Movement underway to recall Lee Baca

An effort is underway to hoist Los Angeles Sheriff, Lee Baca, from his rein at the Sheriff’s department. He has been recieving a grand amount of criticism for his recent handling of Paris Hiltons’ imprisonment, where he released her home three days into her sentence. Baca, of course, denies any allegations that Hilton received any amount of preferential treatment.

My take on this: I think Baca of full of it. He’s pulled this kind of stunt before. Who remembers Mel Gibson? Baca along with others in the Sheriff’s department claimed that Gibson was apprehended without incident and with no special treatment. However, when the actual police report was leaked, it was found that Gibson was in fact defiant and yelled out several anti-semitist slurs. I really don’t know if Lee Baca deserves another chance. The first time was inexcusable, but to do this again is just begging to be recalled.
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