Summary April 13, 2018

  • Scientists: ice in the Arctic is supersaline lake

    Scientists from Albertaco University conducted a study that showed that under the ice of the Arctic there are two supersaline lake.

  • In Canada, the city hit the skies

    Canadian Leavitt was covered with rare and beautiful phenomenon is the storm collar. A giant cloud plunged the city into darkness.

  • The number of victims of road accident with a hockey team from Canada has risen to 16

    The death toll in the accident involving a canadian hockey team “the Broncos” has reached 16, according to The Globe.

  • On a farm in Canada burned 14 thousand chickens

    On a farm in Canada burned 14 thousand chickens, according to information-analytical publication life.

  • In Toronto the unknown with knives attacked passers-by

    In Toronto is unknown, armed with knives, attacked two passers-by in the city centre, reports CTV.

  • McDavid, Ekblad and Shan became part of team Canada at the 2018 world Cup

    Team Canada at the 2018 world Cup will play in group b together with Finland, USA, Germany, Norway, Latvia, Denmark and Korea.

  • At SpaceX, called the price of tickets on international flights on a rocket

    The President of SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell talked about how much will cost a ticket for the rocket is able to quickly deliver people from one country to another.

  • Created a patch that protects against food poisoning

    Scientists have created a bandage that can detect harmful bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli in food.

  • Canadian doctor caught on secret mass fertilization patients

    In Canada, a doctor accused of using own sperm during the procedure of artificial insemination.

  • App OperaVPN gaining popularity after a lock Telegram

    Especially popular in the AppStore and PlayMarket day April 13 is the application OperaVPN produced by the company Opera Software, which provides anonymous access to the Network.

  • Bwin app for iOS available in the App Store

    The company bwin Russia announced the launch of full-featured applications for devices based on iOS operating system.

  • Telegram users are looking for ways to bypass the blocking of the messenger

    Telegram users are looking for ways to bypass the lock after the decision of the court in Moscow is not in favor of messenger.

  • The MP told how the users will bypass the lock Telegram

    Member of state Duma Committee on physical culture, sports, tourism and Affairs of youth Vasily Vlasov sitet that users will bypass the lock Telegram.

  • Xiaomi will buy a manufacturer of action cameras GoPro

    Experts believe that Xiaomi will have to spend more than $ 1 billion for the purchase.About the readiness of sale of the company earlier said CEO of GoPro Nick Woodman.

  • Leaders in digital transformation will appear in the state-owned companies of Russia

    In state-owned companies and state corporations during the year the staff introduce a new position — head of digital transformation, whose responsibilities will include the implementation of big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, sensing and virtual-reality technology, write “Izvestia”.

  • From the bottom of lake Constance raised the oldest ship in the world

    In Germany, the archaeologists raised from the bottom of lake Constance skeleton of a wooden ship, which is more than three thousand years.

  • In Russia increased the popularity of VPN and proxies

    It is expected that more than half of Russian users intend to install Telegram utilities to bypass the lock messenger.

  • The head of Roskomnadzor commented on the decision to block Telegram

    At the meeting on 13 April, the Tagansky district court of Moscow ruled to block access to the Telegram, having satisfied the claim of Roscomnadzor.

  • Roskomnadzor has blocked the app-Zello walkie-talkie

    Earlier, Roskomnadzor has achieved lock app-Zello walkie-talkie in Russia due to the fact that it violated Russian law and is not transferred to the Supervisory authority the data for inclusion in the register of distributors, informati.

  • Payment system “Mir” will create a contactless payment service

    Payment system “Mir” will create a contactless payment service, according to information-analytical edition evo-rus.

  • Russian officials supported the implementation of the blockchain

    “After some time due to blockchain technology, the emergence of distributed registries, the vertical system of management and protection of the rights will be replaced by horizontal, network, self-organizing communities,” — said the official.

  • Intellectual property expands

    Association IPChain (national Clearinghouse transaction processing rights and intellectual property) and Originated (State service of intellectual property and innovation under the government of the Kyrgyz Republic) have agreed on joint work in the sphere of intellectual property protection.

  • Experts named the most popular smartphone among Russians

    The most popular model was iPhone 5s, in second place iPhone 6 third iPhone 5. Smartphone sales from January to March 2018 rose by 3%. It is noted that the most expensive model was the iPhone X with an average price of 47 thousand rubles, the cheapest Nokia 105 for 680 rubles.

  • Dyuzheva Dmitry was suspected of drug abuse because of the itchy nose

    Users noted that Dyuzheva unusually large pupils, and suggested that the presenter use drugs.

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