Scott Brown Jobs Bill

Republican Senator Scott Brown is putting party aside to vowge for a job bill that the Obama administration has been vehemently pushing. This $15 billion dollar bill seeks to provide employers tax incentives in an effort to quell the downward movement of the job market. Scott Brown and four other Republicans have signaled their support for this bill despite the filibustering effort in the Senate. The bill would provide a social security tax exemption to employers who hire out of a pool of applicants that have been out of work for more than three months. If the employees are retained for longer than a year, the employer stands to gain an additional $1,000 incentive, according to the Los Angeles Times. Democrats are anticipating that the new bill could create upwards of 10,000 new jobs. Critics have argued that the bill will create an insignificant change in the overall scheme of things.

We here have mixed feelings about this bill. Sure it is a step in the right direction, but the critics are right in saying that the effect can be negligible. Despite the passing of the stimulus package, we have yet to see any promising results in the job sector. Perhaps a different approach needs to be examined, however, we personally couldn’t tell you what direction legislators need to take. It is nice however to see some Republican cooperation in this whole debacle. They have been very confrontational about the legislation the Obama administration has been trying to push through. Naturally, this lack of cooperation is drawing out the recovery process even further. Hopefully we will see some more collaborative efforts in the near future so that the nation can make a comeback from this time of financial instability.

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