Summary August 11, 2017

  • Out the trailer for a Comedy about Stalin’s death

    The film tells about the first days after the death of Joseph Stalin. The film will premiere in September at the International film festival in Toronto, and in world hire “Death of Stalin” will be released October 20.

  • Nadal lost 18-year-old canadian Denis Shapovalov

    Spaniard Rafael Nadal lost to canadian Denis Shapovalov in the match of the third round of the tournament of the Association of tennis professionals (ATP) in Montreal, Canada. About it the correspondent “”.

  • In Canada erect a chapel in honor of the Holy Royal family

    The chapel in memory of the martyrdom of the Holy Royal family will be erected in the canadian city Jacksons point, Ontario. The chapel will be built the local Church of the Smolensk icon of the Mother of God in memory of the tragic events, the 100th anniversary which will be celebrated in 2018, reports the website of the temple.

  • Garbine Muguruza: the Fight against Svitolina will be another battle

    Spanish tennis player garbine Muguruza told about his victory over Australian Ashleigh Barty in the third round of the tournament in Toronto and also has shared expectations from confrontation with Ukrainian Elina Svitolina.

  • Edmonton signed a rookie contract with the striker Yamamoto

    Club of the National hockey League the Edmonton oilers announced the signing of rookie contract with striker And Yamamoto. About it informs the official site of the National hockey League. The agreement between player and club is for three years.

  • Bobariko: experience of exhibition games Canada will help defeat them MFM

    Head coach of women’s youth team of Russia Yevgeny, Bobariko believes that the experience of exhibition games with Canada will help the team compete at the youth world Championships. Our team will play four games with Canada in calgary.

  • Makarova and Vesnina stepped in the quarterfinals of the tennis tournament in Canada

    Russians Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina stepped confidently into the quarterfinals of the tennis tournament in doubles, which these days takes place in Toronto, Canada. Our girls beat Canada Bianchi Andreescu and Kerson Bransten in two sets.

  • Iraq: Canada will increase the contingent of police officers in Mosul

    Canada intends to provide “stability in the region” and sent to Mosul 20 police officers. The government of Canada stated that the security forces of the country has made significant progress in Iraq with the liberation of Mosul. Canada will continue to support the people and government of Iraq, the report says.

  • Makarova lost to Safarova in the third round of the tournament in Toronto

    Lucy has recorded 12 aces, with 4 double. For an exit in the semi-final Safarova will argue either the German Angelique Kerber (3), or with the American, Sloane Stephens. “Championship” led straight text broadcast of the meeting.

  • Halep gave only a game Strycova in the third round of the tournament in Toronto

    25-year-old native of Constanta, which is in second place in the ranking WТА, played both break-points, won 5 games on the filing of the opponent, not made a single ACE and made 2 double faults. Barbora twice filed through, with 5 double.

  • In different parts of the Earth filmed several UFOs

    Users global “webs” suggest that in front of them flying saucers, others believe that the video shows the usual drones drones. Previously in Canada, UFO filmed unidentified flying object near mount Stawamus chief.

  • Dane Wozniacki reached the quarter-finals of the tennis tournament in Toronto

    Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki went out in the 1/4 final of tennis tournament in Toronto, reports “R-Sport”.

  • Tattoo artist draws cartoons on the bodies of visitors

    A resident of Canada publishes in his Instagram animated videos of the tattoos that it makes to its customers. Philip Berg fills everyone like tattoos, then photographs them and creates from pictures gifs.

  • DPRK authorities released the arrested in 2015 pastor from Canada

    North Korean authorities have released a canadian pastor lim Hyun soo, who was sentenced to life imprisonment on charges of Subversion. On it informs Agency Reuters. Convict freed for health reasons in accordance with the decision taken by the Supreme court of the DPRK.

  • NASA released the first pictures of Earth from the lunar surface

    Held on the eve of the 51st anniversary of the moment when the mankind has received the first picture of their home planet from another celestial body – the moon. 10 August 1966, came to Earth image of the planet taken from the lunar surface one of the five Lunar Orbiter spacecraft.

  • Became known the price of the new iPhone 8 in Russia

    The cost of the new iPhone 8 will be in Russia from 79990 rubles, iPhone 7s – 52990 rubles, iPhone s plus – 62990 rubles. This information was published in the Twitter analyst Eldar Murtazin.

  • Declassified the main innovation of the iPhone 8

    The developer has also demonstrated how theoretically might look like the home button on the new iPhone, and extra keys around.

  • Matrona predicted the world would end in 8 days

    Another end of the world will come eight days from now – August 19. As proof of the inevitability of the Apocalypse is a huge cloud that had prophesied of blessed Matrona before she died.

  • Japan has postponed the launch of the satellite “Michibiki” due to the bad weather

    The Japanese launch of the third satellite of the series “Michibiki” delayed due to adverse weather conditions in the area of the spaceport Tanegashima in Kagoshima Prefecture. This was reported in the Japanese aerospace exploration Agency. Thus, the launch will hold on August 12 instead of 11 as planned.

  • Bankrupt Vertu sells a collection of gold phones

    Vertu, once the producing is known worldwide for luxury smartphones, has launched the sale of private property after the closure of the factory in the UK. Devices of the brand are offered at a price ten times less than the previous value.

  • An asteroid the size of a house dangerously closer to Earth in two months

    An asteroid the size of 15-30 meters maximum gets closer to Earth, 12 Oct 2017. This was reported in the European space Agency (ESA).

  • Scientists: Indians in the Chaco canyon depicted a solar Eclipse

    The petroglyph is a symbol that represents a circle around which shows the loop. According to scientists, this is like the “crown” of the Sun during a solar Eclipse. Researchers believe that the ancestors of the Indians captured a total solar Eclipse, which occurred on July 11, 1097.

  • Student at TSU found out, than for people useful care in virtual worlds

    A survey conducted by the student at the philosophical faculty of Tomsk state University (TSU) Natalia Spinoy showed that the departure virtual reality has not only negative but also positive sides: it helps young people to relieve stress, meet and even earn, said on Friday the press service of the University.

  • Scientists struck a fiery ocean in the constellation of Perseus

    Scientists have found the ocean of fire in the constellation of Perseus. They were amazed at the discovery, and its size. Information on this subject, has published news ToDay News Ufa.

  • Snapchat made in the register of distributors of information of Roskomnadzor

    The American company Snap Inc. — the owner of a popular mobile app Snapchat has provided the required information and entered in the register of the organizers of distributors of information of Roskomnadzor. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry.

  • In the constellation of the whale found four new twin Earth

    An international team of astronomers has discovered around a star in the constellation Cetus rotate four planets similar to Earth. Preprint of a scientific article published in the repository arXiv. It is noted that a star in the constellation of the whale is removed from the Earth 12 light-years.

  • NASA has confirmed the existence of a mysterious “planet killer” Nibiru

    Scientists of the American space Agency NASA after a series of studies officially confirmed the existence of the planet Nibiru, but said that there was no danger to humanity it carries, writes the Nation News.

  • WikiLeaks declassified CIA program to intercept video streams

    WikiLeaks has described the principle of operation of the program, which the CIA intercepts a video stream. As reported on the website, we are talking about the mechanism of Couch Potato.

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