Kinesiology Tape – What does it do?

With all the excitement surrounding the olympics, many of you have been wondering what kinesiology tape is. Kinesiology tape is something you don’t here of everyday, so we thought an explanation was due.

Kinesiology Tape was invented in the late ’70s to expedite treatment of injuries and certain types of illnesses. The doctor who created kinesiology tape, Dr. Kenzo Kase, had previously tested out other forms of tape that weren’t remotely as effective as kinesiology tape.

The application of the tape has been crafted after many hours of studying the human body. Using kinesiology tape, Dr. Kase was able to improve the skin’s ability to transmit numerous healing signals throughout the body.

Kinesiology tape is quite different in nature from other tapes. For one, it allows the skin to breathe as it normally should. The adhesive used to apply kinesiology tape is specifically used for medical applications, and thus allows for normal operation of certain bodily functions.

We think kinesiology tape is quite an amazing innovation and something each and every athelete should take a careful look at. Kinesiology tape can be had for rather affordably and thus those who are active in athletics should take advantage of it.

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