Wagyu Steak – Big Spenders

Those of you that like forking over $100 for a 16 ounce piece of stake might be interested to hear about wagyu steak. A butcher shop owner from New York is apparently selling 100 of these wagyu steaks on a monthly basis, without any sort of regret for “jibbing” customers. He’s also selling bone-in strip steaks along with bone-in hip steaks for a total of $55k of meat.

wagyu steak is apparently very similar to Kobe beef, which comes from cows that have been fed and otherwise treated like loyalty. wagyu steak comes from cows imported from Japan, where Kobe beef also comes from. wagyu steak are supposed to be very tender, and need to be cooked very carefully for they burn extremely easily.

wagyu steak scores extremely high on the USDA’s scoring system. While quality meets tend to score a 5 or 6, wagyu steak tends to score a 10.

We’d love to try some wagyu steak, but the price tag seems a bit rich for our blood. If you would like to try some wagyu steak, your best bet is to head to New York where this steak is sold quite often. It is evident that eating wagyu steak is greatly different from eating other types of meat. One can only imagine the sort of pressure wagyu steak chefs are under while cooking this meet. Being so fragile, it can easily spoil under the hands of an inexperienced chef.

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