Summary April 21, 2018

  • Scientists first noticed the dolphins of the southern seas off the coast of Canada

    Scientists from Canada first discovered off the coast of British Columbia dolphins of the southern seas.

  • The government of Canada has supported the development of unmanned air taxi

    The government of Canada supported a series of projects of the consortium, Bell Helicopter Textron Canada, a canadian division of the American company Bell Helicopter, involving the development of optionally piloted and unmanned versions of passenger city helicopters and air taxis.

  • Lesya Tsurenko: I Hope to be able to win two singles rubbers

    I hope I will be able to win two singles rubbers and will bring his team two points.

  • Found causes of anti-Russian policy of Canada

    Publication Globe and Mail published an article in which the reasons for the deterioration of the relations of Canada with Russia.

  • “Winnipeg” defeated “Minnesota” and advanced to the quarterfinals of the playoffs NHL

    Ice hockey “Winnipeg jets” won a major victory over “Minnesota wild” in the fifth match of the series 1/8 finals of the playoffs of the NHL and advanced to the quarterfinals.

  • The Bank of Canada decided not to change key interest rate

    The Bank of Canada (the Central Bank of the country) following the meeting on Wednesday kept a key interest rate unchanged at 1.25% per annum.

  • American got life for the attempted terrorist attack in Canada

    A canadian court has sentenced a US citizen to life term imprisonment for trying to organize a terrorist attack in one of the shopping centers of the city of Halifax in 2015.

  • Canada defeated Belarus, Slovakia beat the Czech Republic at the Junior world Cup

    Canada in the match of group tournament of the Junior world Cup beat Belarus – 8:3. Team USA defeated Switzerland – 8:3.

  • Olympic champion Sleptsova gave birth to a son

    Olympic champion in biathlon 2010 Svetlana Sleptsova became a mother. 31-year-old athlete gave birth to a son.

  • In Canada created a monitor light field for videoforums

    Engineers from Canada have designed the display of a light field used for video conferencing.

  • “Cocaine kitten” caught with 95 kilograms of powder

    She often published on his page in Instagram glamorous photos in different parts of the world, and in media it was called “Coca kisuly”.

  • LG V35 will be presented on may 2, V40 at the end of summer

    LG V35 will be presented on may 2, V40 at the end of the summer, according to information-analytical edition of life.

  • Google is developing a messenger app to replace SMS

    On the Android operating system will be a new instant messenger designed to replace the standard SMS technology.

  • Insiders told the date of the presentation of the iPhone SE 2

    2 SE the new iPhone from Apple may be presented in may this year.

  • The U.S. justice Department suspects of major mobile operators in collusion

    The four largest cellular operator in the United States are suspected of violation of the Antimonopoly legislation, in particular, in joining the conspiracy for profit.

  • Experts told about the most vulnerable targets for hacker attacks

    “The most vulnerable to hacker attacks power and communications networks in Russia, transport and municipal infrastructure”, — stated in the document available to the RIA Novosti.

  • Raiffeisenbank resumed work after a failure

    Raiffeisenbank has restored all of its services after a technical failure. This was reported on the website of the Bank.

  • In Tatarstan have created an app that blocks the music at the railway

    Application blocks any playing on my phone the media when approaching railroad tracks less than 790 meters.

  • Twitter banned to advertise “Kaspersky Lab”

    Company Twitter banned “Kaspersky Lab” to publish ads on the social network.

  • The second hot line on the Telegram lock created due to DDoS attacks

    Roskomnadzor has created an additional hotline to check the information about possible blocking third-party resources by limiting access to Telegram due to the past this week, DDoS attacks, reported TASS the press service of the Ministry.

  • The FSB called the real reason for blocking Telegram

    The real reason for blocking of Telegram messenger was the idea of founder of Pavel Durov to develop their own cryptocurrency, admitted one of the FSB in all correspondence with colleagues.

  • Heinz will produce a sauce of ketchup and mayonnaise

    Heinz will produce a sauce of ketchup and mayonnaise called “Miacup,” reads the statement.

  • Lock Telegram will not interfere with the operation of the Internet in the subway of St. Petersburg

    The representative of the company providing the wi-fi subway North of the capital, agreed with the fact that after the lock stopped working about 17 million ip addresses.

  • “Megaphone” has created a voice assistant Elena

    Earlier it was reported that the company “Yandex” plans to integrate voice assistant “Alice” in refrigerators and TVs, according to

  • Only 5% of all web sites still work with Flash

    Analysts W3Tech announced the good news: the percentage of using Flash on the Internet continues to decline and currently amounts to only 4.9% (compared to 28.5% in 2011).

  • Google is developing a messenger app to replace SMS

    On the Android operating system will be a new instant messenger designed to replace the standard SMS technology.

  • More than 20 million people use false advertising blockers

    Scammers quite a long time placed in the Chrome Web Store clones of popular blockers (adding just a few lines of own code).

  • Google has released a free app for teaching programming

    Google introduced a free application for learning the basics of programming.

  • Google Pay downloaded over 100 million times. Application two months

    The application of contactless payment system for Android Google Pay installed 100 million times.

  • Save the world in the shower together porn site RedTube

    In Google Play appeared application Save Water Challenge, which in part aims to draw attention to the environmental problem of excessive water consumption in the world.

  • Heinz will produce a sauce of ketchup and mayonnaise

    Heinz will produce a sauce of ketchup and mayonnaise called “Miacup,” reads the statement.

  • The Russian foreign Ministry said the US refusal to issue visas to artists of the Bolshoi theater

    The performances of the Bolshoi theater in new York fell through because of the refusal of entry in the United States, reported the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia.

  • Died the star of the film “Love and doves” Nina Doroshina

    In Moscow at the age of 83 years has died the national actress of RSFSR, the star of the film “Love and doves” Nina Doroshina.

  • The UN has described the casualties among civilians in the conflict in Ukraine

    The office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) reports that since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine has killed more than 2,500 civilians, nine thousand were injured.

  • Kemerovo court allowed to hold a mass rally against Aman Tuleyev

    The Central regional court of Kemerovo has allowed the public man Vladimir Gorenkov to be held on 21 April, a mass rally against Aman Tuleyev.

  • The head of the Ministry of construction named the city, which may be related to renovation

    “If the house is located in the city centre, and the investment attractiveness of the land is high enough, then mechanisms can be prescribed, based on the principles that are currently used in Moscow for renovation”,— said Mr. Men.

  • The star of the TV series “Smallville” was arrested on charges of slave-trading

    The actress of the TV series “Smallville” 35-year-old Allison Mack arrested on charges of involvement in the activities of the company Nxivm, which, according to US police, recruited women and sold them into sexual slavery.

  • The US state Department said about corruption and human rights violations in Ukraine

    Bureau of the U.S. Department of state in the Bureau of democracy, human rights and labor reported on the massive violations of human rights in 2017, in particular, in Ukraine.

  • APU is preparing a diversion during a visit Poroshenko in Donbas

    The Ministry of state security of the self-proclaimed LNR received information about the preparation of acts of sabotage during the visit of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, in the Donbass, said the head of the press service of the Ministry of Eugene lubenko.

  • Military equipment moved to Moscow to attend the may 9 parade

    The defense Ministry reported that wheeled military vehicles taking part in the Victory parade on red square on may 9, the beginning of a movement in Moscow.

  • Aircraft carrier, the U.S. Navy began to perform tasks in the Mediterranean sea

    Nuclear aircraft carrier Harry Truman appeared in the Mediterranean sea with warships after the situation in Syria deteriorated in connection with the attack on the United States, France and the UK to the country.

  • The participants of the ATO want apartments in the Crimea

    Soldiers who left the Crimea in 2014, wrote an open letter to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with the requirement to provide housing to replace that which they left on the Peninsula.

  • The UN said about the lack of funds for humanitarian aid to Ukraine

    The humanitarian agencies of the UN have only three percent of the amount needed to assist the residents of the South-East of Ukraine this year, said the coordinator of humanitarian programs of the UN in Ukraine Neil Walker.

  • Ukraine has recognized the impossibility to return the Crimea

    As was stated by the Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Yury Grymchak, you need to make the content of the Peninsula became Moscow’s “so toxic” that his return to Ukraine “will be a salvation for Russia itself.”

  • The media learned about the wrath of trump because of a missed call from Putin

    The President of the United States Donald trump is pissed about the fact that it belatedly notified about the call of Russian President Vladimir Putin in January 2017, according to news Agency Associated Press.

  • The DPRK has refused the missile and nuclear tests

    “The news of the day, and maybe years (further – everywhere): North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN announced the completion of a programme of nuclear and missile tests and readiness for a peaceful interaction with the outside world for the development of the national economy”, – he wrote in his Facebook.

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