Arizona Prop 100 Tax Hike Approved

arizona prop 100

Arizona residents are relieved to see that their education system won’t be seeing any budget cuts for the foreseeable future. Voters approved a proposition that would increase the state’s sales tax to 6.6%, effectively generating nearly $1 billion in tax revenue during the first year. Arizona has been experiencing cash flow problems for some time now, and the passage of this bill will allow the state to maintain the quality of its educational system as well as other public departments, including law enforcement. According to estimates made by advocacy organization Arizona Education Network last month, had voters not approved the proposition 15%-20% of teachers at the primary and secondary levels could have been laid off due to the over $800 million worth of budget cuts that the state would have to make. Universities as well as community colleges in the state also lobbied for the passage of the bill, which would have collectively cost them over $130 million dollars.

Right wing political organizations within Arizona claim that the bill infringes on American rights. Former presidential hopeful John McCain, who is a senator from Arizona, has expressed that he is against the bill. Some organizations also claim that the tax hike will not be enough to shore up the deficit.

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