The site known as WeUseCoupons.com is receiving some healthy buzz tonight after being featured in ABC’s show Nightline. The site facilitates the exchange of coupons amongst its users in a “forum” type setting. Users are able to post their finds in the forum, and are then able to discuss them with other members. The concept isn’t anything new or innovative. Other established sites like FatWallet.com have been offering the same services to their members for a number of years, although these sites tend to cater more towards the “techy” crowd. With the unpredictable state of the economy, its nice to see that ABC has chosen to air a worthwhile piece. While most of you will find that WeUseCoupons.com is currently down due to the massive amount of traffic they received, when it does come back online, you are encouraged to check it out.

WeUseCoupons.com is completely free to use. What we like about the site is that it’s simple to navigate and that the advertisements aren’t extremely intrusive. Stores are organized into categories to allow for very speedy navigation and the color scheme really gives off that “saving money” vibe, if you know what we man. We can’t comment on the load times at this point. If you have experience with using WeUseCoupons.com, comment below and let us know what you think of the site!

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