Starbucks April Fools 2010

starbucks april fools 2010

Starbucks took a jab at coffee lovers today by announcing two new sizes of coffee on their website. The Starbucks April Fools 2010 prank has been hailed by some as the most successful of the year. In a faux press release published on the coffee maker’s site, Starbucks announced the introduction of the Plenta and Micra drink sizes. The Plenta measures an astounding 128 fl. oz, which is about four times the volume of a Big Gulp which you can get at your local 7-11. the Micra, on the other hand, can only hold 2 fl. oz, just enough for a sip or two of coffee before the day ahead. In foreshadowing problems with waste collection and disposal, Starbucks advised their customers to use their Plenta cups for environmentally-friendly pursuits, like planting pots. They suggested some other creative uses, including an elegant lamp shade as well as a yoga block.

There is little question that Starbucks’ attempt at humor was successful in just about all regards. Google was a bit of a disappointment this year with their “Topeka” name change. Probably their most memorable April Fools stunt was from 2007, when they introduced the Google TiSP service, which was purportedly a high speed internet service that relied on wiring through sewage systems to transmit data.

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