Summary April 21, 2017 in hi-tech

Summary April 21, 2017 in hi-tech

  • In Canada, a 12-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his friend

    In Canada, a 12-year-old boy accidentally shot his friend when they played with found at the house of one of them with a gun. The incident occurred in the evening in a remote settlement at garden hill, Manitoba.

  • In Canada, the derailment of a train with wood killed two people

    Thursday, April 20, the incident happened on the North canadian Vancouver island. Near the town of Voss were derailed two carriages of a freight train carrying timber and wood. As a result of logs struck near the staff.

  • Due to global warming in Canada, the river disappeared

    The reason for the disappearance of the river has become Canada’s largest glacier Kaskawulsh and its shift inland, which changed the system of runoff channels, functioning for the last several thousand years.

  • “Washington” lost “Toronto” in the third match of the series play-off NHL

    “Washington” has conceded “Toronto” with the score 3:4 in overtime of the third match of the series starting the playoffs of the National hockey League (NHL).

  • Huge iceberg sailed past a canadian village

    The villagers on the canadian island of Newfoundland witnessed the migration of a large number of icebergs. At the “walk of the iceberg” since the beginning of the season were more than 600 ice blocks.

  • Edmonton led the series with “San Jose” in the first round of the playoffs NHL

    Edmonton home win in overtime, “San Jose” with the account 4:3 in the fifth match of the first round of the playoffs of the National hockey League (NHL). “San Jose” distinguished Mikkel Becker (11), Patrick Marlowe (16), David Shlemko (29).

  • Trump called NAFTA a disaster for the USA

    The US President Donald trump called the Agreement the North American free trade area (NAFTA) “a disaster” for the economy of the United States. With these words, he spoke to the employees of the company Snap-On Tools for the production of professional instruments in Wisconsin.

  • The government of Canada has decided to expand the list of sanctions against Syria

    “The situation currently in Syria, is a dangerous breach of the peace and security that could lead to a serious international crisis”, – stated in the message.

  • The veterans parade is scheduled in Toronto on the eve of Victory Day

    The parade of veterans of the great Patriotic war is planned to be held in Toronto, Canada, may 7 – the eve of the Victory Day.

  • Barry Trotz: “”Washington” on the right track”

    Head coach “Washington” Barry Trotz after the defeat of the “Toronto” (3:4) in the third match of 1/8 final of the Cup Stanley noted that the series is complicated. According to him, until everything goes, especially in terms of chances.

  • At the Junior ice hockey world championship decided the semifinalists

    At the Junior world championship 2017 on hockey, which takes Slovakia, identified all four semi-finalists. They were the teams from Russia, USA, Finland and Sweden. First in the semi-finals were Sweden and Finland, confidently winning their opponents in the quarterfinals.

  • Nickelback has released a video for the song “Feed The Machine”

    Song taken from the album “Feed The Machine” which will be released June 16 on BMG. Before it became known that the Nickelback album “All The Right Reasons” received diamond status because it has sold ten million copies.

  • Washer Ovechkin helped “Washington” to equalize in the series with Toronto

    “Toronto maple leafs” – Washington capitals – 4:5 (series score – 2-2) Suffered the defeat in the second and third games of the series against “Toronto”, “Washington” was not just under fire but also in a difficult situation. Another fiasco at the Air Canada Centre put “capitals” on the edge of the abyss.

  • In Canada, the beaver was taken from the farm 150 cows curious

    In the Canadian province of Ontario, a funny thing happened from the series “animal world”. There is a river beaver that visited the farm, took with him one hundred and fifty young cows. Video the strange adventures of posted in the social network of a farm owner.

  • Scientists have created “super-weapon” to fight “superbugs”

    Scientists were able to find a unique way to fight bacteria by blocking protein substances that serve as transport for ions from the external environment, the necessary microorganisms. The experts have developed a molecule that blocks transportive proteins of bacteria, after which they die.

  • Scientists have named drinking soda cause atrophy of the brain

    American scientists have found that drinking large quantities of soda, sweeteners and fruit juices can cause memory impairment and reduced brain volume. The results of a study conducted by a team of scientists from Boston University, was published in the journal Alzheimer’s & Dementia.

  • Elon Musk promised to connect the human brain and the computer for four years

    After medical testing technology Neuralink will help people with severe diseases of the brain, according to “Газета.Ru”. The first results of a new startup will be completed within the next four years. Elon Musk is in the top richest people in the world.

  • Cosmonaut Yurchikhin and astronaut Fisher went to the ISS

    The spacecraft delivered to ISS reduced to a two-man crew consisting of Russian cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin and U.S. astronaut Jack Fischer. On the space provided for the third crew member, the ISS went cargo of food weighing 70 kg.

  • Scientists have discovered in the Orion star similar to hamburger

    As it appears such a disk remains unclear. For the first time this phenomenon was recorded by scientists in the nebula in the L1630 Orion constellation.

  • Cancers are single get drunk slower than their gregarious cousins the scientists

    Based on observations, scientists have concluded that cancers of the sociable get drunk much faster uncommunicative individuals. The difference in time of occurrence of the stage of intoxication is 10 minutes.

  • Russian scientists have developed a new anesthetic

    Russian researchers have developed a new unique pain medication that will help cancer patients and people suffering from cardiac and other diseases. This was announced by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, writes “Russian planet”.

  • Scientists have found out how naked mole rats survive without oxygen

    Unique mammals, known as naked mole rats (Heterocephalus glaber), which live in East Africa can actually turn into plants to survive oxygen deprivation.

  • Russian scientists showed the Earth’s destruction by an asteroid

    Russian scientists of the fgbi Institute of civil defense, Institute of astronomy, Institute of Geosphere dynamics RAS, for example, computer models showed the time of the destruction of the Earth in a collision with an asteroid. A study published a themed edition.

  • China launched its first cargo spacecraft

    China successfully launched the first national cargo spacecraft”, Tenjo-1″, reports “Xinhua”. It is noted that the spacecraft will deliver to the orbital module “Tiangong-2″ more than 6 tons of cargo, including fuel.

  • Scientists have discovered rivers that are destroying the glaciers of Antarctica

    In 1995 and 2002, large pieces of the Larsen ice sheet fell into the ocean. So Uchenye there is reason to suspect that the reason for this was undermined glacier streams. Previously, the news, Nation News reported that global warming has formed rivers and lakes in Antarctica.

  • In the constellation of the whale found a habitable planet

    Scientists have discovered a new planet – twin Earth. It is in the constellation of the whale and, according to the discoverers, completely devoid of shortcomings. This implies that an as-yet-unnamed planet could support life.

  • Wireless headphones was suspected of espionage

    A Chicago resident Carl Zach said that wireless headphones Bose spying on him. According to the American company Bose Corp gets the personal data of the user through wireless headphones. In this regard, a resident of Chicago has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer.

  • Cycling reduces the risk of cancer by 45 per cent – scientists

    The results of the study made on the results of five years of monitoring the health status of more than 250 thousand people in the UK middle age. Scientists say that walking is also beneficial to health, but not as much as Cycling.

  • Mastercard recognizes fingerprints

    Payment system Mastercard has introduced a new technology in the service of credit cards. Instead of the PIN in the map uses the fingerprints of the owner. Now, in order to pay for the map, you just put the finger to a special sensor on the map.

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