Victoria Ann Chacon – Too Close?

Victoria Ann Chacon a 27 year old schoolteacher from the San Antonio Texas area is facing criminal charges after an alleged report that she had an unorthodox relationship with a 14 year old boy. Victoria Ann Chacon allegedly distributed nude pictures of herself to the boy. The parents of the boy found the pictures of Victoria Ann Chacon on his cellphone. The pictures depicted Victoria Ann Chacon without a top on. The parents of the boy forwarded these crude pictures to authorities. The parents also allotted authorities love letters authored by Victoria Ann Chacon to aid authorities in their investigation. Victoria Ann Chacon was charged by authorities with distributing harmful material to a minor.

Victoria Ann Chacon is believed to have first met the victim at church, not at Somerset Junior High School, a Texas-based middle school where Victoria Ann Chacon worked. Victoria Ann Chacon left the school in March after being placed on administrative leave (stemming from allegations that she had inappropriate affairs with an underage boy). It is not at Somerset where Victoria Ann Chacon first began to abuse her relationship with students.

An investigation conducted by the junior high school did not reveal that Victoria Ann Chacon had abused her relationship with any of the pupils. The victim in the Victoria Ann Chacon case was part of a separate school district.

Authorities were contacted by the boy’s parents on more than one occasion. The first, in March, when they discovered love letters written to their son by Victoria Ann Chacon. The next, in July, when they discovered the boy openly accepted a cellphone being paid for by Victoria Ann Chacon. With the cellphone, the boy received topless pictures of Victoria Ann Chacon as well as exchanged dialogue with her.

This Victoria Ann Chacon case is yet another disturbing reminder that teachers need be more closely monitored in their interactions with students, and the slightest hint at an inappropriate relationship should be taken seriously.

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