Temblor en Puerto Rico Hoy

puerto rico earthquake

There has been an increase in searches for “Temblor en Puerto Rico Hoy,” which is translated to earthquake in Puerto Rico today. According to the United States Geological Service, the nation suffered a 5.7 earthquake epicentered five miles north of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. The quake struck at 1:16 am local time. At the time of this writing, there were no immediate reports of injuries. This quake is the most recent in a chain of powerful temblors that have rocked various parts of the world this year. In January, the nation of Haiti experienced a 7.0 earthquake, causing considerable damage and a quarter million deaths. The quake is believed to have displaced nearly 1,000,000 people from their homes. Celebrities and the general public came together to help raise money towards recovery efforts, which were concluded in mid-January.

Earthquakes in Chile and Taiwan later followed these quakes, the former producing fatalities as well. With the large amount of earthquake activity, concerns have been mounting that a big earthquake may strike California or some other area along the pacific coast very soon. Seismologists have confirmed that the area is due for a big earthquake sometime in the near future, although they are unable to give any precise time frame. What we do know is that the San Andreas fault line is continuing to build stress, stress which it cannot tolerate forever.

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