mars

    On the old maps of Google Mars in this area, nothing marked, I assure researchers, writes “”. In this regard, ufologists have decided to nominate their “scientific” assumption that the new images were not edited, and the old entrance to the underground base of the aliens specifically overwritten.

  • Experts named top 5 best smartphones worth up to 5,000 rubles

    Experts have compiled five of the best smartphones up to 5 thousand rubles. The rankings were considered models only trusted brands. Fifth place was taken by Samsung Galaxy J1, which functions 4G, GPS and GLONASS are necessary in any journey.

  • Scientists have discovered in the milky Way the trail of the real star wars

    Scientists rediscovered discovered in 1971, star of the constellation Scorpius in the milky Way, which was the battlefield of the “space dwarfs”, one of which is a unique white dwarf-pulsar.

  • In the vicinity of Veliky Novgorod found the lost frescoes of the XII century

    During the excavations the ruins of the Church of the Annunciation in the Ryurik ancient settlement of Novgorod archeologists have found a few dozen square meters of ancient frescoes. Interfax reported that an amazing discovery was made in the vicinity of Veliky Novgorod.

  • Scientists call 2100 for a period landing on a “dangerous” planet Nibiru

    Scientists believe that technical progress by the year 2100 will reach such heights that humanity will be able to send the first researchers to previously threat the planet Nibiru.

  • NASA reveal why people believe in the theory of a flat Earth

    People from different countries increasingly believe in the theory that the Earth is flat. About it reports information portal VistaNews with reference to the research scientists at NASA. According to estimates, more and more people return to the belief in the theory of a flat Earth.

  • Scientists have confirmed the danger of spinners

    Scientists urge people to be careful. One of the dangers recognized the ability of the spinner to break up into small parts. In this regard, the Commission recommends not to give the toy to young children, and monitor older children.

  • Guide to advertising on YouTube. The truth is in the details

    Run ads in YouTube is quite simple. However, as in any business, success depends on knowledge of important details. We will tell, on what experts pay attention to on YouTube advertising our company.

  • Social networking has been registered for 3 billion people

    As of today, social networks have registered over 3 billion people, which accounts for almost 51% of the total population of the planet. Analysts called the most popular social network on the results of the study.

  • Facebook pushes into the China market

    Google, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are companies not allowed to operate in China. However, the management found a way to get on the net from competitors, the market.

  • Facebook has secretly launched the app in China

    Facebook launched in China app for sharing photos under a different name, writes The Wall Street Journal.

  • Russian hackers used for Fancy Bear attacks on hotels EternalBlue

    The company FireEye has long been tracking the criminal activities of the Russian group of hackers known as FancyBear. Thanks to EternalBlue and were leaked hacking tool the NSA, they were able to significantly expand its control over the wireless Internet available in the hotels.

  • The “big five” threatens technological startups

    On Thursday, his reporting has published a service of food delivery with recipes Blue Apron and Snap (Snapchat owns). These technology startups have a lot in common: this year they held an IPO, they are focused on consumers, among which there are constant followers.

  • Experts have called the most “gluttonous” applications Android

    Experts have called the most “gluttonous” applications for Android.

  • In Estonia there is a new virus-the extortioner Locky

    In Estonia there is a new malicious program, which has received own name Locky. This is another work of hackers intended for the targeted block of the computer and extort money to restore their rabotosposobnosti.

  • In the Google Play app found spyware SonicSpy

    In the Google Play store found hundreds of thousands of infected applications. The hackers managed to place dangerous spyware program SonicSpy. On the Internet there are a huge number of spyware programs that monitor all spheres of human activity.

  • Microsoft are working on modernization of the blockchain

    The new system is formed for the introduction of the blockchain in production. Now the system is working at Microsoft, known as the Coco Framework. It brings together different networks, which speeds up the operation inside the blockchain and increases the protection.

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