Status Update That Got a Student Expelled

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facebook status update expelled

In another case of teen stupidity that comes out of Brevard County Florida, a teen is facing expulsion after posting a highly inappropriate “Status Update” on his Facebook page. The teen, a student at Edgewood Senior High School, made threats against his English teacher, Kathy Bowen, in her impending return to the school. Bowen had been on medical leave for an unspecified time period.

According to students at the school, the teen who posted the update is known to be a class clown type. As you might imagine, students are rallying behind him. However, most of us will agree in saying that this prank went a bit too far. Although there has been no official word from the district as to what specific action will be taken against the student, we do know he is currently suspended.

The student was served formal notice of the suspension via Facebook, where it appears that a staff member from the school saw the update and informed him that he shouldn’t bother coming back to school. The official then informed the student that an expulsion letter would be mailed to his house.

Below you will find a transcript of the update posted on Facebook and the accompanying commentary from the student’s Facebook friends.

The Status Update That Got a Student Expelled from School:

I FU$KING HATE SCHOOL AT THAT STUPID BITCH OF A PRINCIPAL. I swear tomorrow im going to slit that fu$king bitch’s throat and laugh while she spews blood. Then I’m going to tie up all the teachers and pour gasoline on them and let them burn in fu$king hell. fu$k you school.

Katrina (school official): Did you know your principal can read this? This is a horrific level of disrespect to our faculty. Death threats are not a joke. Do not even bother coming to school tomorrow. I will be mailing an expulsion letter to your house. You may go to the unified school district office to enroll yourself in another school. The last thing we want to have our students act in your behavior.


Marcus: Oh shat you added the principal?

Abraham: oh my god…

Alex: ok, seriously wtf did you just do david

Marlene: PRINCIPAL OWNAGEEE! no really though seriously? you’re getting expelled or is the principal just joking?

87 thoughts on “Status Update That Got a Student Expelled

  1. BB

    And this is why they should have never opened facebook to anyone without a college email address. So dumb high school kids, and even dumber parents/teachers (who, by the way, should maybe focus on their jobs instead of spying on their teenage kids) can do stupid sh/t and ruin it for the rest of us. With that said: I say whatever I want on facebook-my current status references shooting myself in the neck with a crossbow rather than sitting in a group meeting… is someone gonna take that too seriously and bring out the S.W.A.T. team? I think not. Everything I put on fb is a joke and nobody should be taking fb that seriously in the first place.

  2. dinks

    this is just an argument between paranoid insecure people teens. and seriously of often doe a columbine situation really happen… yall americans need to stop being such dumbasses an i mean that on all sides young, adolessent, teen, adults all the same. an yuh think your country would have a sence of humour after making soo many jackass episodes and movies… but nooo with your entire county its always a “war” on everything. either its a war on drugs, a war on terrorism, war on plollution next thing you know you gonna have a war on yourselves… learn to relax, ppl say shit its what we do, its the ones that dont you have to worry about. so please pull your heads out of your asses and put armed security at your schools (and i dont mean like the whole airport scan bull !!!) And teachers we understand yall have to move like lil bitches cuz yall were the ones back in the day gettin picked on an shit.. well get over it an stop. we already have too many bad teachers so just quit. because school is not about the teachers its the students and their education so if you are affecting the students learning in any way just leave, cuz its one thing to brush off satements when it is said by one person and another when everyone agrees.

  3. Hanaa

    Seriously… LET IT GO! it happened and now its over, its none of your business. okay yeah the status was completely wrong to post and yes the teacher should be friends with a student on facebook but LET IT THE FUCK GO, why make enemies over something that isn’t even involving you!

  4. Alex

    If it was me I’d have lied and said I was ‘fraped’. Can they really dish out expulsion when they can’t prove he wrote it?

  5. Michael

    Okay, yes, this is very serious and no one should be saying this about anyone. And next, the principle can be fired for being friends with David on facebook. I would not be scared just because he typed that behind his computer screen. Also, expelling him is going over the edge with this. Anger management, needed, suspension(time away from the teacher) definetly needed. So, the principle should be looking at charges for being Davids friend on facebook.

  6. Michael

    Actually he did nothing wrong, whether you think he should have said it or not is irrelevant. He did NOT make a threat, to be classed as a threat, he would have to say it TO her not just about her. You can say what ever you want on facebook; EVERYONE has a right to free speech, it’s an internet site, more importantly it is posted on HIS domain, he is free to say whatever he wants, whether she reads it is up to her. Also as much as you may want him incarcerated, do not play dumb, unless you are borderline retarded you know he wasn’t serious. And even if he was, WANTING to kill someone is also not against the law.

  7. Trogdan

    That was a very well thought out argument, BG. And I absolutely agree with what you said about the freedom of speech: it is a right which can be taken away providing that you abuse that right on other people. In this case, undoubtedly yes, his freedom of speech was abused and was rightfully considered disrespectful.

    In all honesty, no one deserves to put up with that kind of verbal abuse, whether or not it was kidding or serious…especially teachers. And yes, threats of any kind should and often are taken seriously, regardless of the original intent of the one who issued it. I’d keep going, but you (BG) basically covered everything I was thinking while reading the former posts. Kudos to you.

  8. Dan

    To all of you who think this student has a “right” to this sort of speech, you obviously don’t have the life experiences or maturity to make that sort of decision. Come back in a couple decades and we’ll talk.

  9. Sam

    I think your all overreacting. What happened happened. Just because your whining about it doesnt mean it will change anything. Im only seventeen and I understand. So I think you need to get over it. Yes, he was ranting, but a threat is a threat. We dont know the entire story so why bother flip out? No ones opinion matters in this situation. Not even mine.

  10. b dawg

    ok so first of being 13 i know alot of you are going to say otherwise to me because you think your smarter but my mom is a laywer and i can tell you right now there is absolutley nothing wrong with this the kid in no way violated any of his rights espeacially freedom of speech and bg you are right there was no threat he simply was expressing his anger in a well mannered way instead of telling the principal this and posting it on facebook though probably wasnt the smartest way to deal with it but either way it was a well mannered way to deal with it instead of carrying out his thought as posted so dont hate on him for what he did support him and 2 dont hate on me because im 13

  11. Pookie

    A threat is threat whether it is said to or about the person. It does NOT have to be said to the person to count. Read the paper or watch the news once in a while kids. In this day and age, you sadly cannot ignore these kinds of things. Kids like that come into schools with assault rifles and kill people – if you don’t believe it google “Columbine” or Virginia Tech”. The kid made a dumb mistake yes, but can you prove he was joking or not? He probably was just being stupid but there are obvously some issues there that need to be addressed before his attention seeking behavior makes him act…..personally I am tired of hearnig about people getting killed when there were warning signs something might happen and everyone ignored it.

  12. Laken

    Ok, so even if this is a real comment or not, this is really serious and if i were his english teacher or principal i would be pretty afraid that he would actually do something. I mean schools have shootings so you never no if it was a threat or just a promise. His profile could have been hacked and someone could have set him up. And are principals aloud to be friends with students on facebook? I dont think so….

  13. Drew is my name...

    EVERYONE, read Michael’s comment… These were DIRECT death threats michael! Fuck everyone trying to back this david kid up… he’s a chemically imbalanced kid who needs to stop playing violent mother fucking video games and realize that school can mean SUCCESS in life… Get real.

    P.S. The principal SHouLD NoT get in any trouble for being friends with him on Facebook. If you disagree post back on here..

  14. Tim

    No. The principal is right on this. Laws and judicial precedence state that students who threaten faculty or another student are expelled. That is it. In any way. No exceptions. Even if he claims “frape” there is no way he would ever just take classes or whatever. End of story. There is no freedom of speech and no freedom in any way. He is done at that school from the moment he hits send. He shouldnt go to jail but expulsion is a must.

  15. hosannah erekpege

    I really think pple shld b careful abt WORDs… It can destroy… Empty threat,joke or none; dats criminal

  16. mark fuckerberg

    Threatening a teacher, even in a very modest way, is grounds for expulsion. It isn’t a freedom of speech issue- freedom of speech only applies if what you say doesn’t infringe on the freedoms of others. His facebook activity infringes on the teacher’s ability to feel safe at work. Creepy kids like this need to be taught a lesson.

  17. caroline

    this is seriously just so wrong.. i cant believe that anyone could get any sort of sick thrill from posting something so terrible.. sorry but this is just way too extreme…

  18. Joshua

    This is going on cause this kid deserves to be humiliated for our autonomous enjoyment.

  19. shelbel

    A lot of students say stuff similar to that. Let me use a metaphor– if jane smokes weed , and announces it on fb, it seems ridiculous to get expelled frm skool. The prinapel…as ur friend?? STUPID!

  20. urmila

    i think d principal s absolutely rite…a teacher s considerd as d second mother…n need 2 b respected instead of threatned n abused..!!!if ne1 thinks dis as wrong den pls comment..!!!!

  21. Chrissie

    Teenager;s brains are not fully developed, so they make stupid decisions. Teachers can be a bit sensitive.

  22. jordan

    i almost got expelled for saying how much i dislike my teachers and school i didnt threaten, make false calaims, or cause a disruption to the class all i did was use a little vulgar language this didnt mean i was going to hurt the teacher or anything i was just venting to my friends so i think it is completely ridiculous that this kid was expelled because any other kid is JUST as likely to actually injure the teachers as this kid was. facebook is a public website that is completely separate from any school so i think this kid was wrongly expelled

  23. amber

    Actually faculty members are not permitted to be friends on FB…. However, freedom of speech or not this was a very graphic threat abt killing someone!!!! I have a son and I wld punish him and expect the school to expel him. Look at all the school shootings, school is soooo different than it was back in the day. This aalso is considered cyber bullying…. why wld any sane person side with this kid threatening to kill a human period… now if his FB was hacked then you go from there, but obviously that was not the case… what wld any of you have to say if this threat ws carried out?? Then .it wld be well someone shld have stopped this, and all you know this to be true… I do want to say that this really isn’t our business… but I wld rather this child have been dealt with rather to hear that the threat had been carried out… freedom of speech, honestly I think some of yu shld look it up. These words were words of a threat to kill…. there’s a law against that.. I can’t see how anyone wld find these graphic words as a funny joke…. my son is my whole world… I love him sooooo very much, but wld not tolerate this behavior at all, and if he posted it and tried to tell me it was a funny joke, he wld have severe consequences, its NOT funny… whether you are a kid or adult reading this.. we have all been there, had a teacher/principal we didn’t like but by no means and I mean by no means should thghts like those posted should ever be said… name calling, even saying you hate ok your kids, adults feel that way about co-workers/bosses but killing words NO…. well I have babbled on enough…

  24. amber

    I also actually like to add why would you even want your teachers/principal as a friend on FB? I don’t care whether they were one of those extremely cool teachers/principals… as an adult I make it clear not to have my boss as my friend or any co-worker like in human resources…. I’m an honest and good person, but my FB page is for me, its personal.. and if I have a bad day and hey let’s say my boss caused it for whatever reason, I shld be able to post it… obviously I wldnt use curse words but if I waanted to say… Grrrrr my boss was a pain in my butt today, felt like they caused me to get an ulcer!!!!! Ughhh sooo glad I’m off and might just get me a drink or two and take a long hot shower to fix the rest of my day…. example of course, but I shld be able to say it w/o having to worry abt my job the next day just bc they decided to be a jerk that day…. so honestly I find it odd when ppl have some of the friends they do…. I can’t tell you how many co-workers are baffled bc they called. In sick due to a hangover but lied when they called in and go blasting all over FB abt their late all nighter with way too many drinks the night before… and wonder why once they return to work they have a few problems bc the idiots have the boss as a FB friend and they just had a good laugh abt calling in due to a hangover rather than truly being ill… I’m like you morons, even though we actually have a cool boss, just either don’t have them as friends on there or post a fake post that you’re just so sick in bed all day…. but last statement, even if this student hadn’t had his/her teacher/principal as a friend, as a student I would’ve turned him in…. you have to honestly admitt to yourselves that this was an extremely graphic death threat…. and his/her true friends shldve had a heart to heart and told them it just wasn’t cool at all….

  25. Silk

    Firstly I tried to add one of my favorite teachers on facebook once. She told me it was not allowed for one reason or another. Second I’d just like to point out that everyone making these “amazing” arguments have horrendous spelling. I’d like to know why the principal added the kid anyway.

  26. Dana

    OMG. Like, for real, that’s bad. How dumb could he be for writing that? Like unless he isn’t friends with the teachers (most teachers change their last names to avoid stuff like that) like seriously, this kid is dumb for thinking he could get away with that. If I was having a bad day, I would’ve just written “sucky day” or something instead of threatening to burn the school down! I think he was just trying to look tough to be honest :O

  27. eliza

    It is very serious with the way things happen these day. What would every one be saying if he posted it and they did nothing and he went to school the next day and tried or did go thru with it. They are doing what they think is best for the safety of every one at the school and truth be told he needs and ass whoping and then some to talk to to get some help. While every one wants to think u can post what ever u want and oh its ok well it is not there is a limit and if he would have stopped with I hate this school and pricple or teacher then ok but he went to far when he talked about killing them and posting about smoking pot is not the same as saying u want to slit some ones throat and pour gas on the teacher that was going to far to talk about taking some ones life. Think about it u would be upset if he would have said it about u and did nothing

  28. todd shilt

    Zero tolerance is all you need to know. Nowadays if you draw a picture of a gun or a knife you are suspended. Also, all threats like this SHOULD be taken seriously. Many times there are plenty of warnings someone is about to go ballistic. On a semi-funny note about the drawings: I would have never graduated if there was zero tolerance in the 70’s! I drew so many tanks and fighter planes I would have been considered a terrorist before anyone in the US knew what one was. I also carried a pocket knife often. But, then again, I had never heard of the stuff our media spews out encouraging copycat behavior! Where oh where did the gatekeepers go!?!?

  29. CptObvious

    You have no idea what you’re talking about.
    Example: Anything you say to a psychiatrist is privileged… UNLESS YOU THREATEN TO HARM YOURSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE.

    Trust me, posting threats on facebook can get you expelled from school, investigated by the police, arrested and possibly forcibly confined to a mental institution for psychiatric evaluation.

    Or don’t trust me, and look up the law for yourself.

  30. Blah Blah ....

    No you should not have your principal as your friend!! How stupid are you…
    And btw no one thinks of there teacher as a second mum haha!
    I agree the comment is wrong and he should have known better than to post it but hey we all so stupid things when were angry, neither people are right in this case but teachers are definately not allowed to be friends with students and if you think differently well more fool you!!

  31. Meaghan

    i think the punishment fits the crime. This is on a very high level of disrespect! There is something seriously wrong with the student. With so many school shootings and school killings going on these days you can never be to careful! I think this student needs help. To say u want to see someone spew blood out & laugh as you want? There is something wrong “upstairs”. If it would have said about just hating the school or princpal that would be one thing but this student clearly crossed the line with this. Everyone says let it go but if this had been a teacher or staff member said this they would be in jail. This student needs to be happy thats all he/she recived. I know I would not want my child going to school with this child in fear they might make good on their threats. Just be happy your not in juvinile detention at this point!

  32. humboldt

    I honestly thing they need to stick him in counseling because that is a major cry for help

  33. Twalumba Jule

    that is definately not a freedom of speech issue, that is a threat to someones life, everybody saying that its his right and it needs to be respected is just saying that because it didnt happen to them, if my life was threatened like that i would go to the cops. nobody should be justified for saying something like that and he more than deserved that expulsion. Freedom of speech is a right that when abused such as in this case,will be taken away,lets all remember that.

  34. john

    Let’s put it this way. You can’t get into trouble for being friends with people on facebok. It is as said free speech for the student to express his speech nd feelings, which guarded by the first amendment of the bill or rights as well the constitution of the us. However it was an open threat and legal actions can be Taken you can not expell a student from school with a letter or take school matters psonally over the internet. It is a process that must be one and the principle although takingvit seriously did do this wrong. I thnk this is a lost cause with both sides taking improper actions and will defuse themselves in time. Just be careful to what you write. Facebook is public, want to keep it private keep it from the public’s eye.

  35. Nia

    i don’t think this is a cry for help. the kid does need help, but he was being honest. if he didn’t go to such an extreme extent, he wouldn’t be expelled and he would have gotten some of his anger out of his system. i am not exuseing him of threatening, but lay off him

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