Summary April 20, 2017 in the internet

Summary April 20, 2017 in the internet

  • “Anaheim ducks” beat “calgary flames” in the 4th match of the series

    The Anaheim ducks will try to secure their place in the quarter-finals of the Stanley Cup in the fourth match with “calgary flames”. In the line of the bookmaker Liga Stavok the chances of the teams Randy Carlyle and Glen Galizana priced almost equal. Bet on the “Anaheim ducks” are accepted with a factor 2.57.

  • IKEA gave to the local cat shelter beds for cats

    IKEA gave ten doll beds canadian organization Toronto Humane Society, dedicated to help homeless animals. They are designed for cats who dwell in the shelter of the organization in the canadian province of Ontario.

  • Giant iceberg in Canada has become a tourist hit

    A giant iceberg near the canadian island of Newfoundland has become a tourist hit, reports The Telegraph. This block of ice is higher than the one that was the reason for the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.

  • In Canada, due to the retreat of the glacier the river disappeared

    The reason for the shallowing of the river was the retreat of Kaskawulsh, one of the largest glaciers of Canada. As a result, the water from it was to go to the North, across the river is slim, and to the South across the river Kaskawulsh in the Pacific ocean. What happened the researchers explain global warming.

  • Ovechkin and “Washington” are suffering a catastrophe, “Chicago” step away from relegation

    141 min and 5 seconds it took Chicago to score his first goal of the season in the playoffs. 599 games played consecutive matches, including the playoffs, made a series of defender of “Washington” Carl Alzner, missed due to injury the third meeting of the series with Toronto.

  • Australia and New Zealand supported the United States in the dairy dispute with Canada

    New Zealand is the second largest exporter of cheese from non-European countries, “clearly create a coalition of those willing to push the case to the WTO,” said Bailey, noting that their party would support the United States, Australia, Mexico.

  • Subaru has recalled more than 37 thousand cars Impreza 2017

    Subaru recalls more than 37 thousand cars Impreza 2017 model year. The reason for such action in the company called the problem with winter fuel. Fuel for the winter period of operation has a lower evaporation temperature.

  • Vdohnovitsya the signs of the zodiac make-up artist became famous in the network

    Living in Toronto (Canada) visagiste Setareh Hosseini (Setareh Hosseini) created the images of the zodiac signs. The girl published pictures in makeup on his page in the social network Instagram.

  • Monaghan: the defeat of “calgary” in the four matches will torture all summer

    Striker “calgary flames” Sean Monahan summed up the results of the first round series of the playoffs with the Anaheim ducks, where his team was defeated in four matches.

  • Canadian tourist broke up the passport before leaving on vacation

    Kaushik received a new passport, after which tourists flew to another city in Mexico with another airline.

  • Scientists have developed a method of storing and processing information using light

    Chemical engineering canadian University of Victoria Natia Frank has patented a new material LI-RAM (Light Induced Magnetoresistive Random-Access Memory, lighting random access memory) designed to store and process data using light.

  • Experts told why the children began to eat more fast food

    According to the Federal trade Commission, the greatest impact of advertising of food products in the United States comes to children aged 2 to 11 years, mostly it is fast food.

  • “Ottawa” with the minimum account has beaten “Boston” and led 3-1 in the series

    “The Ottawa senators” on the road beat “Boston Bruins” with the score 1:0 in the fourth match of the first round series of the playoffs in the Eastern conference. Account in the series became 3-1 in favor of “senators”. The only goal in the match scored by Bobby Ryan on the 46-th minute.

  • “Toronto” beat “Milwaukee” and equalized in the series

    The account in a series to four victories became 1-1. The third match confrontation will take place on April 21 in Milwaukee.

  • Washer Ovechkin helped “Washington” to equalize in the series with Toronto

    “Toronto maple leafs” – Washington capitals – 4:5 (series score – 2-2) Suffered the defeat in the second and third games of the series against “Toronto”, “Washington” was not just under fire but also in a difficult situation. Another fiasco at the Air Canada Centre put “capitals” on the edge of the abyss.

  • Scientists told how to compensate for the lack of beauty

    The study was conducted by the University staff Aberta. They argue that the lack of beauty can be compensated by other positive qualities. For example, you can place a bet on the mind, creativity or the ability to hold a conversation.

  • Scientists have explained why people will never see aliens

    A person will need hundreds of thousands of years to find a planet with signs of intelligent life, experts believe. Furthermore, aliens may not exist. Many believe that humanity is the only sentient race in the whole world.

  • Google can add the ad-blocking in Chrome

    Google plans to add the function of blocking ads in mobile and desktop versions of its Chrome browser, reports the WSJ, citing sources familiar with the company’s plans. Thus, the browser will block those types of online advertising, which bring inconvenience to users.

  • Facebook learn to control the computer using the power of thought

    A similar system Regina Dugan showed on the example of a paralyzed woman who was able to type only with my mind. The system is already functioning, but to date, its speed is low – only eight words per minute.

  • The ISS flew “Union” with a reduced crew

    Originally the ISS was supposed to go two Russians, however, “Roskosmos” in the spring of 2017 decided to reduce the number of Russian space station crew from three to two prior to docking to the station multipurpose laboratory module Nauka.

  • Scientists have proven the rejuvenating effect of umbilical cord blood

    Human umbilical cord blood has a rejuvenating effect on the brain. To such conclusion scientists from the USA, reported “” with reference to Nature. In the blood of young children contains a substance TIMP2, which turned out to be responsible for the cognitive functions of the brain.

  • In the constellation Cetus by astronomers found habitable planet

    At a distance of about 40 light-years from Earth scientists have discovered a rocky planet, the conditions which may be suitable for existence of life.

  • AliExpress will provide residents of Russia of the loan or installment

    AliExpress, the Chinese company will provide the people of Russia the loan or installment. This function can be used from April 24. Representatives from AliExpress said that Russia is one of the best markets for the company.

  • Scientists: breast cancer threatens every tenth woman in Russia

    Researchers from the medical genetic center Genotek analysed the genes of 1056 women aged 18 to 45 years living on the territory of Russia and CIS countries.

  • The CIA announced the hunt for the elusive “mole” in their ranks

    Central intelligence Agency (CIA) announced the hunt for an informant in their ranks who is leaking secret information by WikiLeaks. The operation unfolded with the support of the Federal Bureau of investigation.

  • Scientists understand what features children inherit from parents

    Examining the DNA of twins, the scientists pinpointed that the children’s inheritance is transferred form the tip of the nose, its size, the cheekbones, the location of the internal corners of your eyes, the shape and size of the face, lips. Moreover, the coverage of the head and width of the nasal muscles are also dependent on genes.

  • Scientists have created a OC mutants with red eyes

    Scientists from the USA managed to create a OC mutants with unusual red eyes. The experiment should show the successful operation of technology CRISPR, which is “editing” the genome.

  • Scientists: beet juice rejuvenates the brain

    American scientists from Wake forest University, conducted the study among men and women aged 55 years and older, found that drinking beetroot juice before exercise leads to a significant rejuvenation of the brain and improve its work.

  • ISS will manufacture yogurt in Earth orbit

    As noted in Ryazan, at the present time, several research groups are conducting such research. This refers to a wide range of dairy products, production skills which will be useful in long-term flights to other planets.

  • NASA released images of near-Earth asteroid

    NASA has published on his page on “Twitter” clip from 30 shots approaching the Earth asteroid 2014 JO25 nicknamed “the Rock”. According to the deep space communication complex “Goldstone” in California, a giant celestial body similar to the two stones glued between them, reports RT.

  • Zuckerberg introduced the social network in virtual reality

    At the F8 conference, mark Zuckerberg presented the new Facebook platform Spaces, which will become a kind of social network in virtual reality (VR).

  • Google can add the ad-blocking in Chrome

    Google plans to add the function of blocking ads in mobile and desktop versions of its Chrome browser, reports the WSJ, citing sources familiar with the company’s plans. Thus, the browser will block those types of online advertising, which bring inconvenience to users.

  • Company ask Google to add your search engine in Android

    Mail.Ru Group expects to contract with Google for placement on Android its search engine, as reported Газета.Ru. Not so long ago something similar was announced by the company “Yandex”. What are the chances Mail.Ru Group in this matter will become clear soon.

  • Microsoft bought the company Charles Simonyi created Excel and Word

    Simonyi left in 2002 to found Intentional Software. It is not entirely clear what the company does.

  • Facebook responded to the live broadcasts of murder on the social network

    Vice-President of the company Facebook, global operations Justin Osofsky (Justin Osofsky) said in the company blog that in connection with the murder in Cleveland (Ohio, USA), broadcast live on the social network, the resource administration intends to simplify the complaints procedure.

  • Developers in Google Play can’t deal with a Trojan BankBot

    Although the source codes malware available in the public domain, the developers BankBot good job on the source, much is changing, so that their malware easily bypasses all the checks and enters in Google Play over and over again.

  • MasterCard appears fingerprint sensor

    MasterCard is preparing to introduce Bank cards of the new generation. They will have a fingerprint sensor. Currently, MasterCard is working to implement a new method for the authorization of card holders.

  • Android Pay and PayPal have teamed up for mobile payments

    Heads PayPal creates conditions for partnership with other major networks who want to expand the system coverage. The specialists teamed up with Visa to make it a service where users could pay for services via their smartphone.

  • Navitel Navigator 9.8 for iPhone and iPad offers three alternative route

    The main innovations of the update for the iPhone and iPad have become the choice of three alternative routes and updated maps. Navitel Navigator 9.8 paves three alternative route, displaying for each distance and travel time.

  • “Kaspersky lab” has increased the reward for any errors found in the antivirus

    “Kaspersky lab” has decided to increase the reward to 5 thousand dollars for bugs and vulnerabilities associated with the removal of the executed code. The developers extended the bug bounty program launched in 2016.

  • Facebook learn to control the computer using the power of thought

    A similar system Regina Dugan showed on the example of a paralyzed woman who was able to type only with my mind. The system is already functioning, but to date, its speed is low – only eight words per minute.

  • Google has created a web version of the “planet Earth”

    The American Corporation Google has created a web version of the “planet Earth”. Now to use the app will be in Google Chrome browser. Earlier “Earth” was available as individual applications for desktop devices, mobile devices.

  • Roskoshestvo called top best apps for job search

    The results of the research held among 27 applications for the Android operating system, was named the list of the best apps for job search.

  • “Doctor Web” reveals the popular fraudulent scheme

    In one of its publications, the company “Doctor Web” has already talked about this popular Scam on the Internet as match-fixing.

  • Appeared offline mode for users of Instagram

    In Instagram appeared an opportunity to watch and comment when the smartphone is not connected to the Internet. A new feature available for devices on Android. Social network Instagram provides users with the ability to be active, even when your smartphone does not have Internet access.

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