Joel Sokol Georgia Tech Predictions


According to Joel Sokol of Georgia Tech, UNC is slated to win the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament this year. Joel Sokol Georgia Tech along with associates have devised a statistical formula which has successfully predicted the winner of the tournament in the past. There have been numerous models used for attempting to determine the outcomes of games, however, Joel Sokol Georgia Tech’s takes a different approach to others in that it asks different questions.

The Jeff Sagarin computer model, one which has been in competition with the Joel Sokol Georgia Tech statistical model, looks into who played who, where, and what the outcomes of the game were. Jeff Sagarin has given some insight into why he’s intertwined game location into the model. He believes that home-court advantage has plenty to do with the outcome of a game.

Many people have resorted to not bothering with completing brackets as they feel it takes away from the joy of keeping up with the game. However, those who are looking to score cash this season should consider looking into the Joel Sokol Georgia Tech model. Given the success it had last year in making predictions, it could be your best bet in winning some office bets. A Joel Sokol Georgia Tech completed bracket is actually available online for those of you who don’t like to tinker with complicated math. We will post the link to this Joel Sokol Georgia Tech bracket as soon as we can find it in a proper format.

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