Summary April 20, 2017 in the world

  • Valentina Matvienko has proposed to give the Federation Council the right of the suspensive veto

    Russia could learn from the experience of the British Parliament and to empower the Council of Federation of the right of suspensive veto in the consideration of important bills.

  • “Black gold” returns in the price

    Oil production in the U.S. rose by 20 thousand bbl./day. reaching 9.25 million bbl./day. But even before the publication of data of oil began to decline sharply and lost a few hours more than 4%, falling to us $52,5 per barrel. This morning, prices recovered gradually.

  • RISS has denied the charges in the preparation of a plan to influence U.S. elections

    The statement was made Director of the Institute Mikhail Fradkov Director of the Russian Institute for strategic studies (RISS) Mikhail Fradkov has denied accusations that the alleged RISS has developed a strategy for Russia’s interference in the American presidential election.

  • Japan announced the start of work by agreement of the TPP without the United States

    In the Finance Ministry of Japan believe that it should start to work within the framework of the agreement on the TRANS-Pacific partnership, despite the US withdrawal from the Treaty. This position was expressed by the head of financial Department of Japan Taro ASO in a statement to the press.

  • 17-year-old driver lost both legs after an accident at the stage of “Formula 4″

    Doctors were forced to amputate both legs to the British racing driver Billy Monger, who was in a serious accident during the competition series “Formula-4″.

  • Cyprus has found the missing Russian tourist

    Missing on the eve of Cyprus, the 37-year-old Russian tourist was found – it was just in the wrong room, the website Tourists came to the resort of Ayia NAPA with their parents. The day before he said in the lobby that will go in the room.

  • In Albania, no one wanted to become President

    The ruling party of Albania did not nominate candidates in the first round of voting in the presidential elections of the country. Thus, due to the lack of candidates to choose the new leader could not choose.

  • In the United States a mentally ill man was chasing the daughter of Barack Obama

    In the USA detained the man who is too aggressively trying to take care of the eldest daughter of ex-President Malia Obama. After a conversation with Stalker agents of the American Secret service decided to send him for a psychological evaluation.

  • In China for fighting couples the plane was delayed for half an hour

    At the airport, Kunming Changshui, located in China, the incident occurred. For fighting couples, the ensuing right on the runway, the airport authority was forced to delay the departure of one of the liners for 30 minutes.

  • Tillerson has accused Iran of sponsoring terrorism

    U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson criticized the agreement on the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program and accused the authorities of sponsoring terrorism. He made not the previously planned message, announcing the press approach, just hours before the event.

  • The United States reinforce the protection of the White house

    The United States authorities adopted the decision on strengthening of protection of the White house. It is reported that on the South side of the presidential residence will be extended buffer “security zone”. In addition, the decision on the closure of the beloved by tourists of parkland along the South fence of the White house.

  • Washington will review its policy against the DPRK

    The United States will reconsider its policy toward the DPRK. If any negotiations with Pyongyang and will continue, on other terms than in the past. This was stated by U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson.

  • Alive found missing in Armenia a Russian soldier

    The police found a Russian soldier who disappeared from a military base stationed in the Republic, reports TASS. “Traces of violence it is not revealed”, – have informed in police.

  • In the centre of Athens in the Bank, a massive explosion

    In the centre of Athens the Bank was rocked by a powerful explosion. Information about the incident spread by the local media.

  • Scientists understand what features children inherit from parents

    Examining the DNA of twins, the scientists pinpointed that the children’s inheritance is transferred form the tip of the nose, its size, the cheekbones, the location of the internal corners of your eyes, the shape and size of the face, lips. Moreover, the coverage of the head and width of the nasal muscles are also dependent on genes.

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