Summary August 12, 2017

  • Toronto. Sloane Stephens defeated Lucie Safarova

    The account of personal meetings opponents became 2:1 in favor of Safarova. In the semi-finals of the tournament in Toronto, Stevens will play against Danish Caroline Wozniacki .

  • Shapovalov advanced to the semifinals of the tournament in Montreal

    Canadian Denis Shapovalov advanced to the semifinals of the tournament in Montreal. Today, he in three sets has won the Frenchman Adrian Mannarino. For the finals Shapovalov will compete with the winner of the match Alexander Zverev (Germany) – Kevin Anderson (South Africa).

  • Makarova and Vesnina advanced to the semifinals of the tournament in Toronto in a couple

    Russian tennis player Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina, received from the organizers-seeded, advanced to the semifinals of the tournament in Toronto in doubles.

  • Scientists have uncovered the potential use of yeast in the treatment of diseases

    A group of scientists at the University of Toronto (Canada) and the University of Minnesota (USA) revealed the potential of the use of conventional yeast in the treatment of diseases. Studies have shown their effectiveness in the fight against infections, Alzheimer’s and even cancer, reports Science Daily.

  • In Turkey found 3000-year-old statue of a woman

    A group of researchers from the University of archaeology in Toronto, which is engaged in archaeological excavations in Turkey, recently came across an amazing discovery in the form of a huge 3,000-year-old female statues.

  • To run away from trump: illegal immigrants from the U.S. by thousands of overwhelmed Canada

    The canadian border have seen any. When in the 1920-ies fanatics in the US had their way, there by entering the “dry law”, from North to South, from Canada to the unfortunate America went caravans with whiskey and other beverages, creating the mafia, almost taking power in the States.

  • The first trailer of the Comedy film “Death of Stalin”

    The film tells about the first days after the death of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin in 1953 and the political struggle for the chair of the Central Committee of the CPSU. The film will premiere in September at the International film festival in Toronto. Worldwide “Death of Stalin” will be released October 20.

  • In the Summer garden will appear mermaids and sharks from Canada

    For the project “Mermaids hate plastic” canadian with the help of volunteers gathered 10000 plastic bottles and using them has created a whole ocean, where he placed the glossy mermaids. Photographs in the Summer garden will illustrate the importance of the problem of ocean pollution and respect for its inhabitants.

  • Russian cosmonaut’s first trip to the future — scientists

    An astronaut from Russia Sergei Krikalev traveled back in time, returning home from earth orbit. Russian cosmonaut’s first trip to the future. This told the scientists, signalling a move in time a fraction of a second.

  • Russian cosmonauts shkaplerov and Misurkin deemed fit to fly

    Two Russian cosmonauts Shkaplerov and Misurkin declared fit to fly. The corresponding statement was published by the medical Commission, which was engaged in the assessment of the health of the astronauts. In this regard, they will be able to start flying for 13 September.

  • In Japan postponed the launch of the communications satellite “Michibiki-3″

    Initially the launch was scheduled for Friday, August 11, but was postponed due to adverse weather conditions. It is also noted that a new date will be announced later. It is planned that until the end of December of this year will launch another unit of the same class.

  • Residents from the three countries at the same time saw in the sky a UFO

    In a Network there was video of alien ships, which were recorded at the same time in different parts of the world. Frames depict strange glowing objects published by the people of Canada, USA and Jordan.

  • Facebook has secretly launched the app in China

    Facebook launched in China app for sharing photos under a different name, writes The Wall Street Journal.

  • ESET called typical error of Internet users

    Summing up the results of the online survey, ESET is called the main mistakes of Internet users. The biggest mistake is ignoring the requests for creation of backups of user data. It turned out that almost 60% of users neglect this feature.

  • Avast has called the most “voracious” Android application

    The experts of Avast made a list of the most power hungry Android applications, among which there were Instagram and Facebook. The ranking was carried out according to several criteria.

  • NASA published the first “moon photos” of the Earth

    On the official website of the international space Agency NASA took a picture of the Earth taken from the moon’s surface. It is reported that the, according to NASA, was taken on 10 August 1966 using the most advanced at the time of the Lunokhod Lunar Orbite.

  • Roskomnadzor has notified Snapchat about the purpose of the information request

    Service Snapchat is brought by Roskomnadzor in the register of the organizers of disseminating information. The representatives of the Supervisory authority informed the media that sent the company Snap Inc the letter they outlined the purpose for which they have requested.

  • “Soyuz-5″. New hope, or Empire strikes back

    Recently in the Russian space program was again headed for the heavyweight rocket. It is needed for interplanetary missions and missions to the moon. However, its development from scratch — it is extremely expensive for Russia at the present time malatyalee.

  • Scientists have confirmed the danger of spinners

    Scientists urge people to be careful. One of the dangers recognized the ability of the spinner to break up into small parts. In this regard, the Commission recommends not to give the toy to young children, and monitor older children.

  • Became known the price of iPhone 8 in Russia

    More recently, the Internet leaked information on the approximate cost of the flagship smartphone iPhone 8 in foreign stores. The Western media have reported that in the United States the new model will cost about one thousand dollars, reports channel 360.

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