Summary April 15, 2018

  • Vice-President and Prime Minister of Canada discussed the strike on Syria

    Vice-President Mike Pence and the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has discussed a strike on Syria and the crisis in Venezuela.

  • In Toronto due to ice storm occurred in 550 accidents per day

    In Toronto, Canada for the day there were more than 550 accidents due to freezing rain, reports CTV.

  • Philadelphia defeated Miami in the first match of the playoffs of the NBA

    The account in a series to four victories became 1-0 in favor of Philadelphia. The second game of this tie will take place on April 17.

  • The Prime Minister of Canada supported the strike USA, UK and France on Syria

    “Canada supports the decision of the United States, Britain and France to take action to counter the Assad regime to conduct attacks using chemical weapons,” – says the publication.

  • Clever raccoon skillfully opened the trash in Toronto

    Special garbage containers, provided with a protective castles, appeared in Toronto a couple of years ago during the campaign against raccoons.

  • Toronto beat Washington in the first match of the playoffs of the NBA

    The account in a series to four victories became 1-0 in favor of the raptors. The second game of this tie will take place on April 18.

  • In Toronto, the “Total dictation” in the Russian language written 40 people

    40 people took part in the international educational action “Total dictation” in Toronto, which was held in the city for the sixth time.

  • The number of victims of road accident with a hockey team from Canada has risen to 16

    The death toll in the accident involving a canadian hockey team “the Broncos” has reached 16, according to The Globe.

  • Heavenly tsunami has caused fear and excitement among the people of Canada

    Canadian residents survived a two-minute Apocalypse. The city was struck by a heavenly tsunami.

  • Martin Fourcade: “I Hope that Ustyugov will be deprived of the Olympic gold medal in 2010″

    Our biathlete who retired in 2014, for the 2010 Olympic winter games won the gold medal, beating just in the mass start at 15 km, the Frenchman Fourcade.

  • Experts: iPhone SE fall strongly fall in price

    Presumably, on the territory of Russia, the price of iPhone SE will be less than 15 thousand rubles.

  • In a Network there were photos of the unreleased iPhone model X

    The Federal Commission on communications of the USA has published pictures of iPhone X Gold, which never went on sale.

  • In Crimea, created its own instant messenger to replace the Telegram

    Messenger “Dialogue Meters” in the Crimea may come to replace blocked by Roskomnadzor Telegram.

  • Became known, some smartphones in Russia break down more often

    Experts called smartphones, which often the others bring to the service center.

  • Started selling smart watches Misfit Path with IP68 protection

    The smart watch will be able to work up to 6 months on a single charge. Price Misfit Path is $ 150.

  • Google adds Gmail self-destructing emails

    Google engineers are working on new features for Gmail, it will allow emails to self-destruct.

  • Smartphones Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus is suggested to buy with discount

    Xiaomi offers to buy discounted smartphones Redmi 5 Plus on the online site Banggood.

  • The Chinese teach “smart toilets” to recognize faces

    The face detection technology works in the public toilets of China during the issue of toilet paper – according to RIA Novosti.

  • The company Sega has announced a “reissue” of the 16-bit console Mega Drive

    The console release is planned for 2018, and the exact date of the launch of the MegaDrive Mini has not yet named.

  • Apple threatens employees with dismissal for “draining” information to the media

    The management of the Corporation Apple has threatened layoffs to employees for leaking information to the media or the network as a whole.

  • Tracking protection is now enabled in Firefox for iOS default

    Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox for iOS, which is enabled by default the tracking protection.

  • In Crimea, created its own instant messenger to replace the Telegram

    Messenger “Dialogue Meters” in the Crimea may come to replace blocked by Roskomnadzor Telegram.

  • Experiment Google was allowed to “communicate” with books

    Google has announced a couple of experiments that will help artificial intelligence to better understand the semantic relationship between words.

  • Microsoft has blocked a popular torrent client uTorrent

    The Corporation of the United States Microsoft have blocked popular torrent client uTorrent, which is used by many users.

  • AVG Antivirus FREE has a new design and algorithm of search of viruses

    Multifunctional antivirus AVG Antivirus FREE got a new design, interface, and new algorithms and run malware.

  • Customers of Apple have been the most gullible

    The most trusting were the customers of Apple.

  • Google adds Gmail self-destructing emails

    Google engineers are working on new features for Gmail, it will allow emails to self-destruct.

  • Kaspersky has assured users of Telegram in VPN security

    Kaspersky experts argue that the data transferred via Telegram will be protected, because with VPN technology between the device and the web server forms a secure connection.

  • Telegram users are trying to find ways to bypass the lock

    Naturally, after news of the Telegram lock netizens are already looking for the answer to the question “How to bypass the lock Telegram”.

  • OneDrive 5.7 got compatibility with Android Oreo

    Full compatibility with Android OS Oreo includes notification channels, and support for optimization of background of battery, according to VladTime.

  • Telegram X has been removed from the App store in Russia

    The cause of the disappearance of the Telegram X App Store is currently unknown.

  • How to use Telegram after blocking

    On 13 April, the court decided to block Telegram. However, it is still possible to use the messenger.

  • The Russians massively download VPN clients for lock Telegram

    On-site digital distribution of the App Store’s most popular programs in the Russian segment at the moment are the VPN clients that are stocking the citizens of the Russian Federation from-for blocking of Telegram messenger in Russia.

  • Rosenberg: because Telegram will lose almost all users

    After blocking Telegram may lose all users, but through time will be enriched by the audience.

  • In DND stated that the security forces shelled the outskirts of Gorlovka

    In the morning, Ukrainian law enforcers opened fire on the outskirts of the controlled self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic, Horlivka, releasing 30 min, said on Sunday at the DNR office in the Joint center for control and coordination of the ceasefire (SCCC).

  • The Pentagon released a video of the launch Tomahawks from a submarine on Syria

    U.S. Department of defense showed a video of the rocket launch Tomahawk from a submarine during the attack on Syria which took place yesterday, April 14.

  • In the state Duma shared the results of the meeting with Assad

    The meeting of Russian parliamentarians with the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad in Damascus was constructive.

  • Britain promises to push stricter Russian oligarchs

    “Soon you will see a large-scale action to impose financial measures against Russian oligarchs in the UK,” writes the Sunday Times, citing a source in the office of the British Prime Minister.

  • Poll: action may the situation in Syria with the support of 28% of Britons

    According to the survey conducted by BMG Research in the UK, the decision of the Prime Minister Theresa may to strike at Syria support only 28% of subjects.

  • Putin called on Arab countries to cooperate against terrorism

    Russian President Vladimir Putin urged the League of Arab States (LAS) to continue joint fight against terrorism, while respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Arab countries.

  • The RFU will review the work Smolova showed a yellow card referees

    Control of the qualification Commission of the Russian football Union (RFU) will consider the work of the referee Artyom Chistyakov, who judged the championship of Russia between “Zenith” and Tula “Arsenal” and revealed forward of the “bulls” Fedor Smolova yellow card, told RIA Novosti the head of the Department of refereeing and inspection RFU Andrew Budogossky.

  • Steinmeier expressed concern about the alienation between Russia and the West

    Steinmeier stressed that it is impossible to stop the constant direct dialogue between Russia and Germany at the intergovernmental level.

  • U.S. may impose new sanctions against Russia for supporting Assad

    The document contains the phrase “We intend to introduce specific additional sanctions against Russia in response to ongoing support of the regime of Bashar Assad.”

  • Skrobala poisoned not a “Beginner” developer substances

    Rink noted that if the gel-like substance, which was discovered on the door handle of the house Skrobala was pure substance “Beginner”, the victims would be likely to move away from this door and 50 meters, died on the spot.

  • The Swiss laboratory said the words of Lavrov about the chemical BZ

    Laboratory Spiez, Switzerland, reacted to the words of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov on the chemical BZ.

  • The media learned about the readiness of London to retaliatory cyber attack on Russia

    Earlier, the Times reported that the British government is considering a cyber attack on Russia.

  • In the US missile attack on Syria called a violation of international law

    Aggression against Syria and reacted to ordinary Americans: activists staged a protest, and right at the White house.

  • Media reported about 20 killed in the explosion in the South of Aleppo

    In Syria, 20 people were killed in the explosion in the South of Aleppo. It is reported by CNN Turk, citing a source.

  • The US, Britain and France made UN security Council draft resolution on Syria

    USA, UK and France sent to the UN Security Council draft resolution on Syria to investigate the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

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