Joe Biden – Obama Vice President

Delaware senator Joe Biden has been selected by the Obama campaign as Obama’s running mate.

Biden has been a part of the senate for over a decade and has held positions that make him a perfect fit for the running mate seat. He has the foreign-policy expertise which Obama clearly lacks.

Joe Biden’s age might be a bit of a concern with voters. He is currently 65 years old, almost two decades senior to Obama.

Biden has a history of deathly encounters. He nearly died in a car accident in 1972 along with his wife and daughter, and suffered from a brain condition in the 80s.

Joe Biden’s voting record reflects that his views are closely consistent with those of both Obama and his former rival Hillary Clinton. Earlier this year, Biden was running for president alongside both candidates. This was not his first time running, however. He also ran in the 80s.

Biden was booted out of his bid for the presidency in the 80s for stealing a speech from Neil Kinnock. Surely enough, Obama was accused of doing the same thing during primary season. Talk about irony. The Biden plagiarism shared many of the same characteristics as Obama’s plagiarism. He spoke someone else’s words yet failed to quote him.

Biden has at times drawn significant criticism from fellow Democrats for his choice of words and manner while addressing others.

During the Democratic nominations, Biden claimed that both Clinton and Obama’s strategies were faulty. He also criticized the debate the two had on attacking terrorists in the Middle East.

We are glad to see that Obama has finally selected a running mate, but aren’t sure how well he will fare in the coming November election. Although he is now running with someone that has extensive knowledge on foreign-policy issues, he’s still going up against a powerful Republican candidate – John McCain.

Those that supported Hillary Clinton are likely to be very disappointed by the end outcome of Obama’s VP hunt. Obama has been having difficulty trying to garner the support of Hillary backer’s, something that’s anything but surprising considering the competitiveness that existed between the two during primary season. While Hillary speaking at the DNC in Denver may do something to encourage her supporters to back Obama, it’ll likely not change the overall situation very much.

Clinton supporters were hoping for a dream ticket with Obama and Clinton’s name on it. With Joe Biden’s name on the ticket, still remains unclear whether Clinton followers will join Obama’s side. While it may not be their first choice, not voting is a poor choice and something that will negatively affect the outcome of the election. Further, vengeful voting is also not a good option. If Democrats hope to control gain control of the White House in November, they need to reunite. A split in the democratic party will allow McCain to prevail and the Republican party to remain in control of this country.

With McCain approaching Obama in nationwide polls, it might have been in Obama’s best interest to select Hillary as his running mate. How Obama’s VP selection will affect the outcome of the election remains to be seen.

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