Scott Van Pelt Profanity

Sports reporter Scott Van Pelt is facing some criticism tonight after uttering a profanity on-air during his show, SportsCenter, which airs on EPSN. The Scott Van Pelt Profanity story follows an on-air incident the reporter had earlier this week as a result of a Howard Stern fan who called in impersonating a player from the Philadelphia Eagles. This most recent incident actually occurred after Pelt had thought the show had cut for a commercial break. He is heard uttering a phrase with the word “fu#k.” The ESPN network has not commented on this incident, nor has Pelt himself. It is unclear whether the network may be fined for the slip-up.

This Scott Van Pelt profanity issue has obviously been blown out of proportion, and hopefully no action is taken against the network for the comment that was not meant to be broadcast. We will have to wait and see what comes of this incident.

Scott van Pelt joined EPSN in 2001, where he became an anchor for SportsCenter. Since that time, he has also become involved in radio broadcasting. His television program airs at 11 p.m., while his radio show, entitled The Scott Van Pelt Show can be heard on ESPN radio from 2-4 p.m eastern time.

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