Shelley Lubben Lobbies for Condom Mandate

Shelley Lubben

Shelley Lubben, a former prostitute and porn star turned founder of Pink Cross Missionaries, an organization seeking to provide guidance to those active in the adult industry, is now lobbying a state agency to pass a mandate that would require adult film makers to wear condoms in sex scenes. Although the risk of STDs among adult stars is higher than average, the use of condoms has seen a drastic decline in adult films. The threat of new legislation is putting adult filmmakers on edge. The San Fernando Valley, a hotbed of porn production studios is responsible for as much as 90% of the billions of dollars worth of revenue that the adult film industry generates on a yearly basis. Film makers have made it clear that they will move their operations elsewhere if a change in legislation bars them from continuing on the same course. Lubben argues that such a move will never come to fruition due to the fact that most states classify hardcore pornography as a form of prostitution.

The jury is still out on how consumers of adult entertainment would respond to such a change. Based on the threats of relocation made by the adult studios, the forecast seems less than favorable. Whatever damage that this may cause to bottom-line, it is worth the well-being of the entertainers.

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