John Boehner – Health Reform Dissapointment

john boehner

It seems like a rare occurrence that you find a politician these days that actually has the interest of his/her constituents in mind. From what we can tell, John Boehner, like many others is the antithesis to this naive, idealist notion of a politician. Boehner commented today on the passage of “landmark” health care reform that has been in the works for what seems like decades. The most appealing aspect to this reform was the offering of a public option, which would help extend coverage to millions of Americans that had gone insured. Boehner, along with his clan of Republicans, have been steaming all day after the legislation passed without any Republican votes. There has even been talk underway about removing Nancy Pelosi from her reign as Speaker of the House. The GOP took this sensible piece of legislation and essentially turned it on its head. This is not to say that Democrats didn’t succumb to the special interests, finally being forced to take the public option out oft the picture.

We here are pretty disappointed by what our legislators have been able to accomplish in this significant span of time and given the worsening state of the economy, where more and more people are facing the prospect of no health insurance. Apparently, the legislation will extend coverage to over 32 million Americans. We will see about that. Illegal immigrants will not be covered, regardless of whether they are willing to pay, and those who decide to remain uncovered will be slapped with a fine. We can only wait and see how this pans out, although what could have been accomplished without such a corrupt legislature could have been far greater.

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