Jamere Holland Facebook Drama

Today we have another story for you that yet again highlights the dangers of acting like a loose cannon online. This story is out of Oregon, where a football player has been dismissed from his team from making an inappropriate post to his Facebook page. Although these posts are no longer available online for viewing, media outlets are reporting that both of the posts contained very “colorful” language. While we all consider profiles on Facebook and Myspace to be free territory, where we can ramble about whatever exists under the sun, this is not the case.

This player, Jamere Holland, took to his Facebook blog to blast the actions of team administrators, who had suspended a player the day before for an arrest stemming from alcohol misuse, according to USA Today. This player, Kiko Alonso, was arrested this past Saturday. While Jamere Holland’s coach didn’t make specific comments about the dismissal, when a reporter asked whether it had anything to do with a Facebook posting, the coach replied something to the effect of yes. These latest two dismissals follow a string of others, three in which arrests were involved. We can only hope that the Ducks get their behavior in order before they lose any other players.

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