Milan Simon Tuttle – Young Baller

Milan Simon Tuttle, 5, is expected to become part of the NBA considering her impressive basketball skills. Milan Simon Tuttle is indeed a girl, and sure knows how to play a good game of basketball. Milan Simon Tuttle was featured in a youtube video in which she showed of her skills to the public. The Milan Simon Tuttle youtube video received a large number of hits, which is anything but a surprise. It’s not everyday that one sees a 5 year-old which such amazing basketball skills. Milan Simon Tuttle is truly one of a kind when it comes to kids that far excel others in basketball.

Milan Simon Tuttle has mastered some of the most complicated basketball stunts. Milan Simon Tuttle is able to do a two and three ball dribble, something many ordinary basketball players are unable to do. In this context, we’re talking about adult basketball players who’ve had years of experience. Milan Simon Tuttle has not received any sort of formal training. She is believed to have trained herself to the level she is at today.

We think that the NBA should consider extending a membership to Milan Simon Tuttle. Her basketball skills are out of this world, and one could only imagine what ticket sales would look like should Milan Simon Tuttle be involved in an NBA game. Sure, this idea is farfetched, but it would still be something very incredible to see.

Some might think that Milan Simon Tuttle is rather large when it comes to height. As it turns out, Milan Simon Tuttle is as tall as the average 5 year old. However, you’re average 5 year old does not posses the sort of basketball skills that Milan Simon Tuttle. Absolutely amazing.

You can see Milan Simon Tuttle by viewing her youtube video in which she is attempting a multi-ball dribble. If you can take a few minutes out of your day to see Milan Simon Tuttle, we promise it will be well worth it. Share the video with your children and other family members, it is well worth spending a few minutes of your day to see Milan Simon Tuttle with a basketball in her hands.

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  1. Jill Burch

    Enjoyed seeing natural talent. I would love to see followups on this young lady.

  2. zakiya

    hey this zakiya from the bay area lady warriors basketball team.You are so good

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