Summary August 10, 2017

  • “The dancing millionaire” Gianluca Vacca of the arrested property for debts

    Italian Bank BPM seized the property of the Instagram star, 50-year-old “the dancing millionaire” of Gianluca Vacca. The Vacca has lost several yachts, villas and share in the Golf club, which was a financial provision of 10-million loan taken in 2008.

  • About Fukushima nuclear power plant have found a shell during the Second world war

    Japanese workers found, supposedly unexploded ordnance from the Second world war, only 300 metres from the site emergency plant “Fukushima-1″ on Severo-the East of Japan.

  • Double-Decker bus crashed into a shop in South West London

    Double Decker red bus crashed into a shop in South West London. On Thursday the Agency reported the Press Association. Moving down the street, the bus swerved onto the sidewalk and crashed into the building where located on the first floor stores and shops.

  • Turkey has blocked the Bosphorus Strait at the request of the military

    The Bosporus Strait in Istanbul was blocked on Thursday morning at the request of the military command of Turkey, said RIA Novosti the representative of the administration of the city’s port. Earlier, some Turkish media reported that traffic in the Strait was suspended allegedly due to searches of the body of a teenager who drowned a month ago.

  • Tesla prepares to test drive the first self-driving truck

    For the first time their intentions on the development of heavy-Autonomous Tesla said in the last year. In April of this year a presentation of unmanned electric truck, scheduled for September.

  • About 1.7 thousand aftershocks recorded after the earthquake in Sichuan

    Almost 1.7 thousand repeated tremors of a magnitude of up to 4.8 registered in China’s Sichuan province in the southwest of the country after a strong earthquake on Tuesday. This is reported by local media citing the seismological service of the PRC.

  • The first time China has carried out quantum data transmission

    Chinese experts have carried out quantum transmission data of the first satellite in the world. The signal from the satellite “Mo Tzu” was received at two ground stations: Xinglong in Hebei province and Nanshan near Urumqi in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region.

  • Giant inflatable chick with a hairstyle trump has appeared at the White house

    Penalty inflatable chicken with a hairstyle trump has established near the residence of the American President, told the radio station KTSA. The initiator of the installation of figures made by documentary filmmaker Taran Singh Bra, which is assembled at its installation of $1.5 thousand

  • Japan has said it is ready to intercept missiles of North Korea

    Earlier the latter stated that on the agenda are all the measures against the DPRK. Earlier, North Korea’s military announced the development of missile attack areas around GUAM where the us has military bases.

  • USA punished Cuba for violence against employees of the U.S. state Department in Havana

    The United States on August 9 said that in may expelled two diplomats of the Embassy of Cuba in Washington after “some” of the officials of the American delegation in Havana had to leave the island due to “incidents” that led to “physical symptoms” according to news Agency EFE.

  • The US has prepared a plan for a preemptive strike on military targets of the DPRK

    The six strategic B1B Lancer bombers, stationed on a U.S. air force base on the Pacific island of GUAM, the Pentagon assigns a special role, told NBC several high-ranking U.S. military.

  • Putin’s visit to Abkhazia has called “unacceptable” in the United States

    Unacceptable step called the official representative of us state Department Heather Nauert the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Abkhazia.

  • Fighter of the US Navy crashed off the coast of Florida

    Fighter US Navy Northrop F-5 crashed off the coast of Florida, said us military Twitter.

  • The media learned about preparing “damn positive” news for trump

    As one of interlocutors of the edition, the compilers of the dossier was given clear instructions to provide “a hell of positive information.” That is why the selection of news some members of the administration called “a collection of propaganda.”

  • American journalists took the earthquake in China over a nuclear test in the DPRK

    This year, North Korea has tested several ballistic missiles, in response, the US imposed new sanctions against the country. Tuesday, August 8, in the Chinese province Sichuan earthquake. Its magnitude was from 6.6 to 7 on the Richter scale.

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