Summary April 13, 2018

  • Scientists: ice in the Arctic is supersaline lake

    Scientists from Albertaco University conducted a study that showed that under the ice of the Arctic there are two supersaline lake.

  • In Canada, the city hit the skies

    Canadian Leavitt was covered with rare and beautiful phenomenon is the storm collar. A giant cloud plunged the city into darkness.

  • The number of victims of road accident with a hockey team from Canada has risen to 16

    The death toll in the accident involving a canadian hockey team “the Broncos” has reached 16, according to The Globe.

  • On a farm in Canada burned 14 thousand chickens

    On a farm in Canada burned 14 thousand chickens, according to information-analytical publication life.

  • In Toronto the unknown with knives attacked passers-by

    In Toronto is unknown, armed with knives, attacked two passers-by in the city centre, reports CTV.

  • McDavid, Ekblad and Shan became part of team Canada at the 2018 world Cup

    Team Canada at the 2018 world Cup will play in group b together with Finland, USA, Germany, Norway, Latvia, Denmark and Korea.

  • At SpaceX, called the price of tickets on international flights on a rocket

    The President of SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell talked about how much will cost a ticket for the rocket is able to quickly deliver people from one country to another.

  • Created a patch that protects against food poisoning

    Scientists have created a bandage that can detect harmful bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli in food.

  • Canadian doctor caught on secret mass fertilization patients

    In Canada, a doctor accused of using own sperm during the procedure of artificial insemination.

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