Lawrence Golub – Golub Capital

People are going on a frantic search for Lawrence Golub. Since many of you might not know who Lawrence Golub and what he stands for, we will be revealing what our recent research has indicated on Lawrence Golub. Please not that some of you may be searching for a different Lawrence than the once we are referencing in this article. If so, please do not hesitate to mention the one you’re searching for in our comments section below.

Lawrence Golub was elected as one of the members of the New York State Financial Control Board in December of 2007. He was nominated to the board by then governor of New York Eliot Spitzer, who earlier this year was caught in a highly publicized scandal. Lawrence Golub was elected to a board that was created in 1975.

Lawrence Golub holds a position as the president of Golub Capital, a lending company. Lawrence Golub and his company oversee the management of some $3.5 billion in capital.

Some new developments have likely developed involving Lawrence Golub, hence why so many are searching for him online. We can only comment that Lawrence Golub may have had some conflicts-of-interest with his position as the CEO of the lending firm, as well as his position in the board. This is only conjecture, as we’ve yet to hear why Lawrence Golub has returned to the news. As more information on Lawrence Golub, we will keep you updated.

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