Summary April 17, 2018

  • Canada withdraws from Cuba diplomats from acoustic attacks

    Previously, the government of Canada announced that the country’s Embassy in Havana by an unknown external sound effects, injured 27 people from ten families of canadian diplomats.

  • “Toronto” won “Boston” and has reduced the account in a series a playoffs of NHL

    The account in a series to four victories was reduced to 2:1 in advantage “Boston”. The fourth match will also be held in Toronto on April 20.

  • The results of the CETA: the macron and Trudeau said the success of “free trade”

    During a joint press conference in Paris Trudeau stated that the parties “already seeing results” concluded a free trade agreement CETA.

  • Bailey will replace Dunne in the team Canada at the 2018 world Cup

    For the Canadians, Bailey was replaced by the defender of “St. Louis Blues” Vince Dunn, who will not be able to play in the tournament.

  • Calgary city Council voted to maintain the application for the Olympics 2026

    Calgary city Council (Canada) voted for the continuation of the struggle of the city for the right to host the winter Olympic games in 2026, reports channel CBC.

  • Program entry visa to Canada becomes permanent

    Canada wants to attract immigrants to the entrepreneurial action to open new businesses.

  • Storm and ice rain in Toronto caused almost half a thousand accidents

    In Toronto, Canada, capital of Ontario because of freezing rain in the weekend there have been more than 1,400 accidents on the roads.

  • Zach Parise: We needed this victory over the “Winnipeg”

    Bruce Boudreau: Everyone knew how it will be hard if we lose “Winnipeg” for the third match Beginning was good – the words Parise official NHL website.

  • The new rules of acceptance of applications for immigration to Canada

    Skilled workers New rules of acceptance of applications for regular skilled workers 2017-2018 will be maintained and renewed until 15 August 2018.

  • Forward “Boston” Pastrnak broke the record Gretzky in the playoffs NHL

    Pastrnak at the time of the match was 21 years and 324 days. He broke the record of Wayne Gretzky, who installed it in 22 years and 81 days in the season 1982/83.

  • The hijab the place of the police, proves 17-year-old Muslim

    Currently, the Montreal police do not have any rules or regulations prohibiting wearing hijab officers are in the city simply did not get up, because no Muslim woman is not claimed to be local law enforcement, reports IslamNews with reference to the CBC.

  • The Stanley Cup was brought to the survivors of the hockey team “the Broncos” to the hospital

    The players of the Junior team “Humboldt Broncos” surviving in a car crash on April 6, the hospital brought the Stanley Cup.

  • Clever raccoon skillfully opened the trash in Toronto

    A raccoon from the canadian city of Toronto have demonstrated excellent skills with the handles of trash cans designed for protection of dumps against the penetration of such animals as he is.

  • Domodedovo will be implemented in the security system face detection

    Moscow Domodedovo airport will introduce an automated facial recognition in the security system.

  • The website of Roskomnadzor attacked after blocking Telegram

    We will remind, on Monday, April 16, Roskomnadzor began to send operators with notice of the requirement to block access to the messenger Telegram.

  • The Japanese want to build a power plant in Primorye

    The Japanese company Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd plans to build in the Primorsky territory thermal power plants that use as fuel, plastics, tyres, waste wood and production of low-calorie coal.

  • Marine robotic mines disguise rays

    Turkey in cooperation with Karadeniz technical University plan to establish naval mines, which are similar to stingrays.

  • Samsung will start production of OLED displays for the new iPhone in may

    Samsung will start mass production of OLED-screens for the two new iPhone in may and will double the number of displays produced in June.

  • Tomsk scientists will create a budget mobile radiation detector

    By the end of this year, the developers in the Engineering school of nuclear technologies at Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) will present the working model of the detector to measure radiation.

  • Telegram has found a new way to bypass the blocking

    Experts report that the leadership of the disgraced messenger figured out how to bypass the blocking in Russia.

  • Roskomnadzor has warned the owners of the proxy servers on the lock

    Roskomnadzor sends notifications about upcoming locks to owners of proxy servers.

  • On the website of Roskomnadzor failed

    When you try to go to the site you get the error “cannot access site”. Information on the causes of failure yet.

  • S7 has closed a deal to buy “Sea launch”

    S7 airlines completed the purchase of floating cosmodrome “Sea launch”, said on Tuesday, RIA “Novosti” with reference to head Space S7 Sergei Sopova.

  • “VimpelCom” did not allow for tests of the frequency 5G

    VimpelCom initially requested testing on the territory of Kuban, Stavropol, Tatarstan, Moscow, Samara, Voronezh and Leningrad regions and in both the Russian capitals.

  • In Bashkiria began to produce dry Mare’s milk

    In Bashkiria started the production of dry Mare’s milk. Unique product began to create in Baimak the agricultural cooperative.

  • The authors of the Telegram channels complained about the emergence of “clones” in TamTam

    The owners of the Telegram channels complained about the appearance of copies of their channels in the Russian messenger TamTam. About this informed the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

  • Roskomnadzor started blocking addresses Amazon for Telegram

    Development Director cloud services CROC Maxim Berezin told “Газете.Ru” that Roskomnadzor conducts carpet blocking the IP addresses of Amazon and Google, as it is technically very difficult to block only the address of the Telegram, which change periodically.

  • Telegram can work tomorrow

    Operators will complete lock messenger APR 17, on Monday afternoon Roskomnadzor included the resources of Telegram messenger in the register of banned sites.

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