Luci Baines Johnson – Applauds Obama

Luci Baines Johnson, the daughter of Lyndon Johnson, congratulated president-elect Barack Obama for his historic win during the 2008 presidential election. Luci Baines Johnson was celebrating the win at the Driskill Hotel in Austin, where crowds began screaming upon hearing the news that Barack Obama had won the election. Luci Baines Johnson quoted the moment as being a “Dream come true.”

Luci Baines Johnson apparently campaigned for Obama during the heated race. You can find video footage of Luci Baines Johnson speaking to crowds at a special breakfast held just days before election day. We haven’t had a chance to hear Luci Baines Johnson speak just yet, however, it’s a recommended viewing for anyone who wants to see just how much support Obama garnered during this election.

Recent data indicates that there has been a spike of interest for Luci Baines Johnson. We have been unable to pinpoint why web surfers have developed such excitement over Luci Baines Johnson. You can find additional information on Luci Baines Johnson from her Wikipedia page, or by viewing news article written about her in the days encompassing the presidential election.

The moment we find more information surrounding the sudden interest in Luci Baines Johnson, we will be sure to post. However, now we can only assume that Luci Baines Johnson has done something noteworthy to trigger skyrocketing searches for her name. Whatever the case is with Luci Baines Johnson, we will keep everyone posted.

2 thoughts on “Luci Baines Johnson – Applauds Obama

  1. theo

    Heard about this on the news. Obama must have been honored to recieve such appraise.

  2. Vance Pennock

    I admired President Lyndon B. Johnson and family. Then, I learn that Luci is a progressive liberal, campaigning for a Muslim that has NO business being at the helm?!! Sad and disgusting!! Bahumbug, Luci!!

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