What Time Does Halo Reach Beta Start?

halo reach beta

Fans of the popular console game Halo are early waiting for the Halo Reach beta to be released by Microsoft. This upcoming release is the fourth installment in the Halo video game series which catapulted Microsoft’s game console known as the Xbox to the top of sales charts. The first two releases were designed to be played on the original XBOX console (although versions were also released for PC users), while the latter were intended for use on the XBOX 360 platform. It appears that the first beta of Halo Reach will be available on an invitation only basis. Players will need a Halo Reach beta code to activate the game. The beta is slated to be available from May 3rd to May 19th, at which Microsoft will pull it from the internet.

If you are one of the millions anticipating the release of the beta, you should do your best to download it as soon as it hits the internet. Many anticipate that the sudden surge of download activity that the release will cause may hamper others from reaching the download site. We can only assume that Microsoft has taken special precautions to ensure that its servers will be able to handle the intense traffic.

There is not official word on the Halo reach beta release time. You will have to wait it out to see when it gets posted for download.

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