Summary April 19, 2017 in the world

Summary April 19, 2017 in the world

  • IKEA gave to the local cat shelter beds for cats

    IKEA gave ten doll beds canadian organization Toronto Humane Society, dedicated to help homeless animals. They are designed for cats who dwell in the shelter of the organization in the canadian province of Ontario.

  • The album is a surprise Prince will be released in the end of the week

    The sudden posthumous mini-album, Prince will go on sale April 21, 2017 — the anniversary of the death of the artist.

  • “Anaheim” on the road beat “calgary”, conceding two goals

    “Anaheim ducks” on the road in overtime defeated “calgary flames” with the score 5:4 in the third match of the first round series of the playoffs in the Western conference. The series score 3-0 in favor of “Anaheim”.

  • Ovechkin and “Washington” are suffering a catastrophe, “Chicago” step away from relegation

    141 min and 5 seconds it took Chicago to score his first goal of the season in the playoffs. 599 games played consecutive matches, including the playoffs, made a series of defender of “Washington” Carl Alzner, missed due to injury the third meeting of the series with Toronto.

  • On drugs: “for” decriminalization and against

    Practice shows that only police methods will not solve the problem. Against this background, the process of decriminalization of marijuana is gaining momentum. That’s the situation in different countries.

  • Subaru will recall more than 33 thousand Impreza 2017

    The company of Subaru will withdraw 33 131 the instance of the model Impreza 2017 release in the U.S. and 4 216 such vehicles in Canada. Opinion due to problems with the operation of cars on winter blend fuel.

  • “Anaheim” has signed a contract with top scorer QMJHL Fiore

    The Anaheim ducks announced the signing of rookie contract with the striker Giovanni Fiore. The agreement between the player and the club is designed for three seasons.

  • In Canada, due to the retreat of the glacier the river disappeared

    The reason for the shallowing of the river was the retreat of Kaskawulsh, one of the largest glaciers of Canada. As a result, the water from it was to go to the North, across the river is slim, and to the South across the river Kaskawulsh in the Pacific ocean. What happened the researchers explain global warming.

  • In Canada, the beaver was taken from the farm 150 cows curious

    In the Canadian province of Ontario, a funny thing happened from the series “animal world”. There is a river beaver that visited the farm, took with him one hundred and fifty young cows. Video the strange adventures of posted in the social network of a farm owner.

  • Canadian expert called Radulov’s best NHL player

    Canadian hockey expert don cherry commented on the game Russian striker club of the National hockey League (NHL) “Montreal Canadiens” Alexander Radulov.

  • Trump has criticized the system of support for farmers in Canada

    The US President Donald trump has strongly criticized the North American free trade agreement (NAFTA) and the canadian government, demanding to stop supporting farmers who supply their products in the United States. According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

  • Toronto equalized in the series with Milwaukee

    Toronto defeated Milwaukee in the second match 1/8 finals play-off NBA with a score of 106:100. The account in a series became equal – 1-1.

  • Catholic Church in Toronto torched a former parishioner

    A 43-year-old mark Parlee arrested in Toronto on suspicion of arson of a Catholic Church during Easter celebration. As reports “gazety” the motives which guided the man, as yet unknown, however, clarifies that Parlee was formerly a parishioner of the Church.

  • Vdohnovitsya the signs of the zodiac make-up artist became famous in the network

    Living in Toronto (Canada) visagiste Setareh Hosseini (Setareh Hosseini) created the images of the zodiac signs. The girl published pictures in makeup on his page in the social network Instagram.

  • Kasperi Kapanen: “Proved that we can play against Washington”

    Forward “Toronto” Kasperi Kapanen said his team played a good match in the 1/8 finals of the Stanley Cup against “Chicago” (4:3). The striker scored two goals.

  • NASA has published a photo of the asteroid that is approaching Earth

    Earlier it was reported that on the night of April 20, 2017 to Earth approach of potentially hazardous asteroid 2014 JO25. For the first time in 400 years, a space object will fly by at such a close distance is 4.6 distance between the Moon and Earth, or of 1.77 million km.

  • Want to punish for the blocking of banned sites in Russia

    As reported by a number of publications in the near future want to create a bill of responsibility for site blocking. Now in Russia, many are viewing the content was prohibited, through a variety of services.

  • Approved the crew of a new expedition to the ISS

    Recall that the launch of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-FG” with the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-04″ is scheduled for tomorrow, April 20. Tomorrow will be held and docking with the ISS. Earlier it became known that the crew will travel to the ISS in a truncated format.

  • Russian scientists have solved the mystery of the Voynich manuscript

    According to radiocarbon Dating, the book was written between 1404 and 1438 years. However, until now, no one could figure out what it says. According to the Russian mathematicians, initially in the title, written in one language have been removed the vowels.

  • Scientists told about the diet of the soldiers of Napoleon’s army

    A study published in the publication Nation News. Archaeologists said that the isotopic composition of human bones varies with the diet, therefore, having examined the remains recovered from a mass grave in Vilnius, they were able to learn menu war during the retreat from Moscow.

  • Scientists: the Slime of frogs to help mankind to overcome the flu

    Experts have found in the mucus of frogs four of the peptide, but the other three are dangerous to humans. Scientists conducted the necessary research on laboratory mice, and they showed that the substance helps to get rid of the flu.

  • Scientists have found a link between the brain and dreams

    American scientists were able to figure out what the fascination with dreams indicates the presence of thicker cortex in humans, which can be seen in certain places. According to experts, dreams are very useful for active work of the brain, if the process was deliberate and intentional.

  • Scientists have named a new reason for the extinction of mammoths

    Scientists believe that before the extinction of Pleistocene ecosystems around 11-15 thousand years ago, began the melting of permafrost in North America and Siberia, which caused increase of air humidity. Familiar animal pasture gave way to peat bogs and swamps.

  • The scientists explained why 12 October 2017 end of the world

    According to scientists, a potentially hazardous asteroid will approach the Earth at the closest distance 12 Oct 2017. In case of collision with our planet earth waiting such a global catastrophe as floods and powerful earthquakes.

  • Five fossilised dinosaur eggs found work in the South of China

    Five fossilized eggs of a dinosaur, whose age is about 70 million years, discovered a Chinese worker in the town of Foshan in the southern province of Guangdong. This was announced on Wednesday by the information portal “Zhongguo Sylvanian”. According to experts, they’re laid by herbivorous lizards.

  • Scientist warned about the risk of collision of satellites in Earth orbit

    The number of active satellites will increase to several hundred thousand, said Dr. Hugh Lewis. Using computer simulations, experts have found out that for 200 years in Earth orbit will increase the risk of catastrophic collisions.

  • Scientists have found the transfer of experience of generations in pigeons

    According to scientists, the positive changes that optimize the route were made due to the change of generations and the accumulation of collective experience. This proves the transferability of knowledge not only people but also other living beings, albeit on a less complex level.

  • Durov confirmed the blocking in Iran voice calls in the Telegram

    The founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov confirmed previously appeared in media reports on blocking Iran has recently entered service voice calls.

  • Scientists told about the main danger with electronic cigarettes

    In one of the scientific publications published an article in which scientists have explained, what is the danger of electronic cigarettes. It turned out that the smoke emitted by electronic cigarettes may cause the formation of oxidative processes in the human lung, which adversely affect health.

  • The scientist told about the wine that Jesus drank

    American scientist believes that in the Jerusalem area 2000 years ago people drank wine flavored with saffron, pomegranate and cinnamon. But, according to the scientist, more precisely about the wine that Jesus Christ drank wine, he could tell, having obtained in his laboratory the Holy Grail.

  • Instagram launched offline mode for Android users

    Many of the features of Instagram became available to Android users without Internet connection.

  • Facebook: the social network appears music

    The first music service that are installed in Facebook, the developers have called Spotify. The app will be able to select songs for a specific mood of the user. After that, the social network will introduce the Apple Music service.

  • The company “Yandex” launches corporate messenger “Pentameter”

    The leadership of the company “Yandex” launches corporate messenger “Pentameter” after the completion of beta testing. It will be available in several versions: free and paid.

  • Facebook has presented social network Spaces with virtual reality

    Facebook was presented to a wide audience, the social network Spaces, which is designed for owners of virtual reality helmets. About the project the representatives of the company said as part of a major conference for developers of F8.

  • Apple apps from the iLife and iWork packages become free

    Apple made all applications from the iLife and iWork packages absolutely free for all users. Previously, the cost of these programs was in the range of 4.99 – 19.99 USD.

  • The pension Fund has introduced a mobile app

    The free app “PFR Electronic services”, available for iOS and Android platforms, enables users of mobile devices are key features that are presented in the Personal Cabinet of the citizen on the website of the FIU.

  • Durov confirmed the blocking in Iran voice calls in the Telegram

    The founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov confirmed previously appeared in media reports on blocking Iran has recently entered service voice calls.

  • Android Pay and PayPal have teamed up for mobile payments

    Heads PayPal creates conditions for partnership with other major networks who want to expand the system coverage. The specialists teamed up with Visa to make it a service where users could pay for services via their smartphone.

  • Company ask Google to add your search engine in Android

    Mail.Ru Group expects to contract with Google for placement on Android its search engine, as reported Газета.Ru. Not so long ago something similar was announced by the company “Yandex”. What are the chances Mail.Ru Group in this matter will become clear soon.

  • On YouTube found a secret opportunity

    Users of the resource Reddit found a hidden mode YouTube. In this mode, the color scheme of the website changed from black to white. To include the newest color scheme of the PC must be running the latest version of Google Chrome browser.

  • The OTKRITIE Bank launched money transfers via iMessage

    The Bank “Opening” was the first among Russian banks launched money transfers via iMessage.

  • In the Internet there were games and software for the first Macintosh

    In the network appeared more than forty emulators, applications and games that were created for the first Macintosh. Recall that the computer appeared in 1984, and now all the programs available in online library the Internet Archive.

  • Facebook has provided a platform to create augmented reality

    Today at the conference for developers F8 in San Francisco the company announced Facebook platform Camera Effects Platform. It is designed to help developers to create various applications with augmented reality.

  • In Minsk introduced the 5G technology

    Visitors to the exhibition TIBO, who is in Minsk until April 21, will be able to see the 5G in person. The speed of the network is small – as in 4G, but ideally the organizers of the project promise to potential users the data transmission speed of 10 Gbit/sec.

  • New Google Earth: a 3D map, random locations and tours with the scientists

    On the eve of Earth day, Google has decided to improve its Google Earth service and update the web version and the app for Android. As innovations Google promises 3D maps, guided “smart” and review the history of random places anywhere in the world.

  • Medvedev said the attacks on him as “political crooks”

    Answering the question of Deputy Nikolay kolomeytsev (CPRF), who asked arrived in the state Duma with the report of the Prime Minister, what are the challenges “to defend itself against attacks Bulk”, Medvedev asked the Communists to refrain from discussing the actions of “political crooks”.

  • The Ministry of energy of Ukraine submitted to the Cabinet a document banning the import of coal from Russia

    The Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine has submitted to the government document banning the import of coal from Russian Federation, the head of the Ministry Igor Nasalik. According to him, “the ban for importation from the Russian side of the energy coal group”.

  • Medvedev promised to raise the minimum wage to the subsistence level

    As pointed out by Dmitry Medvedev, the government regularly increases the minimum wage. Last year it reached 7.5 thousand rubles, and from 1 July this year will be increased to 7.8 thousand.

  • Medvedev urged not to turn to war the struggle at presidential elections

    Earlier it was reported that more than 300 thousand people promised to give his signature in support of nomination of the head of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny for President.

  • MIA checks the legality of Asimov Russian citizenship

    MIA checks whether legally Abror Azimov, suspected of organizing the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg, received Russian citizenship. This was stated by Deputy head of main Department of internal Affairs on migration Valentina Kazakova.

  • U.S. prosecutors demand 30 years in prison for Russian citizen Seleznev

    In the US prosecution demands 30 years in prison for a Russian citizen Novel Seleznev, who is accused of fraud, reports RT. According to the court, prosecutors said a sentence of 30 years in prison enough, but “strictly necessary”.

  • In Novosibirsk cancelled the sharp increase in utility tariffs after protests

    The Governor of the Novosibirsk region Vladimir Gorodetsky has declared refusal of increase of tariffs on public services from 1 July 2017 from 15%, reports “RBC-Novosibirsk”.

  • Trump fears of nuclear war with North Korea

    The President of the United States Donald trump in an interview with TV channels said that the Americans have reason to fear a nuclear war with North Korea, reports TASS. Trump said that “it is not clear exactly with whom we are dealing”, therefore, the cause for concern.

  • The expert told about possible causes of the wreck of the “Heroes of Arsenal”

    According to the investigation, on Wednesday at around 3: 30 in the Black sea on the removal of 19 nautical miles from the Cape of Zhelezny Rog (Krasnodar region, Taman Peninsula), near the Kerch Strait “for unknown reason” crashed and sank the cargo ship “Heroes of Arsenal.”

  • North Korea has shown staged videos of a missile strike on USA

    During the celebrations on the occasion of the 105th birth anniversary of Kim Jong Il the DPRK has shown a staged video in which a simulated missile attack on the United States, reports on Wednesday, the news Agency “Yonhap”.

  • ISIS has used mustard gas against military of the US and Australia in Iraq

    The militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” used the chemical warfare agent skin-blister agents mustard gas against military instructors of the USA and Australia, located in one of the military units in Iraq, reports CBS News.

  • Seizure of property from family khoroshavina recognized as legitimate

    The removal of property from the family of the former head of the Sakhalin region Alexander Khoroshavin recognized as perfectly legitimate. The Supreme court banned former official in acceptance to consideration of the appeals on this matter.

  • CNN: Pentagon tests missile defense systems to intercept North Korea’s missile

    Previously scheduled tests, which will be held in the Pacific ocean, are part of the US missile defense program aimed at protecting against missile threats from North Korea or Iran, said military sources.

  • The tale of “Lester” in the Champions League has ended – 1:1 with atlético

    Goal for Quique scored in the 26th minute, saúl Ñiguez, Leicester scored at the end of the hour Jamie Vardy.

  • Monument to Soviet soldiers desecrated in Budapest

    Monument to Soviet soldiers–liberators in the Central square of Budapest, the Liberty were desecrated, reports TASS. The monument was cast balls with yellow paint. Two people were arrested at the scene.

  • Ilyumzhinov re-nominate a candidate for the presidency of FIDE

    FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov claims that he decided to nominate his candidacy for the presidency of this international chess organization in 2018.

  • Poroshenko compared the policy of Russia with the tactics of a crocodile from the phrase of Churchill

    The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has compared the policy of Russia with the tactics of a crocodile from the statements of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

  • In Ankara, the attackers fired at night city hall

    In Ankara, unidentified persons fired at on the night of April 19, municipality building, according to the newspaper Yeni Akit.

  • In Greece a military helicopter has crashed, killing four people

    A military helicopter crashed in North-Eastern Greece, four soldiers were killed and one hospitalized in the armed forces of the country declared three days of mourning, reported RIA Novosti in the press service of the Ministry of national defense.

  • The DPRK has shown a staged video of a missile strike on USA

    North Korea during the celebration of the 105th anniversary of the birth of North Korea founder Kim Il sung showed staged footage of a missile strike on the United States, according to RenCap .

  • “Strong and independent” marine Le Pen confessed his love to cats

    The candidate in presidents of France, the leader of the French party “national front” marine Le Pen confessed that he always loved cats.

  • Mei talked about the reason for holding early parliamentary elections

    Prime Minister Theresa may explained the necessity of holding early parliamentary elections the fact that the procedure of exit from the EU must hold the head of the Cabinet of Ministers, chosen by the people by universal suffrage, as the current government was formed by Parliament following the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron in the summer of 2016.

  • The United States will impose new sanctions against DPRK, Iran and Syria

    Mnuchin stressed that it will direct sanctions against citizens and companies of the DPRK, not against the Chinese companies doing business in this country. New sanctions against Iran will not be associated with the nuclear issue. US sanctions will also affect the 200 Syrian companies or associated with Syria, individuals and organizations.

  • Five fossilised dinosaur eggs found work in the South of China

    Five fossilized eggs of a dinosaur, whose age is about 70 million years, discovered a Chinese worker in the town of Foshan in the southern province of Guangdong. This was announced on Wednesday by the information portal “Zhongguo Sylvanian”. According to experts, they’re laid by herbivorous lizards.

  • U.S. prosecutors demand 30 years in prison for Russian citizen Seleznev

    In the US prosecution demands 30 years in prison for a Russian citizen Novel Seleznev, who is accused of fraud, reports RT. According to the court, prosecutors said a sentence of 30 years in prison enough, but “strictly necessary”.

  • Oil prices fall amid data on US stocks

    As noted by experts of the American petroleum Institute (API), the petroleum fuel in the United States at the end of last week decreased by 840 thousand barrels. Despite this fact, inventory levels in the United States is at a peak against the background that the global oil prices decrease.

  • Reuters: US will reconsider lifting sanctions against Iran

    The administration of Donald trump acknowledged that Tehran is implementing the agreement to curb its nuclear program, but the United States wants to consider whether the partial lifting of sanctions against Iran to the national security interests of the country.

  • Team trump has raised more than $100 million in donations for his inauguration

    Acting head of the White house Donald trump broke the record of his predecessor, Barack Obama on the amount of donations collected for the inauguration. This was announced on Tuesday, April 18, Associated Press.

  • Catch killed live Facebook helped McDonald’s

    McDonald’s helped catch a criminal who had previously killed 74-year-old man, streaming murder in Facebook, reports RIA Novosti. Previously, Steve Stevens shot and killed a 74-year-old Robert Gadwin on Easter Sunday, when the latter was returning home after dinner with the family.

  • The cause of fire in California was racial hatred

    Shooting in the Californian city of Fresno related to racial hatred. This was stated by the town Sheriff Jerry Dyer. Shooting was arranged by the 39-year-old Corey Muhammad Ali, who before the shooting, shouted “Allahu Akbar!”.

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